Sales 101: Make Em Feel Good

Sales 101

Causing good feelings in others is a key to making them buy from you. A person would rather purchase from someone that makes them smile and feel good about themselves than from someone who has a better price. When you cause your prospect to feel good emotions they are much more likely to buy whatever it is that you are selling. Remember people buy through emotions that they later rationalize with logic. Emotions are the key to selling.

People are addicted to feeling good, the vast majority of the population goes from one high to the next. Some are more extreme than others but just about everything in our society has to do with getting a dopamine fix of some kind. From watching TV while eating junk food to watching internet pornography. People love to feel good above all else. When you can make them feel good they are going to like you, and if someone likes you or not plays a huge part in whether you are successful in face to face sales or not.

Good Feelings Over Necessities

Let me use an example to really drive this home. People will skimp and save on things like groceries and day to day expenses required to live. They’ll cut out every coupon and drive around town looking to save 10 cents on bananas. Then they’ll go out and blow hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on booze on a vacation. The reason for this is simple. One is required to keep them alive the other makes them feel good. Let me repeat that one is required for survival and the other makes them feel good.

As you can see good feelings take precedence even over survival! So when you smile, shake a guys hand, compliment a woman (if you’re an attractive man) what you’re doing is making them feel good. You are giving them some of that dopamine that they crave so dearly. You become almost like a moderate addiction. That’s right you want you customers to get addicted to you. Not through unhealthy means but rather because of how you make them feel. You make them feel good so they give you money, your product is almost irrelevant.

Service Over Product

People will pay big money to go to a fancy hotel or somewhere where they know they will be treated like kings and queens. Why is this? They could easily save nearly half the money they are spending and stay a hotel that while not luxury was still safe and they’d get a good night’s sleep in. But would have a lower level of service. You see when the door man greets them like royalty, the receptionist is friendly and courteous to them, and they are waited on hand and foot this all causes good emotions in them. And people throw money at anything that can give them good emotions.

This is why good service matters more than product (in face to face sales). This is why people drink soda that is filled with toxic substances that destroys their bodies over water that makes them healthy. Because the water doesn’t make them feel anything while the soda tastes good and makes them feel good. Good feelings is the most valuable commodity there is. Even more so than getting people great results. More people are turned on by thoughts of a weekend at Vegas than a seminar that could revolutionize their life.

Become A Dealer

When you put service first and make the customer feel good you are becoming a dealer of sorts, a dealer of good emotions. And just like the drug dealer knows what he has is addictive so is what you have (good service). Make em feel good and they’ll eat out of your hand. Have a great attitude and it will transfer to others. Negative salesmen (like timid ones) as they say “have skinny kids”. Your feelings are going to be transferred to your prospect so always sum up good ones.

Having a good attitude is like working a muscle. If you’ve never done it you’ll struggle at first just like at one time it may have been a struggle to simple push the bar alone overhead. Now you can throw on 45’s and crank out reps no problem. It’s the same with having a good attitude and cultivating positive emotions. It’s something you have to work at and is an essential “muscle” to build up if you’re going to have a long career in sales. Make people feel good no matter what and they’ll give you there money.


Good feelings are what people desire most. More than change for the better, more than getting their problems solved, more than even basic survival (for the most part) people want above all else to just feel good. And a company or salesman that makes the people who come to him feel good will always have business. You may have a mediocre product but if you make people feel good when they buy they’ll keep coming back to you. Again and again. So make em feel good and watch your bank account grow.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge