Self-Published Authors Need To Go Deep Not Wide

Self-Published Authors Need To Go Deep Not Wide by Charles Sledge

In game people talk about having a shotgun or a sniper approach. Meaning how they select or go after girls. Guys with a shotgun approach go after many women never focusing on just one. While guys with a sniper approach have one woman that they pine after. Obviously guys with the shotgun approach go much further much faster and generally get the girls that the snipers guy want too because they didn’t focus too much on one woman. With women shotgun wins over sniper every time. If you’d like to know why this is then get How To Get Girls which will answer all of your questions about women.

However when it comes to making it as a self-published author it’s a different story. Making it as a self-published author is all about going deep and not wide. Let me explain what I mean by this. When you’re trying to make a living through selling your books you don’t want to be releasing a book in a bunch of unrelated categories. For example you have one book about dieting for men, the next about dating for women, and the third about investing in stocks. You want to have a bunch of books that are related in some way shape or form not scattered all about.

Go Deep Not Wide

You want to find a niche that you are passionate about and genuinely care about (I’ll explain why in a moment), something that you could write about and on for years with never tiring of it. I choose masculine self-improvement as my niche. It’s a topic I love, one that I take seriously, and one that I can (and will) write about for years to come. Unless you’re using a ghost writer don’t pick a category that you don’t truly care about or just because it’s popular. That’s a guaranteed way to burn out and hate your job in a short amount of time.

You have to choose a niche you love because you are going to be hammering that niche. You are going to be producing tons of content in that niche so you better really love it. Instead of going an inch deep over a mile of land you are going to be going a mile deep in an inch of land with your book selection. You are going to find your audience and then stick with them not try to go here and there which will never work. Find a niche that you love is the first step.

Target Market

What you’re going to do is come up with a customer profile. Why that sounds like a really boring lifeless corporate type thing it actually isn’t. You’re going to try to come up with your typical customer and what his needs, wants, and desires are. What are the problems that he has? For example I choose men with a leaning towards red pill thinking and thought what do men like this want? To be more masculine, to make more money, to sleep with more women, to accomplish great things, to be in great shape, to know how to fight, and so on and so forth. I started writing out the problems that my target market has.

Then I began writing things that would solve their problems. Here’s a good way of thinking about it you don’t want to solve one thousands peoples singular problem you want to solve one thousands problems of a single person. So your books should all be geared towards that one person who you want to help not towards a whole bunch of people. Feel free to alienate those who you aren’t targeting. I alienate wimpy males, feminists, government lovers, and all sorts of people with no fear because I know it forges a closer bond with my target market (and I believe all the things I write as well, another reason choosing a niche you love is important).

Dominate The Niche

Alright now we’re really getting down to it. Now what you want to do is hammer the crap out of that niche and your target market. Here’s what I mean. Let’s say you choose the market of picking up girls. Alright don’t just write one book on picking up women write fifty all addressing different aspects of it. Have one of female psychology, another on female biology, another on being an attractive man, another on club game, another on day game, another on good sex, another one common problems, another on gaming as a beginner, an intermediate, and a advanced player, and so on and so forth. Dominate the niche.

Write one book and if it does well write five more in that vein. Remember you want to go deep not wide. Really drill down into things that are giving you good ROI. It’s a lot like mining. You’re drilling here and there then boom you hit some gold. Would you think “Oh nice think I’ll go drill over there now” no you’d keep drilling until you mined out all of the gold. Sorry if my analogy isn’t technically correct I’ve never been a miner but you get the point and that’s what’s important. Find what’s working and then really drill down until you’ve gotten all you can from it then and only then move over a half an inch and drill there.


So making it as a self-published author is about drilling deep not wide. It’s about solving hundreds of one person’s problems not solving hundreds of people’s single problems. And when you strike goal then dig in for all it’s worth until the gold is gone. Dominate your niche completely and utterly. Don’t write ten books on ten topics. Well maybe for starts but then once you find what’s hot write ten more books on that single subject. Mine it for all it’s worth.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

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