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Snakes & Wolves by Charles Sledge

This is a free chapter from my book The Outlaw’s Handbook: How To Be A Modern Outlaw & Gain Freedom In An Unfree World. Enjoy.

I remember reading a story, it might have been when I was a child I don’t really know. It was called The Princess & The Curdie the main protagonist in the book was giving a blessing, power, or whatever you want to call it where he could tell the nature of a person by shaking their hand. Their hand would be an animal of whatever type of character the person had. So for example a strong noble king when shaking his hand the protagonist would shake with the paw of a lion. Likewise when dealing with someone devious an untrustworthy he’d shake a reptilian hand of some sort, usually the tail of a snake. It’s been awhile but that was the jist of it.

The important thing about this is how this relates to reality. Throughout this book I’ve described people through different animal traits. Traits that are quite accurate. For example sheep dumb as a rock and docile as can be. Wolves indedent and fierce. Sheep dogs creaturs that exist for their masters will and are at home on a leash. And so on and so forth. While there are no perfect comparisons they do a good job of getting the point across. This reveals a lot about the nature of a person. Looking around you I’m sure you can identify those that fall into the categories just lain out.

I’m sure you recognize sheeps, perhaps you’ve been a sheep or they make up the majority of your family. You’ve no doubt recognized wolves, hopefully you are one or on your way to becoming one and if you are one this is generally the only group of men you’ll ever truly get along with and enjoy. Likewise we all know sheep dogs, happily content at their master’s feet licking up the scrapes their master throws them. But there is another group that I haven’t described as an animal of any sort and that is the slave masters. I’m sure you know the animal they get, as it’s been used throughout time to represent people of this nature. The viper or snake, pick your preference.

The Reptile Society

Let’s talk for a moment about reptiles. Putting apart body structure and biology what separates them from animals? Why is it so easy to identify with a talking lion yet a talking lizard or snake doesn’t hold the same relation. Sure there are some exceptions but when you look through stories throughout the ages reptiles generally hold the same place. First off reptiles do not have feelings. They cannot love, care, or do anything what we could consider “human”. Compare that to a dog that can love, play, and fight for someone he cares about. All very human characteristics. Whereas a snake would eat you alive if it could, even if you’d been its care taker for years (or however long snakes live). They have no “souls”.

They live to exist. They live to reproduce and that’s it. Sure humans largely fall into this as well but most at least dress this up in trappings of morality or love or something. Reptiles do not have this. They eat, they live, they reproduce. Nothing gets in the way of that. They’ll eat and kill young, old, weak, strong, any race, any creed, anything. A crocidile sees you the exact same as he sees a woman, a child, or a squirrel potential food, potential sustenence to continue it’s existance. Nothing more and nothing less. Again as we’ve said they have no “soul”. Sure we can argue about whether any animal has a “soul” or whatever but that isn’t the point here.

The point is snakes are completely amoral and out to further their own existence. They aren’t mammalian and they sure as hell aren’t human. The slave master’s the one’s we call snakes are the exact same. They care nothing for the sheep dog’s they string along nor for the sheep that they feed on and use as cattle. They hate the wolves because the wolves are the only ones who’d tear their heads off without remorse. The wolves are the only ones who see through their slick exterior to the slime it truly is. So perhaps it’s not so crazy to say that we are ruled by repitilians because in a way most of humanity is. Part of being an outlaw is breaking free of the unnatural society of reptiles to the society of mammals. Where freedom, tribe, and honor still mean something. And there is more to life than simply existence.

The Wolves In The Wild

A wolf will never be happy in a reptilian society, no matter what. He’ll never be happy living for something that cares nothing for him. There is no benefit (and in fact much detriment) for the snakes to keep reproducing and going. Unlike the sheep dogs who live to keep the sheep in line for food for the snakes and the sheep who live for comfort even if it’s in exchange for being food for the snakes the wolf needs to live for himself and his wolf pack. Wolf packs are something else that the snakes (often using the sheep dogs) make sure don’t have a chance to gather together and become a threat to the dominance of the snakes.

Wolf packs are strong and resilient. Strike down the alpha of a wolf pack and another will grow to take his place and perhaps be out for revenge. Whereas snakes don’t even trust each other, cut off one’s head and the rest will devour whatever’s left within moments. I don’t know if this is the exact behavior of these animals but that’s not the point here. The snakes and the wolves cannot exist together within the same sphere. They are at odds with one another by the very nature of what they are. They are two parts of creation that cannot both habitat the same area and both fight for supremacy.

Naturally the wolf could gut the snake so the snake had to resort to more devious methods for dominance. One of which was recruiting the sheep and sheep dogs to do their bidding and increase their power. However what a snake wants most if dominance and what a wolf wants most is freedom. But that’s enough of that. Understand the nature of those that want to control and what their end goal is. The eradication of wolves (their only true threat). Conversion to sheep or more likely well heeled sheep dog would be better but of them all the wolf is the hardest to convert to anything else. Be free, be a wolf.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • I really like the 4 generalised groups of people you have put forward. The sheep trot along with whatever is acceptable, the sheep dogs are essentially noble sheep, the wolves and the reptiles see the world how it really is. The difference being that wolves want the freedom to live as they wish, but the reptiles want people to live as they deem fit.

    • Exactly, put it better (and more succinctly) than I could.