The Root Cause Of Female Behavior

The Root Cause Of Female Behavior by Charles Sledge.com

This is a chapter from my book Understanding Women: Everything A Man Needs To Know About Women. Enjoy.

Have you ever heard someone say “Women are crazy”? Of course you have we all have. We’ve also heard women are X, Y, and Z depending on the source. Some would say that women are evil and heartless while others would say that they’re insane. And from a male’s point of view all of these can certainly seem to be true. However most of this is a misunderstanding stemming from a misunderstand of women. You’ve probably heard the lie that “women can’t be understood” as if they were some unexplainable creature. Which is funny.

We understand how the galaxy works yet can’t understand a basic biological creature? Laughable. But useful for women to make men think that they can never understand them. A potent strategy that has worked wonders for years. However smart men have understood that women just like any other biological creatures can be understood. While women may not be rational creatures in and of themselves this doesn’t mean they cannot be understood rationally. After all we understand how dogs and cats socialize, their mating strategies, and how they function and they certainly aren’t rational at least how we would commonly use the term.

Evolutionary Biology

Everything stems back to biology. Female biology is no different. Our behaviors stem from the struggles that our species has undergone since it’s beginning. We have been designed to above all else survive and reproduce, everything is secondary to those two things. Including things like morality, goodness, and honor (which will be discussed more below). And when it comes to biology women are controlled by it at a much more complete extent than men (well get to that below as well). Every behavior has a biological underpinning.

Even if it’s failing. Two examples of failing biological specimens come to mind. The white knight and the bitchy woman. The white knight believes by “saving” women from any and all troubles they will rewarded with sex when in fact they are simply scorned because of their innate weakness and how pathetic they are. Likewise the bitchy woman thinks by adopting traits she find attractive in a man (challenging and power seeking) she’ll be attractive to women when she really just ends up being a cunt only the most desperate and pathetic of males would want. Both failed biological specimens.

The Root Cause

Alright so I drifted off a little bit there but it was to illustrate the concept further. Now back to the root cause of female behavior. When you rationally look at it (believe it or not) women operate “rationally” (not logically as we think) meaning in accordance with their biological programming. That main biological directive is to survive and reproduce. Put simply the root cause of female behavior is an attempt to survive. Survival is put before all else with a woman. This is why a woman would cheat on a weak loyal male of thirty years who she has a family with, with a strong man because it increases her and her off-springs.

She wants the best genes and best chances of survival which is what a strong man provides her with. This is why women will shame conservative “men” if they even question feminism but then get on their knees with glee when a Muslim man tells them they’re worthless. Because the conservative is a ball-less, whiny, coward and the Muslim actually has balls. A woman has a much better chance of survival with a Muslim then with your average conservative. Female behavior is entirely based on survival. This is also why women shit test men.

How many times have you had a guy ask or wonder “Why does she get mad when I do everything she says” when he already answered it. She’s testing you to see if you have the balls to not do everything she says. She can only trust herself, be feminine, and relax around a man who is in control of her. As she knows as a female she can’t lead or control herself. So when a male gives in to her crazy wishes he shows himself to be weak and not a leader. She will then look to someone who will lead her.

Wait, Doesn’t This Apply To Men?

Yes of course. Just like women a male’s primary biological drive is to reproduce and survive. And the vast majority of males will never rise above this rank and live essentially the same as a female. Ever seen a male who’d sell his buddies out or pretty much to anything to (in his pathetic words) “get lucky”. I have and nothing is more pitiful. However unlike females males have a choice as to whether their biological programming is going to be the major operating force of their life or not. A woman’s highest goal will always be survival no matter what, and I mean no matter what.

However because a man’s superior strength (physically, mentally, and spiritually) a man can override his biological programming and aspire to a higher ideal. Things like honor and pride. While a woman might sacrifice herself for her child it would be to ensure her reproduction was successful. However a man can sacrifice himself for his tribe, country, or brothers from a sense of honor. Something that has been exploited mercilessly throughout the years by those in power. There is no honor among women, it is something that can only exist between men and strong men at that. A man can make a higher ideal override his biological programming a woman cannot.


All of female behavior stems from the overriding and overpowering biological directive to survive. This is why a woman could have her husband killed in front of her and be reproducing with the killer within a week. Check out Rollo’s “War Brides” post for a more in depth look at this. This doesn’t make women evil as they’ll be extremely loyal to a strong man who puts them in their place. But weakness will not be tolerated by women because it conflicts with their main biological drive.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    even though this is not really the case with humans, when you say “the vast majority of males will never rise above this rank and live essentially the same as a female.”, i’m guessing thats why the vast majority of bull or male elephant seals die virgins, and i think its the same case with some other mammals, when i say not the case with humans, i’m guessing thats why you hear of more men in the world than women who are still a virgin or never had a relationship before past a certain age, even though i said something like this before, biology and science is fun to discuss at times.

    • Yeah most people don’t understand that humans are animals to. And why the difference isn’t as large as it is in those primates and deer it’s still pretty large. The Pareto Principle applies where 20% of males are sleeping with 80% of females.