How To Raise An Alpha (Adam Seale)

How To Raise An Alpha by Adam Seale on Charles Sledge.com

This is a guest post by Adam Seale who runs a great blog over at The Vision where he writes about masculinity, culture, and about other thought crimes. In this post Adam goes over one of the most important things that a man can learn. How to raise his son to be a man, to be alpha. Enjoy.

Evolutionary psychology tells that the more a man is capable of protecting himself and his loved ones, the more masculine he is. The more masculine he is the more alpha he is. The more alpha he is the more respect he will get from people and the more successful he is.

The environment around your son should be compatible for nurturing your son’s masculinity. There are several things you should do to achieve positive results.

Become An Alpha

If you are a father, you should be yourself an alpha. Children tend to learn by example rather than limitations. Instead of telling him what to do, you should do those things. Intead of telling him what not to do, you should create an environment that despises those things. For example if you want him to lift weights, you should be lifting weights yourself. On the other hand if you force him to lift weights and do not lift yourself, than your son will be doing this half-assed and will even discontinue later in life. You have to be an alpha first in order to raise an alpha, period.

Either you look at a wolf pack or old monarchies, an alpha (king) is a son of alpha. Royal blood is irreplaceable. Only an alpha can have an alpha son. So…..YOU NEED TO BE AN ALPHA.

Make Him Physically Strong

Evolution shows that men dominate other men on the basis of strength, courage and potential aggression. Physical strength will give him the power of dominating other men. The bullies in school will not try to pick on him, as subconciously they will know he should not be messed with. He will step up the masculine social hierarchy to be an alpha.

Physical strength will also give him confidence to be brave. Fear will not reach him and govern his actions. This confidence (that everybody is intimidated by him) will lead him to pave his way towards success in life.

Evolutionary psychology tells that the more a man is capable of protecting himself and his loved ones, the more masculine he is. The more masculine he is, the more alpha he is.

Don’t leave your son on the mercy of today’s feminized schools. Train him yourself. Schools will just make him weaker and drag his physical toughness down.

Teach Him How To Fight

Teaching him how to fight will teach him to control his aggression and stress. Control of these two things play a vital role in development of masculine energy. Big emotions like anger, fear, and lust will not control him. He too will know how to channel his strength and protect himself from outside threats.

Teach Him Your Values

Values and religion are the last line if defense against degeneracy. Our ancestors successfully thwarted any attempts of degeneracy, but now it is everywhere as we have accepted it in the name of rationality.

Every animal on earth is free. Humans too are free. But they are different because they have logical brains. With logical brains comes the act of self-governance. Self-governance is essential to keep humanity in check. Moral ethics define a way of life. And God gives inherent meaning to life.

Control The TV

TV cartoons are very attractive entertainment to children. And thus they have a big psychological impact on your son’s brain. Save him from deeply feminized cartoons and movies. Instead replace them with cartoons that praise strength. I would recommend older cartoons like Dragon Ball Z.


All of the above steps have two things in common: Praising strength and despising weakness and submissiveness. This will save your son from becoming emasculated, a homosexual, or a transgender (you sure don’t want that) and make him an alpha male.

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Charles Sledge

  • Totally agree on these points. One area that seems to be lacking in TRP community is how to raise a daughter. I have no sons, but plenty of daughters (3) and it is much rarer when this subject is broached. I would imagine a lot of the same principles apply, but I’m betting there are some key differences as well, especially on the side of the father and how he should interact with his daughter.

    • Very true. Wow man you must have your hands full haha. Can’t imagine doing that, working a job, and running a blog among other things all at the same time. At least in my opinion it seems that the most important thing is setting an example. Both sons and daughters are going to get their imprint of the man they should be/marry based primarily on their father.

      • It’s certainly a big reason why I don’t post nearly as frequently as I’d like, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Totally agree with you about setting a strong example and my discussions with others would seem to back that up. I speak regularly with Ghost of Jefferson from ROK and his daughter completely ignores any guy who shows a hint of effeminate behavior.

        • That’s awesome. I’ll definitely have to model after you two when that time of my life comes.