Remember Who You Are

Remember Who You Are by Charles Sledge

One of my favorite movies of all time is The Lion King. I watched it many times as a boy. I know to the manosphere Disney is evil or something but in case you haven’t noticed I could give two shits. The Lion King is a great move and should be watched by every boy. In particular there is one scene that always stood out to me (well two but we’ll get to that later). It’s where Simba meets with the monkey and the monkey leads him to his father. Simba has forgotten who he was and needed to be reminded by his father who he is. The one and true king. Here is the scene.

I feel males in today’s day and age are in a similar boat. They have forgotten who they are. They have been told lies from all sides designed to strip them of the thing that makes them a man, their power. A man without his power might as well not even be a man. A lion can be picked on by a mouse if the lions mind is neutered. A man with his masculinity intact is the most powerful force on this earth and anyone who tells you otherwise is full of shit.

Remember Who You Are

We have forgotten who we are. We have forgotten that we share the same lineage and capacity as the great warriors and kings of old. What one man can do another can do. Now we are taught day and night that we are nothing but victims and that we might as well not even try. We are told this because us (meaning men) are the only ones who have power to change anything. Men together can overturn any system and conquer any enemy. But first they must possess their masculinity and masculine power.

You are not powerless despite what society and bitter males tell you. As a matter of fact you are more powerful than you can imagine. You are capable of so much more than you can imagine. Man is the pinnacle of creation. Do you get that? The pinnacle meaning the top. Yet males act as if they are lowly worms or incapable of changing anything. These are lies, lies designed to keep you in chains. The road to developing your masculinity is a long and arduous one but it is worth every step. Remember who you are, you are powerful if you choose to develop that innate power within you.

Power & Majesty

If I could choose two words to describe masculinity I would use power and majesty. Power and majesty represent so much of what masculinity is. These are two words that are also used to describe God as in the Pater or Father God. This is no coincidence. Man was created to reflect the highest of all. He was created to be a mirror to the power of that highest power in existence. The be both powerful and majestic. Like a lion. This is your true calling. Is your time really well spent debating with feminists about how masculinity isn’t evil? Do you think God debates with those who doubt him?

Of course not for they are so far below him that their doubt or lies mean nothing. It should be the same with you and feminists or other assorted cancers of our society. Arguing against them gives them validation, instead you should be developing yourself. Once you are developed others will naturally follow you. People are attracted to masculine power like bees to honey. Other males want to follow it and women want to be possessed by it. It’s an energy in the air. It’s something that resonates from deep within you. From the very core of your being. Men have forgotten what this is like and have forgotten who they are. Like a king in exile. Like Mufasa says in the scene referenced above we have forgotten who we are, we are more than what we have become, we are the true kings of this earth. It is time men reclaimed their place in the circle of life and got off the sidelines.

What Is The Wolf To The Lion

We live in a time of wolves I have no doubt about that. But I would further add what is a wolf to the lion? What are the forces of this world compared to the power of man? Nothing. You may not believe this and I can’t say I blame you. Being stripped of your power it is hard to think about having full strength especially when most have never possessed it in the first place. But great things can come from humble beginnings. The richest men have come from the poorest slums, the greatest warriors from the weakest younglings, the greatest minds from those thought dumb.

Men must remember who they are. Remember that is they who have the power. Male power is no myth but rather reality. It’s about time we reclaimed and used it to our own ends. You are not a victim unless you make yourself one. If the lion sits there and lets the hyenas take his kingdom and do as they please who can blame them? It’s the lions own fault for not rising up and tearing them apart. The forces that are against men can be conquered. Every issue in your own life can be conquered for the men who take possession of this power and remember who they are. Who remember what they were created to be.


At the intro to this article I talked about another scene that stood out to me and that is this one. It is where Simba has reclaimed his kingdom from his evil uncle and ascends to his rightful place as ruler of all around him. Like a man’s rightful place is ruler of all around him. Men must embrace their dominance and reclaim the throne. They must be kings of their worlds. They must cast off this negativity and victim mindset and replace it with the journey to reclaim their masculine power.

You can either reclaim your throne or watch your kingdom be taken apart in front of you. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating as a man you don’t have the option to just survive. You either thrive and become the king or you are cast out as a slave. Men operate at the highest level and lowest level. The comfortable middle is not part of manhood. Men either rise to the top or sink to the bottom. Sink or swim. It is your choice.

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-Charles Sledge


Charles Sledge