Review of Still In The Game by Troy Francis

Review of Still In The Game by Troy Francis by Charles Sledge

Troy Francis writes about picking up women at his blog Real Troy Francis. Troys got some good stuff in a largely played out field. He’s one of the few “pick up” writes that I actually enjoy reading and that makes good points. In his lastest book Still In The Game Troy addresses an underappreciated niche, game for the man over 40. In today’s culture where many men find them divorced in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s and back on the playing field this book could be a lifesaver for a guy to “get back at it”.

In Still In The Game Troy covers a variety of topics all relating to the specific challenges a man in his 40’s will face when re-entering (or simply being) in the sexual marketplace trying to pick up younger women. He covers everything from unique challenges men over 40 will face in the sexual marketplace, how to relate to younger women, how to ignore others (especially old women) shaming you for wanting women in their prime, as well as exact strategies to meet younger beautiful women.

Unique Challenges For Men Over 40 In The Sexual Marketplace

Troy starts the first chapter off by addressing unique challenges men over 40 face in the sexual marketplace. Troy begins by telling men that there is no magic bullet to picking up women and that they’ll have to work for it like anything else. A big hurdle for men over 40 is going to be overcoming psychological barriers mostly put in place by women and a society that doesn’t have men’s best interests at heart. Things like feeling bad for not being married at a certain age, believing it’s wrong to be attracted to beautiful women in their prime, or that you should “settle down” with a woman your own age, and so on and so forth.

Not that there won’t be other challenges as well. If you’ve let yourself go and haven’t updated your wardrobe in years obviously that will need fixing as well. However the biggest hurdles are the psychological ones. Breaking your mind free of the matrix is essential and Troy devotes an entire chapter to just that topic. Troy also talks about struggling with wondering if you’ll ever settle down again or if you’d even want to in the first place.

Breaking Free Of The Matrix

Troy talks about how our programming runs deep and can keep us from things that we want. Men are given a large list of things that they’re supposed to do according to society and being a player sleeping with beautiful younger women at 40 is not one of them. Breaking free of the matrix is hard when you’re plugged into it 40+ hours a week. One thing Troy recommends is that those looking to live unconventional lives (like dating beautiful women after 40) seek to find as much freedom from the matrix as possible. As your surrounding have an impact on your thoughts and ideas.

Even doing a little side hustle to get started and start building that freedom account. Troy also recommends starting to focus on what you want out of life and not what you have been programmed to want out of life. Instead of being directed by others, be directed by what you actually want. Troy suggests taking the time to write down what you really want (this will be private that only you will see) from your relationships with others, your sex life, and from your work. Then setting out to accomplish these things regardless if it goes against the matrix or not.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Loving Beautiful Women

Many men believe that they’ll be creepy if their older and they hit on the women that they actually want (beautiful and usually younger women). Men also make up excuses such as “Younger girls only want younger guys”, “She’ll be creeped out by me”, or “It’s wrong to like younger women”. And so on and so forth. Again a big mental hurdle for many guys over 40. Troy talks about taking a look at this from a biological perspective stating “First, let’s just consider the facts. You are a guy. You just turned forty…Now think about this: in terms of
biology, what does that actually mean? The answer is it means that you are a guy in the prime of his life who is more than capable of fathering a child still.”.

Meaning that biologically desiring beautiful women in their prime is perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed of. And secondly women prefer men that are older than them. Take care of getting in decent shape, dressing right, and get over the mental hurdles and you may likely experience more success with beautiful young women then you would have in your 20’s. As a man in your 40’s (or older) you have a lot more to bring to the table then you did at 20. Troy points this out and breaks down more mental hurdles that many men over 40 have.

Exact Strategies For Meeting Women In Your 40’s

Troy cautions that tactics part of the book is the least important. Meaning that you have to get the basics covered and your mindset right before worrying about specific tactics to meet beautiful women in your 40’s. Troy talks about the importance of never putting all of your eggs in one basket and diversifying between multiple girls. He talks about the importance of making the first move, not hesitating, building some comfort, and closing. Basic stuff but still good to have a refresher on every now and then.

Troy talks about the best places at night and during the day for the man over 40. Obviously it’ll depend on your preferences but chances are you’re not wanting to go to a loud nightclub jam packed with 20 year old guys. Troy also discusses using dating apps and websites as well as traveling other places to meet women. Above all else Troy talks about the importance of feeling comfortable matters more than anything else.

Still In The Game

Troy covers much more ground beyond what this review could cover. He is also honest about some of the downsides of the player lifestyle, what the endgame of game is, how to “act young” without seeming like a clown, how to relate to younger women, and more. Overall if you’re a man in his 40’s looking to score with younger women this book is a must read. It’s a good read overall but essential for the older man.

So if you’re over 40 and looking to score with beautiful younger women then get your copy of Still In The Game today!


Charles Sledge