Stripclub Game: How To Seduce A Stripper

Stripclub Game by Charles Sledge

Alright so you’ve followed everything that’s lain out. You know the difference between a customer and a stud and that there is no redemption from becoming a customer. You know that strippers while mentally unstable are still women and therefore respond to the same things that women respond to. You also know that by getting in shape, dressing nice, and being masculine that you increase your chances dramatically of taking a stripper home with you. You got the basics down. You also know never to sit in pervert’s row and that Friday’s aren’t your best bet.

So you’re at a strip club on a Tuesday. You’re looking good and feeling good. You’ve walked and it’s pretty dead but there are some good looking girls here. You stroll over to the lounge and sit down. The waitress comes over and asks you what you want to drink you order your drink (and one drink only) and do a quick view of what’s going on around you. You play with your phone a little bit not too caught in everything that is happening around you. You look up a second and look around scanning the area.

The “Approach”

You’ve identified a professional. She has a table of business men enraptured. Every move she makes has them throwing more money at her. She smiles knowingly at them knowing she has them right where she wants them. You see a tatted up pink haired drug addled looking woman coming your way as she looks at you you look away so she avoids you. Now you see the girl that you want. What do you do? Well two things. Generally you can simply make eye contact with her and she’ll be over to you, often she’ll come over to you on her own. But let’s say it’s kinda busy and crowded just for the sake of it.

What you do is you motion her over. Not rocket science. Just motion her over then pat a spot next to you for her to sit down at. If a girl tries to sit on your lap put her next to you, this’ll help to break the customer dynamic. Don’t stare at her and ogle her like a thirsty chump. You cannot be impressed by her beauty. Look her in the eyes and smile like a strong attractive masculine man would. She’ll start with some talk of extracting money from you and putting you in the customer frame and she’ll inevitably ask you for a dance.

Flip The Script

You refuse obviously you can say “Lap dances aren’t my thing” or “Maybe at the end of the night, if you’ve been a good girl”. Look the actual line doesn’t matter just don’t get one from her and flip the script on her. Show her that you’re not just another thirsty simp ready to throw his money at any woman that will show him even a hint of attention. If she brings up a dance after you’ve talked with her for a little bit direct her to others guys to show you’re not about that. I like to say “Here let me pick out a target for you” if the girls laughs and stays with you then obviously she’s interested you could also tell her to “Go out and make some money, come back later”. Remember it’s more how you say something then what you actually say.

Strippers respond very well to be challenged as in teased. Think about it even if she’s not that hot she has guys worshiping her every night. It’s a breath of fresh air to have a guy who’s not only not a thirsty loser but actually an attractive guy with balls and game. You have to stand out from the other customers and be different. You have to be in the stud category not the customer category. You never ever want to act like the average chump that makes up the vast majority of her customers. Take the lead and be the man. Control the conversation and what you two are doing. Remember differentiating yourself form a customer is essential. You want to be the anomaly that is different from all the other guys.

Emotional Connection

Alright so when you’re picking up a girl from a bar or club not much (or any) of an emotional connection is really needed. Just have fun with her, tease her, then escalate. Or if you really want to simplify it simply be socially calibrated, attractive, and masculine then just approach and escalate you’ll rarely go home alone. With strippers the dynamic is very different then it is with regular girls. For example with a stripper you want to connect with her on a real level. You want to get her to drop her stripper personae and get to know the real her. This connection is what is going to solidify the deal. Don’t increase your interest in her from anything sexual she does but rather from when she reveals things about her real self then increase interest. It’ll feel unnatural at first but you’ll get used to it. You should be immune to the naked women around you anyways.

You want to get her real name and make an emotional connection with her. Ask her real questions, flirt with her, and look her in the eyes as a person. Ask her what she wants to do with her life and things of that nature. Lead the conversation and connect with her. Be the strong masculine man and leader she’s always wanted. Be an attractive man and make an emotional connection with her, simple as that. Then get her number and where you’re going to meet her later. You can say “What’s your number we can meet up later” pretend like you’re messing with your phone and tell her to whisper it to you. Instead of you being a chump customer being swept up in the stripper frame she’s a sweet girl getting swept up in the dominant alpha who she has a connection with’s frame. You want to make them feel good about themselves, this works like a charm with women like this. A bit different from regular gaming girls at bars, clubs, or during the day.


Alright so either the girl you want will come and sit by you (or on you, which you should adjust) or you simply motion her over to sit by you. You tease or challenge her and stand out from other customers. You refuse to have a dance and are different then other customers (though buying her a drink is whatever). You make an emotional connection with her while making eye contact with her and smiling. Then you get her number and figure out where you will meet up later. Recommend a restaurant like a diner but can also take it to a bar. Do whatever works for you, don’t get too caught up in following a script. Then have great sex with a stripper, simple as that.

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