Stripclub Game: Club Logistics

Stripclub Game by Charles Sledge

Alright so you’re at the strip club. You got your head held high and shoulders pressed back as your talking to the check in girl. You know not to be another thirsty customer throwing his cash at every piece of ass that walks by. You know to not stare wide eyed at the girls as they pass even if they’re the hottest girls you’ve ever seen in your life. You know the different types of strippers and which ones are easiest to take home. You’ve also decided to come out on a night when the club was having a special and no surprise barely anyone is there.

Now something else you’ll want to learn is club logistics. How the club is lain out and why that matters. While all strip clubs may differ in their layout somewhat they’re all made of the same parts. Just like cars may be different in their size and shape they all have similar or the same parts. Strip clubs are all generally going to have the following things. A bar, a stage (at least one), a private area/area for dances, a middle section, and then a lounge type area. Obviously some differ but this is the general layout.

When You Walk In

Alright so when you walk in there are some things that you are going to want to avoid doing. First and foremost you want to walk with purpose. Meaning don’t stand at the front and gape at everything going on around you like a lost puppy. This identified you as an easy mark. Head towards the bar or a lounge like area to take a seat. How busy the strip club is is going to have an impact on this. If you have to go on a busy night you are going to want to sit in the middle section. Generally there will be some chairs with some tables. Some have a section by the stage and a lounge area only. In this case sit in the lounge area.

Here’s why. When there is a lot of traffic in the strip club if you sit too far back and off out of the pathway that the strippers take it’s going to be hard to get one over to seduce. You want to sit near a pathway that gets a lot of traffic. Depending on the layout this could be a bar or lounge area. So use high traffic as the determination of where you sit. If it’s less busy then either the lounge or bar will work. It’s up to you. I prefer a lounge area that’s away from it all because the more privacy you have with the stripper generally the easier it’s going to be to seduce them. But that’s me and sometimes I sit at the bar.

Pervert Row

However there is one place where you absolutely must never ever sit at a strip club. That place has many names some call it the erection section, others call it pervert row, put bluntly it’s “that place where the thirstiest of losers sit to throw money at me”. Sit there and you are guaranteed to be an easy mark and fall into the customer dynamic. I wouldn’t sit there even if I was just chilling at a strip club. It automatically identified you as being thirsty and eager to spend money. Two things that put you in the customer dynamic. Stay away from there it reeks of desperation and easy money.

It doesn’t matter how busy the strip club is stay away from there. When it comes to the logistics of the strip club this is the most important thing to remember. Stay out of pervert’s row. That’s not where studs who take home strippers (or any woman) sit. That’s for the thirsty beta losers. Which you are not. Let the drunken losers sit there throwing their cash and displaying their thirst to all the strippers, let them have pervert’s row. Stay at either the bar or lounge area or on high traffic nights maybe somewhere in the middle. But never ever pervert’s row avoid that place like the plague.

Taking Them Home

I prefer the lounge area because it’s easier to be intimate with a stripper and really talk to her. I’m not talking about physical contact either. That is generally something you want to avoid (at least at first) because that’ll put you into the customer dynamic. You can also do this at the bar or in the middle section as well it’s just the lounge area obviously lends this to connecting better. Alright so now that you’re in a place where you and a stripper can become attracted to one another you’re going to have to figure out how to meet them after.

Strippers can’t leave with a customer and most aren’t allowed to give out their phone number. Something to do with prostitution or whatever. Obviously if you keep it on the sly you can get their number. Just open your phone and have them tell it to you while you pretend to be doing something else or have them write it on a napkin for you. No big deal there. However you’ll want to meet up with them somewhere after. It’s best to have this place picked out before hand. I choose a diner that’s open 24-7 many strippers are hungry after their shift but in places where bars are still open that could work as well. Just continue the escalation and seduction then go back to your place, a hotel, or her place.


Alright so now you have the basic logistics of the club. You know that when you walk in you should have a plan of where you’re going not wander about like a lost little boy. You want to sit at either the bar or lounge area. If it’s busy then you can sit in the middle if it gets you closer to the traffic. But on a slow night the girls will come to you wherever you happen to be. But never ever sit on pervert’s row, that screams beta customer with money to burn. Even if you’re the only one there remember you’re a stud who bangs strippers not a loser looking to burn a hole in his wallet.

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