The Stripclub Bible by Christian McQueen Review

The Stripclub Bible by Christian McQueen Review by Charles Sledge

The Stripclub Bible (Buy Now) is a book that is all about picking up strippers, something that the majority of men have on their bucket list. It’s written by Christian McQueen a long time red pill/manosphere author and who runs the site Real Christian McQueen where he writes about game, finance, and other things that men need to know to get the most out of life. I’ll start out with one thing I didn’t like about the book and that annoyed me. That is every time you open the PDF you have to input a password. The password is sent to you through e-mail and you have to go open it up every time to access the book.

I get this is to prevent piracy but this is incredibly annoying and takes away from a great book. With that being said let’s get into what I did like about The Stripclub Bible and to see if it’s a book for you. First off I think most men would agree with me that at some point in their life they’d like to sleep with a stripper or at least have the fantasy of sleeping with one. However most males get it in their head that strippers are somehow “above” them or that the only way to sleep with them is to spend thousands. Both ideas are false and this book shows why.

The Stripclub Bible covers (among other things) the advantages of gaming in a strip club, the 8 secrets of strip club game, the psychology of your average stripper, the basics of gaming in a strip club, how to act in a strip club, how to get threesomes with strippers, and why you should never ever date a stripper.

The Secrets Of Strip Club Game

The book starts off with McQueen’s first visit to a strip club where like most of us he got fleeced and got fleeced bad. He walked in with 300$ and a few short lap dances latter walked out with nothing. However this experience convinced him to figure out how to make the most out of the strip club instead of the strip club getting the most out of him. With that in mind McQueen came to understand certain “secrets” of gaming in strip clubs and shares them in this book.

One of the major secrets that stands out from most books of this nature is McQueen’s advice to not drink. While drinking may be fine for regular nightclubs and such McQueen cautions against it when dealing with strippers. Strippers are first and foremost hustlers they know how to spot a target and extract money from it. A good analogy McQueen uses it that you wouldn’t go into a business meeting drunk or even tipsy likewise it’s not smart to engage in expert hustlers while drunk or tipsy. Keep your wits about you for your best chances. McQueen also talks about not buying lap dances from the strippers a newbie mistake.

The Psychology Of Strippers

Most strippers are damaged women, no surprise there. And because of this generally make for great lays but horrible long term prospects. McQueen dedicates a whole chapter of The Stripclub Bible to getting inside a strippers head and going from “John to playboy” in their mind. Meaning instead of being another easy target they’re going to extract a car payment from instead you’ll come across as a guy that they’d rather fuck and have fun with. First off as stated above all strippers are hustlers.

First and foremost they are after money and going to see if you’re an easy mark or something more. However if you don’t throw money at them or buy dances from them (though you can buy them a drink as otherwise it’s bad etiquette and you’ll get thrown out if you don’t spend any money) and have a strong masculine frame they’ll see you as the guy they want to fuck. McQueen reminds you that at the end of the day strippers are also women meaning they respond to strong dominant man like any other women and perhaps more so because of their numerous issues. Don’t put them on a pedestal.

Principles Of Strip Club Game

One thing that McQueen makes clear throughout the book is that you have to have a strong frame. Look around your average strip club most the guys there are going to have their mouths hung open and drooling like they’ve never seen a woman before. These are easy marks and even if they weren’t not the type of males that women (especially strippers) want to screw. Put simply act like you’ve seen some damn tits before. Don’t let a woman overwhelm you. Doesn’t matter if you haven’t gotten any in a month and the girl next to you is the hottest one you’ve ever seen, stay in control.

Have an abundance mindset. Remember there are more hot women in the world then you could ever screw if all you did was screw them day and night. The Stripclub Bible reinforces this mindset that you must have. McQueen advises you to remember at the end of the day strippers are women meaning they respond to things that any other women responds to. Go in with strong body language, a relaxed demeanor, and be cool, calm, and confident. McQueen also talks about how you can get a club “on lock” by talking with the manager before hand.

Strip Club Etiquette

McQueen talks about some key points that are going to separate you from the average thirsty beta who comes in. First and foremost don’t sit in what is called “the erection section” sitting in the erection section makes you look to a stripper what a limping bleating gazelle looks to a hungry lion. An easy target that they can get what they want from. The erection section is that row that’s right around the stage where you see guys “make it rain” and gawk at women like they’ve never seen a naked body before.

McQueen also advises against acting like an asshole. This helps tremendously to not be drunk but also to treat the staff with courtesy. This goes a long way to making you welcome. Treat the bouncers, bartenders, and other staff with respect and they’ll be happy to help you in whatever way they can. Also don’t dress like a slob. Dress like a man who has respect for himself. The kind of man that women want to sleep with. McQueen lays out his style recommendations in detail in the book.

The Stripclub Bible

McQueen also has an entire chapter covering how to get a threesome with strippers. Either with two strippers at the club or with a girl you bring to the club with you. Either way once you understand it, it’s a pretty basic process. In The Stripclub Bible he also covers a very important topic why you should never date a stripper. Strippers can be tons of fun and amazing lays but you are a fool if you ever try to date one. The biggest commitment you should ever give to a stripper is fuck buddy status. McQueen makes that clear in his book.

McQueen also covers the different stripper types. If you’ve been to a couple of strip clubs you can pick them out right away. McQueen talks about which ones are best to game and which ones you should stay the hell away from. A useful guide for the experienced or the newbie to strip clubs. All in all this book will teach you everything you need to know to pull strippers from strip clubs. Regardless if you just like crazy freaky sex or want to knock it off your bucket list The Stripclub Bible delivers.

So if you want to start having sex with some of the most beautiful and freakiest women on this planet then click the Buy Now button and start living out your fantasies!

Charles Sledge