How To Save Western Civilization & The World

How To Save Western Civilization & The World by Charles Sledge

A hefty topic for a single article but one that I believe can be adequately addressed in a mere one thousand words, give or take a few. It’s no secret that our world is crumbling around us. The elites have designed to usurp the natural order and replace it with their own. They have turned race against race, woman against man, child against parent, and so on and so forth. This has all been engineered and done on purpose. While more and more are becoming aware of this the question then changes too what is to be done about it?

What can simple men do against those who hold the money and the power? It seems like a hopeless fight. But that is not so. The powerful have been defeated, unrighteous kings thrown out, and healthy society reclaimed and held for a time. But there are some things that are required for such a thing to take place. The natural thing is to focus on the outside. But this is wrong.

Focusing On Others

Many believe if just person X were gone everything would be better without realizing that the ones you see out in the lime light are really nothing more than replaceable puppets. If they fall they will simply be replaced. Another thought it to go to the source and eliminate it but even then those who want us dead and destroyed will always come back up. Not to mention finding the enemies in their webs of lies and trickery is nearly impossible to do. For every George Soros we hear about there are ten in the shadows we know little to nothing about.

There will always be the wolves in the dark looking to take what is precious to us. Whether that is our own life and well being or the life and well being of our family (in addition to ourselves). Until the end we will have to fight against them and they will always be with us. That is the way of the world. This isn’t to say that fighting them is wrong, it is right on every level. Simply to point striking down one enemy will not save us from having to fight again tomorrow.

What Makes A Civilization Great

What is responsible for the rise and fall of civilization? What both creates and destroys civilizations? Many would say certain forms of government, others would say women, and others would say demographics. Yet it always comes back to the same factor. And that is the men of the society. A society filled with strong men cannot be preyed on by the likes of Soros and his kind, nor could something like feminism come about because the men would stomp it out before it knew what happened, likewise no invaders would come because they would be destroyed.

The world rises and falls based on the actions of men. Strong men in particular. As the wise Edmund Burke once said “The only thing needed for the triumph of evil is for good men to nothing”. Good men meaning masculine strong men, not castrated sheep as the word “good” has come to mean. With these good men society falls into line and growth happens. Unfortunately many, especially those deemed “red pill” have become cynical, they see society as unsavable, women as unredeemble, and life as nothing more than banging as many hot chicks as possible until they eventually die.

It Starts With You

This doesn’t lead to a fulfilling life. Of course it’s better than marrying some ho and getting divorced raped while she cuckolds you but there are so many other options out there for life. It isn’t a black and white deal. But the short falls of the red pill is a topic for another time. This article is about saving Western civilization. And saving Western civilization all starts with you. Let me explain why. A healthy world is forged by healthy nations, healthy nations are forged by strong tribes, strong tribes are formed by strong families, and strong families are only forged and upheld by strong men.

Women and children left to their own devices would have the world in flames within a week. They cannot lead themselves. If all men were “red pill” aware meaning aware of how society, biology, and life works the world would be a much healthier place. But it all starts with making yourself strong, to be the example that others can look after. The leaders that this world so desperately needs, the heroes that bring it back from the edge. Of course this does start with knowing how to get laid, make money, and fight. Once those are covered then a man focuses on the fate of society as a whole.


Saving Western civilization starts and ends with men becoming men again. The more this happens the more the cancer that has the world in its grasp will retreat and be beaten. Those against us are not invincible and our belief that they are is their greatest strength. The natural order can be returned to, the fight can be one. Perhaps you are already too far gone and that is fine. Everyone walks their own path. But me I will stand and make myself great. And eventually lead a family in the restoration. You are free to join me and I hope you will.

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-Charles Sledge


Charles Sledge

  • Johnny Grube

    Problem is people talk a good game. It seems its the weak that are standing, while the so called strong sit and do nothing. No man will
    admit he is weak, but most are.

    We can change ourselves and our families, but men, at least white
    males are having less kids. If we continue to be out breed what then
    does it matter.

    There are very few strong 20 – 30 somethings and most follow whatever
    society is pushing and are afraid to speak up.

    Even the old school gyms were where men could be men and these
    gyms have been replaced by transgender gyms like planet fitness!

    • That’s a very good point Johnny. At some point simple numbers will be too much to do anything about it.

  • Max Panzer

    Charles is correct, it all starts with making yourself strong. The best thing a man can do for himself, his family and society is become the very best he can be. Each man is given a unique genetic potential and it is his responsibility to pursue it to the maximum. Reap the glory invested in you and go after it.

    If every man in western society did this and looked after his own we would all be living in that shining city on a hill – or the High Country as I call it. The busybodies out there with their fingers in everyone else’s soup would be scorned and ostracized into oblivion. They wouldn’t stand a chance.

    It all starts with you gentlemen. Deep down we all know exactly what it is we should be pursuing to break through to the next level.

    Make a decision and go hardcore.

  • Johnny Grube

    So many men talk a good game and how bad ass they are, yet they
    are afraid to be taken by women. Thats fucking weak! Maybe the men
    that claim masculinity are’nt so masculine!

    Strong families with strong values who are responsible and accountable is the only thing that can turn around a fucked up country!

    College is the biggest fucking problem and the weak parents that
    continue to pay for their kids to get weaker and weaker.

    Not every women is

    • Absolutely Johnny. It’s unfortunate but I see what you describe here all around me. Even with those I care about. I am vocal about my beliefs but even then some won’t see the light until they’ve been burned.