The Six Figure Erotica Writer by Jade K. Scott Review

The Six Figure Erotica Author by Jade K. Scott Review by Charles Sledge

After reading this great article by Robert Koch I knew I had to pick up a copy of The Six Figure Erotica Author by Jade K. Scott. I was not disappointed. In The Six Figure Erotica Author Jade goes into everything that one would need to know to begin writing short erotica. This book is short and too the point, how I like them. You could easily read it in one afternoon and for a low price of 2.99 and a couple hours worth of your time the ROI is enormous, that is assuming of course that you actually do the work. Jade specializes in writing short erotica stories around three thousand to five thousand words each, no need to craft giant novels.

Writing erotica is one of the fastest ways to make money online. Looking back I wished I had diverted more time into this instead of other pursuits. Erotica is one of the most intelligent ways to start getting some extra money in the bank and after a certain point even living off of. As Robert says in the article “There are more erotica authors making $100,000+ a year than there are bloggers, get-rich-quick hucksters, or “lifehackers” who earn a similar amount.”. Making erotica worth a look into, that is of course only if you want to make some money and make it quickly.


Different erotica sells at different amounts. For after 50 Shades of Grey BDSM type stuff took off. Of course some thing will always sell more than others. For example the bad boy billionaire is going to sell more than some off the cuff kink…or does it? Something that Jade makes clear in her writing is that erotica is not romance and what works for one does not necessarily work for the other. Especially when writing short erotica. In the book Jade lists the best selling genres and that are not exactly what you expect. At least one on that list I wouldn’t have guessed in a million years.

The genre that you put your erotica in matters a lot. One thing you must make sure that you are doing is making sure each of your stories features a kink of some kind. Maybe it’s a step daughter sleeping with her step father, a cougar getting impregnated by her son’s friend, a business woman having an escort for the night. You cannot do vanilla sex and expect for it to sell. You must have a kink in mind and write about it. Remember these aren’t full length romance novels these are I have an itch and I need it scratched…and quickly. Your job is to give the customer what they want, not what you think they want. In addition to Jade’s recommendations I’m also going to use the most popular female pornography searches that is featured in “How To Fuck Women Properly” in the female psychology section. Between the two I have enough material to last a life time.

The Pornocalypse

Amazon went through what Jade calls “The Pornocalypse” a time when Amazon started cracking down on many erotica titles to make the site more family friendly. Many of Jade’s own work was shut down in this process. Now Amazon operates with more stringent rules that you absolutely must learn and follow if you wish for your books to sell anything. Not following these rules and regulations will result in having your book pulled from the store and so you will sell nothing.

To get around this there are certain words you cannot use as well as cover images. For example showing too much skin or having the cover too “erotica” could have it flagged and pulled by Amazon. Along with certain titles that you cannot use. So instead you must find euphemisms for example instead of step father you would man of the house or not impregnated but bareback sex and so on and so forth. Jade provides a handy list of euphemisms for you in the book. If you want to read more about The Pornocalypse read this article by Selena Kitt another erotica author.

The Structure

I love having structure for my fiction books (though strangely not my nonfiction). In this The Six Figure Erotica Author Jade lays out the structure that she follows for her erotica that has netted her six figure success. She structures all of her stories in a three chapter set. Each chapter has a specific purpose and is followed as such. The sex part doesn’t come until chapter three. Remember erotica is tailored to female readers and therefore a buildup is needed. Hell even men like a pretext to their porn sister’s friend, lonely housewife, friend’s mom, teacher, etc., the setup matters even more to women.

Something that I found fascinating about Jade’s book was she gives a number as to when a erotica author can usually expect success. I love numbers as they give a goal to work for. For example blogs usually being seeing exponential success around blog post number one thousand. For erotica authors its around thirty and called “the dirty thirty”. Let’s break this down. So for a blogger to write one thousand posts at let’s say five hundred words each (as I believe that’s the minimum the Google indexes or whatever anymore, I may be mistaken) he is going to have to write 500,000 words before experiencing good success. Whereas the erotica author has to write thirty stories at roughly four thousand words each (to get an even number between three and five) which comes out to 120,000 words before experiencing good success. Look at those numbers 500,000 compared to 120,000.


Once I have hit the schedule button on post number two hundred I am going to divert my focus to this to begin bringing in extra income. I’ve already written hundreds of thousands of words regarding fiction so I figure this will be quick to pickup. I’m not saying blogging is bad simply that it is a long term thing. Blogging takes much longer to get off the ground than writing erotica. And the beauty of it is you can do both.

Kindle Unlimited has changed since Jade wrote the book. So it’s your choice whether to use it or not. But don’t be one of those people who think because the system changed a lot success isn’t possible. There are still many making tons of money off erotica. Remember the truth about people you say “you can’t” do something. Erotica is a very profitable business. Now that post number two hundred is scheduled I am making my next goal to hit the dirty thirty. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Don’t pass up this money making opportunity and get The Six Figure Erotica Author today.

Charles Sledge