Sales 101: 5 Immutable Laws Of Selling

Sales 101

In sales just like in life there are certain immutable, unbreakable laws. Laws that cannot be changes. Laws that if followed will bring you success and if gone against will simply hurt you. Go against these laws and you will find success all but impossible to achieve, use these laws in your favor and you will propel yourself to success that much faster. Sales is one of the most important skills that you will ever learn in life. It is sales that gives you power with money and money is essential to so much. After all it is money that is the foundation of your freedom in life.

So it makes sense to learn everything possible to maximize your money so that you can then maximize your freedom. If you’re someone who wants to get the most out of life then learning and mastering sales isn’t optional. It’s no more optional then having a growth mindset and reading good books. You will not achieve success without it. So without further ado let’s dig into the five immutable laws of selling

Law #1 – How You Treat A Customer Decides How They Respond

Here is what I mean by this. Treat a customer like he’s poor and can’t buy and no matter what he’ll act like a poor person who won’t but. A very bad habit that many sales professionals get into is they start prejudging customers. They look at one person and say “Oh their just a X, Y, or Z” they have prejudged them before even engaging with them. Usually they are prejudged in a negative way. I think many sales professionals do this because then if they don’t make a sale they can just blame the prospect instead of the person who’s truly at fault (the salesman himself).

Always treat a customer like a highroller. If you treat him like he’s a highroller then he’s going to act like a highroller. Which is exactly what you want. I don’t care if the guy comes in there in rags and shoes with holes in them treat him like he’s a big CEO or famous musician. He won’t leave without at least trying to live up to how you make him feel. Trust me on this. Treat every customer like a high roller and watch how they respond. Not doubt your take home will go up like all you serve is highrollers. Because that’s how you’re making your prospect feel.

Law #2 – There Are Only Two Reasons People Buy Things

When we really boil everything down there are really only two reasons that people buy things. It doesn’t matter what it is we are talking about, what product or service it still comes down to these two things. Regardless if we’re talking about a marketing service, a vacation home, a soda at a gas station, or even drugs it comes down to the two same reasons. Learning these two reasons simplifies things greatly. You will always know that your prospect is interest in either one or the other (and sometimes both).

Here are the only two reasons people buy things and one of the most important laws of selling. Reason number one is to solve a problem. They have a problem and they want that problem solved easy as that. It might be low revenue for their company, they need a suit for a interview, or they need a new car because their other one was totaled. Point is they need a solution to a problem. The second reason is to feel good and this is perhaps the stronger of the two reasons. Everyone and I mean everyone wants to feel good. If your service or product (or you!) can do this you’ll always have customers willing to trade their money for that good feeling.

Law #3 – Service Is Senior To Selling

Service is more important than having selling skills and this is coming from someone who constantly harps on how important sales skills are. If you treat someone like dirt no matter your sales skills you aren’t going to have a customer buy from you. You want to service everyone you sell. Make them feel good, important, and taken care of. You want to take care of the customer and solve their problems and fulfill their needs. This starts by giving them great service.

This means things like always having a positive attitude, remembering their name, greeting them with a smile, staying upbeat, making them laugh, having a “can do” attitude, and just in general doing everything in your power to make sure they have a pleasant and uplifting experience. Genuinely show care for the prospect, take an interest in them, and giving them the best service possible. Many would buy from you simply because of the service you give them (granted that it’s great). Combine great personal service with sales skills and you’ll be golden.

Law #4 – A Sale Is Always Made

This one will require a bit of explanation. No matter what a sale always takes place. Now you’re probably thinking “What do you mean a sale always takes place? If a sale always took place what use would I have for more sales knowledge?” but just because a sale always takes place does not mean that the sale that you want always takes place. You see you’re not the only one selling when you meet with a prospect. Selling is not a one way deal, but rather a two way deal.

When you are selling a prospect on taking action they are trying to sell themselves on not taking action. One of you will win it’ll either be you the salesman or the prospect’s doubts. But no matter what there is always a winner. It all depends on who’s the better salesman. So remember you are in competition with the prospect’s doubts and insecurities. Doubts and insecurities that would rob him of the good your product or service would do him. Be the winner and always remember a sale is always made.

Law #5 – Get It In Writing

It doesn’t count unless it’s in writing. No one cares what you say only what you have in writing and your prospect is no different. Salesman rank second (right behind politicians) in least trusted positions so don’t think for a second that your prospect is just going to “take your word” on anything. In order for it to be official it has to be in writing. Even when you are showing the prospect facts and figures you want to write them down to make them real to the prospect, otherwise they’re just hot air.

People don’t believe what they hear but they do believe what they see. Tell someone about a fantastical story and they’ll laugh at you show them the same story written in the newspaper and they’ll be amazed. For things like terms agreed on, final price, and many other things you have to get it in writing before the prospect is going to actually believe it. It’s unfortunate but talk is cheap and even if you are the most ethical service oriented salesman (as you should be) it doesn’t mean the prospect will believe a word that you say. Always make sure you get it in writing.

The Laws Of Selling

So there you have it five immutable laws of selling. Violate these laws and sales success will not be yours. Utilize them and you’ll be well on your way. Success is anything worthwhile doesn’t come instantly. You must put the work in day in and day out. And then eventually you’ll start gaining success and gaining momentum. This applies to nearly everything in life and sales is no exception. Learn and memorize the laws of success and then put in the work. You’ll eventually get there and reap the rewards.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge