Sales…The Foundation Of The Good Life?

Sales...The Foundation Of The Good Life? by Charles Sledge

What is the fundamental aspect of freedom? The fundamental aspect of freedom is being able to spend your time as you choose. And there is only one way to go about doing this. And that is through making enough money to do so. When it comes down to it without making enough capital your life is going to be vastly limited in what you are going to be able to do. Without money you are always a slave to other people and other things. Stay in slavery long enough and other problems begin to pile up as well.

How many marriages have failed because the spouses were to busy out earning money, or sons who grow up emasculated because their father was never around, the same could be said for women who grow up to be sluts. When it comes down to it many if not the majority of problems faced could have been solved with money. I don’t mean throwing money at the problem would have fixed it. I mean that having the money would have freed up the time to do what is required to fix it. Time, your most valuable asset which can only be utilized when you have enough money to do so.

Freedom And The Good Life

Money when properly used is freedom. Even if you only wished to live off the land you’d still need money. Money plays an incredibly important part in every man’s life. It an essential part of achieving a life of freedom.¬†Money is freedom in a way. Of course even if you make hundreds of thousands of dollars yet spend sixty hours a week doing so the cost to reward is off. Regardless though money still plays an important part. If you want to be a bachelor spending his time banging beautiful women and getting the most out of life you need a base level of money to do so. If you are a family man wanting the healthiest family possible you must spend time with your spouse and children which requires money.

As I said above so much of today’s problems stems from poor money management and poor understanding of how to acquire it. Look at it this way you could be a masculine man, have air tight game, be in great shape, yet if you don’t know how to acquire money you won’t be able to utilize all of those things that you have spent time developing.

Look at it like this say your a college kid having a good time. Good game, masculine, doing well. You’re having fun banging different chicks and hanging with friends. Then you graduate. You move home and have to live with your parents because you like an idiot didn’t learn anything about money or saving. So you go to get a job but your degree has turned out to be more of a burden than an asset. The student loans come in. Now your stuck working a menial job until something opens up in your field while living at home. Though you have all the skills of a man you are lacking one, the making of money, which is going to inhibit all the others. No man can truly feel like a man while living in the house of his parents or while dependent on others.

Where Sales Comes In

There is a saying (usually spouted by rich people who earned their wealth) that says if you learn sales you will never have to worry about money again. Having the ability to sell is the foundation upon which much rests for the simple reason that without money you life is going to be incredibly limited. Your freedom will be stifled. Making money is the foundation upon which your freedom rests. Again making money is the foundation upon which your freedom rests. Making it an essential skill.

Sales includes copy writing, selling online or off, and understanding how humans work. It is much more varied than going from door to door talking people into buying your vacuum cleaner. Sales is the key to money. Learning sales should be your number one priority if you haven’t done so already. Building up a passive income stream in my opinion should be started in high school so by the time a kid graduates they can pursue the life they want instead of going into slavery.

Remember money is the base upon which your freedom rests. It doesn’t matter if you want to spend your time making great works of art, helping others, banging women, perfecting your fighting skills, or all of the above and more. Without money none of it matters as you won’t have the freedom to do it. With the internet it has never been easier to achieve your freedom. However it will still require work, determination, and a learning curve. However once you understand how to do this you will have learned one of the most valuable skills that a man can learn.


Without money you won’t have freedom and without freedom you won’t be able to live the life that you want. Regardless of what form that life may be. Sales or the acquiring of money is a fundamental skill. While learning a base level of game and self-defense is good I think once a base level has been achieved of those two then one should learn sales to a high level so that money will never be an issue again. Then they can devote their time to study of game, self-defense, or the myriad of other things a man must master in life.

Freedom is the foundation of the good life and money is a requirement of freedom. You may not like this but its the truth. I always had a dislike for sales, marketers, and business in general. I guess it was no surprise that I was dead broke as well. I have only recently come around to learning about business and sales and it is something that I wish I had learned a lot earlier. It would have saved me a lot of trouble and pain. However it’s always better to start late than never as most people in the world never even get started. If you haven’t learned sales, start today. Start with these books¬†and then work your way from there.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge