A Simple Word That Is A Guaranteed Panty Dropper

A Simple Word That Is A Guaranteed Panty Dropper by Charles Sledge

What if I told you there was a word that was guaranteed to make a woman’s panties drop. A word that when women hear it, it sends shudders down their spine and to other places. You would most likely think “Ha Charles I am no fool, that PUA nonsense doesn’t work”. And I would agree with you. I’m not talking about some weird NLP trick or to say certain words really loud and point at your junk or whatever it is that has been recommended by PUA losers. No rather I am talking about a word that men used to say all the time but is rarely heard anymore.

I’ve talked about how women can sense a man’s dominance before and this word is a key indicator a man’s dominance. Males who never say this word are by definition submissive and weak while men who keep this word at the tip of their tongue are seen and strong and dominant. Not that saying this word in and of itself will make you strong or dominant but rather it’s the mindset behind it that counts.

So What Is This Word?

The word is “No”. A simple two lettered word yet one that contains immense power. And one that is rarely said or at least rarely said when it’s a male interacting with a female. Males have been trained to be “yes men”. We’ve know this for some at least in the office environment but it goes much further beyond that as well. It has permeated every aspect of a male’s life. Now not only do we have sackless “Yes “men”” at work but we have the “yes dear” males at home.

Those who live under the rule of a wife who despises them. Who they constantly say yes to and do everything the woman says like an obedient whipped dog. Women hate weak men. This isn’t to say that doing nothing for your wife is the right path or that saying “no” to everything will make you a man. Remember it is the mindset behind the words. When you say “no” you show you have standards and that you are a man who will stick to his guns.

Try It Out

Next time someone asks you something I want you to say “no” and see the reaction. Of course if your friend is calling you for drinks because he just got back from Iraq say yes but you get what I mean. Your girlfriend or wife asks you to do something, your parents call you to come to their place to do some work, or a coworker asks you to do something that you know isn’t your job or your responsibility. When you give yourself permission to say “no” you embrace another part of your masculine nature and your masculine power.

The more you say “no” the better it will feel. Don’t worry you can always say yes, saying yes is easy. Saying “no” actually takes some guts. At first people (especially a woman who thought you were a sap) will react negatively to it. So what? Let them. Eventually they will either go find someone else to pick on or come to respect you. And if it’s a woman respect leads to attraction.

Stick To Your Guns

As a man we must stick to our guns. This doesn’t mean we never listen to others, we are always open to advice from the wise. But rather this means when we come to an conclusion about something we stick to it unless better knowledge comes our way. Point is we don’t change our opinions for others or compromise on our standards. If you don’t smoke weed and someone at a parties offers you a hit and you say “no”, you stick to your guns. Let them be losers. Again this isn’t about doing or not doing drugs, it’s about having balls.

Likewise if a woman tells you to carry her bag or do something of that nature say “no”. Her friends, family, and all the beta white knights will come against you but it doesn’t matter because you are a man and going to remain firm. The white knights are weak and will back down, the women will probably get turned on by you (no matter what they say), and any man worth a damn will come to respect you. And most important of all you keep yourself respect. It’s a winning situation no matter how you look at it.


Saying “no” just for the sake of saying “no” doesn’t make you strong or a man. It’s the mindset behind it that counts. So don’t go around saying “no” to everyone and then saying “No one respects me and they all think I’m an ass”. Again remember it’s the mindset that counts. Stick to your guns, hold fast to your standards, and always say “no” when “no” is the answer that you should give.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge