Take A Break From The Manosphere

Take A Break From The Manosphere by Charles Sledge

The manosphere is an invaluable resource there is no doubting that. It provides a much needed balance to the craziness and backwardness of our modern society and world. However just because it stands in opposition to the lies of our age does not mean that it is all good. There are many faults of the manosphere and when one stays mired in it for too long it can have negative effects and instead of help men, hurt them. I take breaks from the manosphere from time to time and would recommend that you do the same.

The manosphere is a large network. So to say take a break is a bit broad. I don’t just encourage this with the manosphere but with blogs and the internet in general. However there are some particular risks with becoming mired in the manosphere and not balancing it out with something else. Of course I’m not recommending you balance it out with the lies of society as lies don’t have any place in living a healthy life but rather to balance it out with those who while realistic have a less deterministic and positive world view.

The Nature Of The Manosphere

The manosphere rightfully reveals hard truths that you have been lied too about from all those around you. In this it does a great job of exposing you to things that you never would have been exposed to. It gives you the hard truths that you need and for this it is great. However it also provides many males with a place to sulk and moan and become bitter, negative, deterministic men. Of course some parts of the manosphere such as certain MGTOWs are worse than others but unfortunately this bitterness and negativity tend to shade the manosphere as a whole.

I try to keep a positive beat and a great attitude but know then even I slip into negativity from time to time. When all the input you are getting is “all women are evil manipulative sluts” and the like you’re not going to have a healthy world view. The opposite of crazy is still crazy. It just as dumb to think all women are evil as it is to think they’re all perfect angels and men are evil. Every religion, school, or whatever has its excesses and places where it goes wrong. That is once they reach a certain size and the manosphere is no different.

Who I Claim Allegiance Too

I claim my allegiance to the successful in all aspects of their life and the best of the manosphere is all about this. Self-development to it’s fullest. Whatever you want they teach you how to get it. Whether it’s a six figure job, a successful marriage, or to have a harem of beautiful women. They teach it. This is what I love about the manosphere the success and self-development side of it. And this side is incredibly valuable to males in our society. But the manosphere is not one sides but has another darker side.

This side attracts unhealthy males, losers, looking for validation and a place to spew their hatred and anger. They are not successful and probably don’t even want to be. They simply want to be validated because as they say misery loves company. If any part of anything (manosphere included) gets in the way of your personal self-development it needs to be cut out. Don’t have a misplaced loyalty to the manosphere just because of the good aspects of it. Do as Bruce Lee would do and “take what is useful, discard what is not”. Use the manosphere for onward and upward momentum. Nothing else.

Focus On Yourself

You’re loyalty is too yourself not to some abstract group. When the group brings you down you need to extricate yourself from it or at least take a break like I recommend here. You’ll find when you get out in the real world that no not all women are out to get you or that the world is ending. You can make the best out of any situation, success is a mindset and the successful will be successful in any environment. Take a break from the manosphere go out and smell the roses. Not everything is doom and gloom. It will still be here when you get back.

Negativity is poison and negative people are poisonous. Regardless if they’re losers from the mainstream or losers from the manosphere a loser is a loser and should have no part of your life. Read sites like Bold & Determined where the focus is on success not how evil and awful all women are. Victor has grown past the black and white thinking of the “red pill” and rather lives a life based on success. Which you should do as well. Don’t swear loyalty to an ideology. Remember “take what is useful, discard what is not”. The manosphere has a lot and I mean a lot of baggage. Be a winner, a success, be a king. That is what you were created to be. Who gives a fuck if that’s not “red pill” or whatever. Fuck that. Does it help you? Then do it.


It’s like coming up from the depth’s for a breath of fresh air. Like I said I’ve personally taken a couple breaks from the manosphere and am the better for it. Don’t get me wrong there is lots of diamonds in the manosphere but who are we kidding? There is lots of coal as well. Take the diamonds disregard the coal and keep moving to wherever diamonds are. Don’t get caught up in fatalistic black and white thinking, don’t make the manosphere/red pill your religion. The manosphere is not a place to dwell in forever, it should be used to catapult you to success. Take the diamonds leave the coal.

Go out and live life. You’ll find the while the principles of the red pill basically hold true the whole everything is evil and awful and there is no point in trying crap has little to no basis in reality. Many manospherians have the mindset of a loser and a loser is a loser no matter what flag they fly. Your focus needs to be on you and your success. That is the number one priority. Not pushing an ideology even if it conflicts with reality simply because it offers a better solution than what is spewed by the society at large. Be your own man. Fuck red pill, fuck mainstream, fuck everything that doesn’t help you and bring you closer to success.

Best Wishes

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Mr. Tilde

    This article really hits home. I’ve never been more satisfied with my life, once I’ve cut myself off from the toxic side of the Manosphere, especially the MGTOW and MRM community. Unlike other men who first discovered red pill, I didn’t believe that “women were evil creatures who are out to get you”. But the negative effect of “the dark side of Manosphere” will get you eventually, if you stay there for too long. This is what that has happened to me two years back, and I’m glad that I was able to get out of it.
    But that doesn’t mean that I’ve consumed the blue pill again. I’m red pill to the core, and I visit the Manosphere ( specially places like this ), to learn something I’ve never learn. I’m all for self-improvement, and I’m gradually developing a positive outlook to life. So I don’t waste time in pessimistic BS.

    • Exactly how it should be done Mr. Tilde. I’ve had two times in my life when I needed a short but needed break from the manosphere. Of course this isn’t to drift back into blue pill thinking rather to allow a break from the negativity. Of course I always come back to the good side ready for more.