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Stripclub Game by Charles Sledge

Not all days and times (or even time of year) are equal when it comes to going to the strip club to pick up strippers. Sure if you’re just a John looking to spend some money to get some titillation then it doesn’t matter when you go. But if you’re a stud looking to pull a stripper and bang her then when you go is going to have a big impact on your chances of doing so successfully. Obviously things like where the strip club is located also matter. A strip club in Vegas is almost never going to be down so you just have to make do with what you have. Likewise a strip club out in the middle of nowhere with so hidden talent might not even get that packed on the weekends.

With all this being said there are still certain times that are much better for going to the strip club to pick up strippers than other. Just like going to most bars and clubs on a Wednesday night isn’t to be as fruitful as going on a Friday or Saturday night there are certain times when strip clubs are the best. There is a certain night that I go that I’ll explain the reasons for below. Again all nights can work it’s just some work better than others. Alright now for the nights.

Friday Night

Friday night is the absolute worst time to go to a strip club to pick up a stripper. On a Friday night even at a generally dead or crappy strip club even the ugliest of dancers is going to be crazy busy. Even the fat one with a drug problem that no one likes but somehow still makes enough on really thirty guys to get by stripper is going to be busy of a Friday night much less the ones that you actually want to go home with. Even if a stripper wants and likes you and wants to go home with you it’s going to be hard on a Friday night because of how busy everything is and the money making opportunity for her.

Can you successfully pull a stripper on a Friday night? Of course you, you could pull a stripper from a popular club on New Year’s Eve if you really wanted to but it’d be a hell of a lot harder then pulling that girl a couple of days before. My point is sure it’s possible but it’d be doing things the hard way. Saturday nights are not much better the club is packed filled with thirsty dudes who have worked all week doing something they hate so they can see some tits on the weekend. It’s crowded, it’s busy, and all of the strippers are going to be occupied and very tired by the end of the night. Sure you can pull on Fridays but it’s much easier on other nights. Avoid strip clubs on the weekends save the weekends for regular bars and clubs.


Alright so we know to avoid the weekends for maximum effect. The weekends bring a flood of thirsty guys eager to spend their money, a crowd that you want to avoid. The weekdays offer a much better option. However not all weekdays are created equal. Look at it like this any day is better than Friday or Saturday but once you have that down then it’s going to come down to a variety of factors depending on your area and the particular strip club that you are going to. Also I’m not counting holidays as obviously a holiday even if it falls on a Monday can have an even greater effect than the average Friday. So were not counting holidays either. On holidays I’d recommend going out to regular bars and clubs.

Alright now for the weekdays that are going to work. What I generally look for is when clubs offer specials to entice people in usually club owners suck at marketing and these specials do little to entice people in. However it reveals to me when the strip club has its slow nights and therefore the best chance of taking home a stripper from the club. This will differ from club to club. Check for specials on their website or other marketing pages where people can place reviews. Also I’d avoid Monday as the top tier strippers are generally tired out from the weekend and so skip Monday. This doesn’t hold true everywhere but something that I have noticed.

My Favorite Day

Alright now I want to share with you my favorite day for going to the strip club and why. Now this is the day that works best where I love, the day that works best for where you live might be different. Though it’s a guarantee that it won’t be on a Friday or Saturday. Alright so my favorite day is a Tuesday. It works best for my schedule is the least crowded night but still has some top quality strippers that are out and working. Wednesdays aren’t bad either but I prefer Tuesdays. Those are the two nights that I would recommend that you start out with. Though I understand because of work this might be a challenge for most.

If you really want to you can also factor in things like time of the month. For example when I worked at a fast food joint in high school there was always an uptick in traffic (and low class rude customers) whenever welfare checks went out. Like clockwork. Earlier in the month when people are worried about paying the water and electric might be better than later in the month when people have more cash set aside. This stuff can make a difference. Not as much as holidays but still an appreciable difference. So if you have to go out on a Friday or Saturday shoot for earlier in the month.


Alright so save the weekends for going to regular bars and clubs and Tuesdays and Wednesdays for going to strip clubs. Although Thursdays and Mondays may also work depending on where you live. And just like with a direct response ad or marketing campaign you want to test, test, test to figure out what’s best in your area. Who knows maybe there is an awesome strip club that’s dead ┬ábut has gorgeous girls every Sunday night. These are just generalities to guide you never forget to test yourself to see what works best in your area and for you.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Johnny Grube

    Gotta say I went to strip only twice in my life. Once a guy I knew
    owned one, and the second when I applied as a bouncer, which
    once there decided I couldn’t work there. I have never given a
    women money to dance, would have made feel dirty!

    Actually seen a sign out in front of a strip club that said:
    New pretty dancer, we fired the ugly one! hahaha