How To Project An Aura Of Power (Marcus Harris)

How To Project An Aura Of Power (Marcus Harris) by Charles Sledge.com

This is a guest post from Marcus Harris who runs a blog over at Blood, Fire, & Soul where he writes about masculinity, self-improvement, and getting the most out of life. Marcus is a U.S. Navy veteran and in addition to a great masculine self development blogger also is a copywriter as well as photographer. In this article Marcus talks about the steps one can take to project an aura of power to all those around him. Enjoy.

Everywhere I go, I see the same god damn thing over and over: weak little manlets, with shoulders slumped calling themselves men. A weak man is the most disgusting thing imaginable, human society has always scorned weak men for a reason: they can’t defend anything or anyone.

You don’t want to be the guy that everyone pushes around: the irrelevant boy in a man suit. I was this exact guy for a long time until I forged a persona of power.

Power is a mindset, you have it or you don’t and it has very little to do with physicality but more mentality.

When I walk into any place, I walk in with this mentality: I own this motherfucker. Everywhere I go, I walk with power and authority, even if it seems I have neither. Do I really own every place I walk into?

Doesn’t matter.

People think I do because of my talk and walk; because I project POWER.

You want power, everyone does but few will do what it takes to gain power, much less PROJECT IT!

You don’t need to be the biggest guy or know 10 martial arts to project power. All you need are the balls you were born with and the will to improve yourself.

Here are a few ways to let people know that you are not to be fucked with.

First, fix your posture in any way you can

Posture is everyone else’s first impression of you. Slumped over shitty posture dooms you before you even utter a word. Stand tall with your shoulders back, look up, push your hips in.

Example / exercise:

Great exercise for teaching your body how to stand up straight. Notice how when he does a rep, throws his shoulders back, he looks bigger?

Society teaches us to be good little beta boys not take up too much space, this is ridiculous and antithetical to projecting power. Take up as much space as possible and force people to move around you. Fuck manners, you are the boss, they are in the way.

Walk and Talk Slow and Relaxed

Why are you tense? You are the baddest man in the room and no one is more relaxed than the guy holding all the cards. Walk tall and at a slightly slower pace than most people. Look for places in your body where you hold tension and relax them by breathing. Breathing deeply will help relax your muscles and your mind. This makes you look good, feel good, and people notice. Positive feedback loop.

When you are relaxed you talk slower, more deliberately. It gives off good vibes and puts people at ease. Nothing is more annoying than fast talking guy with a high pitched voice, no one will take him seriously.

Invincible Frame

The other half to power is your mindset. No one gives a fuck about you, and as long as you aren’t hurting anyone you can think and do whatever you want. Imagine this: you are a Fortune 500 CEO and you’re walking into one of your company branches.

How would you walk? How would you talk?

That’s easy, you would walk like you could do or say anything and you wouldn’t give a damn about what your employees think. They work for you, it’s your building FUCK THEM.

Walk and talk like a Fortune 500 CEO and remember:


They aren’t going to say a goddamn thing, they’ll snivel, wrinkle their noses and go about their day. This freedom gives you power, you will walk through rooms like you own them because you do. The sniveling beta cucks ain’t gonna to do a thing about it.

Conquer your fears

Learn to bathe in your fears and insecurities: this gives you invincible frame, very few people have the stomach to do this. Tell yourself “I’m the baddest man that ever lived” do this over and over through out the day when you are out and about, and something magical will happen. You will start to believe it!

Remember: ACT AS IF


The only thing that keeps people from projecting power is fear and insecurity. It’s okay to have both but its completely unacceptable for someone who calls himself a man to be ruled by them.

Anyone can project power and a damn few will.

So be one of the damn few.

Until next time,

Marcus Harris

Blood, Fire, & Soul

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Charles Sledge

  • Good tips. This is something I mastered many years ago.
    Head up.
    Shoulders relaxed and slightly pulled back.
    Gaze is relaxed but focused.
    Hands out of your pockets.

    • That’s great, it amazed me how much of a difference body language makes in how people percieve you. A skill all men need to be aware of and master.

      • Jeremy Martinez

        Abso-fucking-lutely. The I don’t give a fuck appearance is a disease. Men need to give a fuck. I am still guilty of it, but I am currently losing weight pretty rapidly. When I get to the build I want, I will invest in the tailoring and quality of clothing necessary, but posture should always be on point.

        • That’s awesome, and absolutely men need to care. It’s stupid not to. So much of you is judged by how you present yourself and for good reason.

          • Bold statement: You are the best looking guy in the room if you wear fitting clothing that fits your age and have good posture.

          • Ha pretty much. Especially nowadays.

  • Jeremy Martinez

    You are the center of your world. Every success is your doing, every failure your fault. Nothing else matters.
    You are the Godking of your existence. Act the part.