How To Shape Reality To Your Will

Reality is Malleable by Charles Sledge

Reality is malleable.

Strong words.

But hear me out.

I’m not saying that you can change the law of gravity. Or that you can change the rotation of the earth. Or that you can make women attracted to nice sensitive men over daring bad boys. No the laws of nature and biology are set in place.

What I am saying is that you can have power over your own reality.

The money you make. The women you sleep with. The health you have. The quality of life that you live.

That is in your power to mold, change, and shape as you see fit.

Your Mind

We will never understand everything that there is to know about the human mind. By the mind I don’t necessarily mean the brain. The brain and the mind are separate things. They work together but at death the mind separates itself from the brain and goes its own way. However until then the two are related.

Your mind has the power to shape the world around you. Everything you see was once in someone’s mind. Whether the pyramids of Giza or a book on making money. It was birthed in someones mind and then brought into the physical world. Your reality is forged by your mind. Whatever problem you may be experiencing. No money, poor health, or a poor love life it can all be traced back to your mind.


When you change your perception things change dramatically. For example say you have a perception of yourself as being poor at business and that you could never make it out on your own. So you settle with being a wage slave slowly losing your soul day by day but making enough to continue your existence. Until one day a man you consider an idiot walks, no struts into the office and promptly tells the boss to go to hell. You like everyone else are shocked.

Turns out the man started his own business on the side and now has made enough to quit his dead end job. You are shocked this man after all is an idiot how could he have succeeded where you thought you would fail? You decide that enough is enough is that man could do it so can you. So you set out and try. You fail a couple of times but are eventually able to get something going and then one day you strut into the office with a mild wide smile on your face and promptly tell your boss to go to hell.

You had the capacity for this within you the entire time. Only your reality was that only tech gurus or hucksters are able to make money from a side business. However when the idiot made it, it clashed with your reality and you found that there was much more to the picture. This shaking of your reality eventually allowed for you to reclaim your freedom.

All Facets of Life

This doesn’t just apply to money. A prime example is women. How many men think women only want men who are X, Y, or Z (rich, good looking, or famous being the common fill-ins) and thereby disqualify themselves. I was lucky to know people who were ugly as sin and broke as hell (and they sure as hell weren’t famous) yet got laid like tile so I figured out that those things are simply limiting beliefs. You don’t need any of those things to sleep with beautiful women.

What you need is already inside of you. In your mind. Your reality is malleable. To succeed at business, health, relationships, dominance, or anything it all starts in your mind with the belief that you can do so. There is a legend that when he was a boy Napoleon was given a sapphire that was said to have special powers that were destined to make him ruler over France. He could have been given anything and told it had special powers it would have mattered little. What would have mattered is the belief that was instilled in his mind.

That same power that made Napoleon emperor over France can make you what you wish. It can crush you if you use it against you and it can bring you too heights never thought possible if you let it. You must take control of your thoughts and of your mind. Both The Primer and Become A King address the vast importance of mindset and I am in the process of writing a book that will delve deep into the subject.

Remember mindset is everything. Your world and your reality is your decision. Choose it wisely.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Very well written and thought out post, I agree with everything you say here. Most people just don’t believe or understand the power of the mind – the power of belief, and the power of your thoughts, Charles. Attitude can make or break you in any situation, make it worse with negativity or prosper with positivity – failure or success comes down to two things. Belief (which comes from the mind) and persistent action – are you moving in the direction of failure or success through your behavior (and the way you behave comes from the mind).

    I myself am proof of how thoughts can tear one down and lift one up – I have been on both sides… I much prefer being on top. I am sure everyone would like to be, but most people don’t know what it is that they want and settle for whatever they get… that is their attitude. But once you figure out what it is that you want, believe you can get it and move in the direction of it with an unwavering positive attitude for it and you will get it – no matter what it is… but first one must empty his mind of all the useless and worthless garbage that creates chaos and refill it with good stuff… yes sometimes we all slip and have a bad day… a bad attitude… and fall into bad times, but I have found that you can change your situation by changing your vibration.

    Again, great post and it was most kind of you to mention me in your weekly round up.

    • Thank you for the insightful comment Dash and it was my pleasure. The Strangest Secret had a huge effect on me and I believe before anything else game, masculinity, survival etc. you must have the right mindset. It is the foundation upon which all else is built. Like you said with it you can do anything without it you cannot do much.