Take Charge Of Your Life

Take Charge Of Your Life by Charles Sledge

Why are you where you’re at in your life? Why are you living the life that you live? Why are you at the point in your life that you are now at? Alright so that was pretty much such saying the same thing three different ways but you get the point. So now to answer the question, to answer the why. Now the answer might surprise you especially with the way that most are raised in today’s world.

The reason you are where you are is because of you. That’s right, you and you alone. You are responsible for the life you are living. Not outside forces but internal forces. That is what matters, that is what creates the life around you. You do. If you’re in a negative place it isn’t because of feminists, your family, this, or that, it is because of you. You must accept responsibility for your life and your actions. This is the beginning of power. It is all on you and it is all up to you.

You Create Your Life, Take Responsibility

You are not a victim, you were not born powerless. You have power but you must use and cultivate it. You have more potential than you could ever use, you’ve been given a mind greater than any piece of technology out there. The person who decides if you rise above the clouds or sink to the depths is you. You decide your fate. You are the greatest asset and obstacle to your success. Once you take responsibility you can then start taking action.

When you live with a victim mindset is handicaps you from every developing, from ever doing anything that might get you out of that mindset. It prevents you from ever realizing much less using your power. It puts you in a prison of your own making. A prison of your own mind. The victim mentality is pushed from all angles and all corners around us. From mainstream society, to religious institutions, to even red pill resources. It’s not your fault it’s the evil X, Y, Z’s fault that you are in the situation you are in. This is bullshit.

Take The Wheel

You are the driver of your own life. When you don’t take charge things are going to fall apart. You must not only take charge of your life bur direct it every step of the way. You must plan out where you want to go and then take every step to get there. Others aren’t going to do it for you. When you are not in charge of your own life it creates a power vacuum. A power vacuum that will be filled somehow, either by outside sources or from a negative mindset.

Outside sources do not have your best interests at heart and a negative mindset will cripple any potential that you may have. You must be the leader and you must take charge. That is the only way to get to where you want to go. Imagine you are in a car with four other people who each want to go somewhere that benefits them. Who is going to have their way? Whoever’s in the driver seat that’s who. Make sure that in your own life you are the one in your driver seat.

The Cavalry Ain’t Coming

No one is coming to save you. You’re not a woman or child. Society will watch you rot and laugh. You are a man and must forge you way forward in this world. You must take claim of what you want. No one else is going to do it for you and sitting and crying about how things aren’t fair sure as hell aren’t going to do it either. If you’re successful or want to be successful you have to get rid of the loser’s mentality. The reason my life sucks is because of the big bad meanies out there. Not because I haven’t sacked up and carved the life out I wanted.

Things may suck but then again they may not. It really doesn’t matter. Not to a man anyways. Throw him in any environment and he’ll make it out and claim his own. Either adapt or die. This is the way of the world. You can cry about it or you can find your ballsack and meet the world blow for damn blow. You have two choices in this life grow and soar or don’t and die. That’s it. Make the right choice.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Very well said, Charles.

    The harsh reality that comes along with this post is all too much needed for some.
    Hopefully this for some is a reality check that no one owes you anything, and hopefully now will start taking action for you and your life.

    Keep up the epic work; loving your posts!

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    sounds like the way life, reality is meant to work, is that women don’t have to do jackshit in terms of accepting or taking responsibility for their lives, one guy disagreed with me when he said to me “”Women spend several hours a day working on themselves in order to look
    good, dress stylish, and be attractive for us. They stress and worry
    about that stuff constantly.
    Quit trying to be a victim and grow a pair.”

    Well i have something else to argue against it, this dating guru on the east coast named Brad Holiday, he said in a Facebook group, he said this about women:

    “Women: Realize that they assume effectively zero responsibility for their lives deep down.”
    I feel tempted to agree with Brad Holiday, but yet a lot of people say that women have to accept and take responsibility for their lives too, so do they or not? well even if women do, it sure does seem that men have to accept and take responsibility for their lives way more than women do, so what is the logic behind why taking or accepting responsibility is a masculine thing? I don’t want to hear a typical response answer that says “thats just the way it is”

    Because growing up, i feel i have been conditioned to believe that accepting and taking responsibility for your life is an adult thing regardlesss of gender, but it does seem it’s placed on men more than women, and i do see it as a burden, because it’s like women can get more of a free pass or free ticket for the rewards in life.

    • That’s very true. Women have a much easier time of it especially when it comes to taking responsibility for where they are in life. And looking good/dressing up really isn’t that hard. One major difference is that society provides a bunch of safety nets for women while none for men. As for being more masculine that would have to do with biology. I would recommend reading either “The Red Queen” or “The Evolution of Desire” for an in depth description of the “why” of this.

      • H8TheWayLifeIs

        so sounds like you agree with what Brad Holiday said, that women don’t have to accept or take any responsibility for their lives, although one thing i’m not sure about regarding when Brad said that, i wonder if he means women not having to accept or take responsibility in certain aspects of lives, or if he means in all aspects of lives, but my guess is all aspects of lives. Another guy that made me mad, his name is Mitch Miller, he runs a site/blog called Opposed media blog, he said something that pissed me off, he was agreeing with Brad Holiday by saying “Its’
        perfect for us as men. I wouldn’t have it any other way”, and i then ask him why do you think it’s better that way? He then says this:

        “The first reason is because that’s the way it is. It’s nature, so there
        technically isn’t a better way therefore it’s the best way. Since it
        ain’t changing, best to reframe it into something awesome. But further,
        it’s better because we have full control. Because they don’t take
        responsibility means we GET to take full responsibility. We get the
        personal growth and strength, and power that comes from all the bullshit
        we have to hold on our shoulders. I’m grateful I have to do all the
        work because that means I get to grow and become more awesome”, I don’t understand, specifically, how does it give us guys full control? me personally i never believe that anyone can be completely in control in their life because rejection or getting denied is still gonna happen, you won’t always control the outcome.

        Anyway, what do you think of what Mitch Miller said?

        Ya i’ll be honest, there are times i hate being born male because of how life, reality, society is this way. It’s like if you are a man, as in human male, the world doesn’t owe you shit, doesn’t owe you anything!, but if you are a woman, thats not always true, at least some of the time, the world will owe you something.

        One thing last in this comment, i kinda made this quote up myself based on my observation due to how much more accepting and taking responsibility for our lives us guys have to do compared to women do(if women have to accept or take responsibility for anything at all, which seems like they don’t), the quote is “If you are a man, everything is your fault, if you are a woman, not everything is your fault”

        • I get what Mitch is saying though wouldn’t necessarily word it in those terms. I agree men either rise to the top or sink to the bottom, it’s both a blessing and a curse in a way. Women meanwhile just sort of exist happily in the middle. And another thing while men are the leaders women still should be held accountable by men. Again weak males would let women do whatever while men put them in their place. Women take responsibility when their man (father when young, husband/alpha in life) tells them to. So yes men do have to take more responsibility but women will use excuses if no one calls them out on it.

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            so the long and short of it, it’s both a burden, chore, and it has it’s positives at the same time, ya that makes sense. What do you think about when i said the quote “if you are a man, everything is your fault, if you are a woman, not everything your fault”, that it is mainly men who are never owed or entitled to anything in life, they have to earn things in life more than women do in all aspects or almost any aspect of life.

          • It’s a bit of a black and white statement but I understand the gist of it. Again comes down to if a man is going to hold a woman accountable.
            Sounds like a lot of these “men” let women walk all over them and then talk about how women have no responsibility. Women are always going to take the easiest path unless held to a standard by a man.
            As far as society goes women will always have an easier time because one women are in fact weaker and two there are so many thirsty white knights in society to rush to aid women while a man is going to be left to fight on his own.
            And part of being a man is making your way in this world like our ancestors did in the wilderness it is a woman’s job to aid in that process by supporting the man and raising children. But this is a pretty in depth topic I’ll have to start outlining an article on it.

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            ya because throughout all my years living, i can’t think of any phrases that are like the female equivalent to “Man Up or Grow some balls, Grow a Pair”

          • Lol very true

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            what do you think is the god damn logic behind why taking action, taking initiative is a masculine trait? why is it masculine to go after what you want or go for what you want? i’ll be honest, there are times i hate how god damn assertive, aggressive and confident us guys are expected to be according to life and society, it makes me feel like hurting someone due to these gender roles in society

          • It stems from biology. Live life how you want, don’t worry if it isn’t how society says. Trust me you’ll always be miserable living up to others standards. Don’t be afraid to do your own thing even if it’s not what society/the manosphere/whoever says. I always trust my gut (to a reasonable degree) and I end up happier for it.

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            ya i just bring it up because for as long as i can remember, i’ve always hated with a huge passion on how life, society, reality, expect us guys to be the confident assertive ones

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            Is it also possible for a guy to have a decent, healthy enough level of testosterone and he can still NOT be a dominant, assertive, aggressive, take-charge or leader guy by nature?

          • I wouldn’t think so though there is probably some exception out there. It’d be a hell of a lot harder that’s for sure.

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            and do you think in this generation, mens testosterone levels have declined a lot in the past 20 or 30 years? also, sometimes i have wondered, if testosterone is more sensitive to damage than estrogen is, as in, mens testosterone has declined meanwhile womens has relatively remained the same

          • Oh yeah for sure men’s testosterone has taken a dive in the past couple of decades. And yes agreed one major reason is that lowering testosterone is specifically targeted because it’s a threat while estrogen doesn’t really mean much.

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            when you said “No one is coming to save you. You’re not a woman or child” when you said woman there, that also sounds like women don’t really have to accept or take responsibility for their lives, is putting on make-up, making yourself look good, physically attractive, does that count as accepting or taking responsibility? because of what that guy said to me on another site, “Women spend several hours a day working on themselves in order to look
            good, dress stylish, and be attractive for us. They stress and worry
            about that stuff constantly.
            Quit trying to be a victim and grow a pair.” So that doesn’t really count as accepting or taking responsibility. It’s hard to put in words, but the long and short of it, do you think society programmed people the wrong way when they say that taking and accepting responsibility is an adult thing regardless of gender when it truly seems to be expected of men more than women?

          • Lol dressing up and not being fat isn’t that hard. Don’t get me wrong women have responsibility it just when it comes down to it it’s all going to be on men/a man. Women can toss off their responsibility men really can’t.

            Men either sink or swim, women pretty much float if that makes sense. And yes it’s way more expected of men than of women if at all.

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            ya that makes sense, another thing, it seems there are more ways men can screw up when it comes to attraction, the early stages of the dating process, more than women can. What i mean is, whenever a man and a woman go on a first date with eachother, and a second date doesn’t end up happening, most of the time, it’s because the woman loses interest instead of the man losing interest, or if they even go on a couple of dates but they don’t end up becoming a couple, most of the time, it’s because the woman decides to stop seeing the other than the other way around.

            I got this response from somewhere, it said: “Usually,
            sure. But that’s because guys are more invested in earlier stages while
            women are more invested in late stages. Its natural for that to happen”

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            i feel stupid for saying this but what is a safety net? when you said society provides a bunch of safety nets for women but not for women? i’m gonna guess, is it because whenever a guy is having problems in his life, and he is angry, frustrated, pissed off about the way life is going for him, or is lonely, nobody is gonna have sympathy, empathy for him except his family, meanwhile life, society will have sympathy, empathy for women if they are going through problems or they are angry, frustrated about the way their life is going, is that what you mean by safety net?

          • Yes essentially. In addition to things like alimony, charity, support from society, etc. If a woman screws up everyone rushes in to save her is a man screws up no one does shit.

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            and when you said before it is both a blessing and a curse, on how accepting, taking responsibility for your life is expected of men more than women, when you said that, are you saying that there are times in your life you hate or resent it but you still just accept and deal with it?

          • No, because either way the way to get the most out of life is take responsibility for it. And I know the only way to achieve what I want is to take responsibility for my life.

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            i’ve also had some women respond to me when i admit in blogs or forums, facebook comments, about women not having to accept or take responsibility in life as much as men do, and women will argue with me by saying “so single Moms don’t count?” I’m guessing being a Single Mom doesn’t count as having to accept or take responsibility?

          • No, it’s just as much the woman’s fault she ended up in her situation as the man. Don’t argue with women, it’s pointless.

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            What are specific examples of women being able to toss off their responsibility while men can’t?

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            this fight scene from this movie is one of my all-time favorite movie fight scenes, i’ve loved it for several years now, it shows a guy instigating a fight in public because he is having a shitty horrible day, and he even mentions “my responsibility” in a frustrated, angry, resentful voice, of course i would never do that in public because that would be dumb and stupid, foolish, but i like to think that is what is going through my mind when i get pissed and frustrated on how us guys can’t toss off our responsibility while women are able to, how women don’t have to accept or take responsibility as much as men do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZPbeSRlcY8

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            what are examples of how women don’t have to take or accept responsibility for their lives as much as men do? Women being able to toss off their responsibility while men can’t? sorry if i am bugging, yes i know i shouldn’t say sorry because sorry is not supposed to be used if you are a guy, it’s just this time instead of women, it’s guys, other men who are disagreeing with me and they say that women have to accept and take responsibility for their lives too, apparently not being fat and putting on a dress, looking good, they don’t believe that, or won’t accept that as an answer, i guess they are delusional then.