Take Chances

Risk is good, take chances

Take a chance.

Take a risk.

This goes against what you’ve heard your entire life but it is what will get you where you want to go.

The Programming

You are suffering from programming that has been instilled in you from the day you left the womb. Programming not done for your benefit but for the benefit of society, of others. Not all this programming is bad but a good portion of it wasn’t good either.

A prime example is when your parents told you to “be careful”. When you were young maybe this was good advice (then again maybe it wasn’t). Don’t play with fire, safety first, and don’t touch that. No, no, and more no.

It’s a wonder we all don’t turn out to be paranoid robots afraid to breath, feel, or live. Then again maybe that is exactly how the average person turns out.

In the case of your parents this was done with good intentions.

But good intentions don’t mean shit.

You must overcome your programming against taking a chance. Against taking risks. Against being original. Against having balls. Against taking a stand and fighting.

This is something that happens internally. Something that you decide for yourself. It all starts with a choice, a choice to fight back. A choice to take the red pill and become all that you can be.

The Right Mindset

Risk is good. Taking chances is good. Going for it is better than thinking about it. Failing in action is better than surviving in inaction. Death on the battlefield is better than life in prison.

You get the idea.

Ignore the lies you’ve been told. Greatness is out there. To get to where you want in this life you have to take risks. You have to take chances. You have to break out of your comfort zone and go into the unknown.

Don’t look for a gurantee, look for a chance.

If you go looking for a gurantee you will be waiting a long time. Comfort is the killer of dreams. You have probably noticed that those who make it to the top often didn’t start in the middle. They started at the bottom. There they cultivated the mindset that propelled them to the top. They used their hunger for success to propel them to take the risks that they needed to take to get where they wanted.

They were not scared of failure or of getting shot down because they had nothing to lose. So they took a shot, then another, and another. Until they clawed their way to the top. They realized that they would never get to the top by being safe. By being careful.

You can screw up by being to rash. Everyone knows this. However it can be an even bigger mistake to be too cautious. Caution is often synonymous with good. With being smart. However being cautious can be a costly mistake.

I would say that more people fail by being too cautious than by being too rash. Perhaps one hundred years ago the opposite was true. Hence all the warnings about rashness. In today’s world things are different. People are too reluctant to fight, to go after something.

To just do it.

Be Different

You don’t have to be this way. Cultivate a mindset of action, of taking risks. Of having balls.

You can start with The Primer then follow it up with other good books. Listen to quality videos. Educate yourself, give yourself a real education. One that actually benefits you.

However ultimately it will come down to you. Come down to you taking action.

When you get that feeling in your stomach. That feeling of uncertainty, of nervousness. Of your not sure what your about to do is the right decision.

That is when you will know your going in the right direction. When others have their doubts. Are not sure if it’s “safe” or that “you should be careful”.

Don’t be an idiot. But you already know that. What most people forget is the other half of the equation.

Don’t be a bitch either.

Both have consequences. Both suck. Both are what keep the average person, well average.

And both will kill your dreams.

Take A Chance

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Real9stop

    Basically grow a pair , trust your gut if it don’t kill you it only makes you stronger if it does kill you well … You’re a legend lol maybe not haha love this article Charles sledge learn/d and re visited some things I’ve been internalizing for months now thank you