A Principle To Always Keep In Mind When Seducing Women

A Principle To Always Keep In Mind When Seducing Women by Charles Sledge

This is a chapter from my book How To Get Girls: The Definitive Guide. Enjoy.

While seducing women is not an over complicated matter there are certainly some principles that keeping in mind will make the process much quicker and easier for you. Women love masculine men, they desire to be desired (especially by the aforementioned masculine men), and there are certain traits that they love. No doubt there is an easy way to seduce women and a hard way and it all has to do with making the principles of nature work for you instead of against you.

It’s no different than using your mind. Follow the principles lain out and you will go far, fight against them and if you have enough willpower you’ll still make it but it will be a much harder row to hoe. We must remember humans are biological creatures and seduction and attraction are based on this biology. Notably the biological differences between men and women. Biology is seduction essentially (as well as masculinity/femininity but that’s a discussion for another time).

Turning Women On

I’ve talked about the differences between the sexes before. One notable difference is that the man is the instigator and the woman the recipient. A male who waits for a woman to make the first move is going to spend many nights with his hand and disappointment as his only companions. A man must be the instigator and the leader. He must be the spark that gets the fire going. A woman is very rarely (especially if attractive) going to. Usually only ugly women and old women are going to be desperate enough to make the first move.

It’s the man’s job to put the forces of attraction into motion. A woman is rarely going to respond unless the man first shows interest. Maybe eye contact, a smile, or putting herself in close proximity is the extent most women will go too, especially if they are intimidated by you. And honestly if you’ve been following my writings for any good amount of time, many women are going to be intimidated by you (in a good way). I’m about to dive deeper into one of the most important biological differences between men and women but first want to make sure you understand everything is predicated on the man making the first move and showing interest boldly and forwardly.

Instant Turn On

Men’s sex drive is like a light switch. One second there could be nothing the next it could be running full force. Imagine working on some problem on your computer and then you turn around and your girl is naked and spread out on the mattress behind you. Your going to go from 0 to 100 in no time flat. You can go from completely preoccupied to screwing like rabbits in literally thirty seconds. That’s how the male sex drive works. It’s like a light switch it can be turned on in a second (and turned off as well).

Males often go into seducing women thinking that their sex drive is the same. Now there is no doubt that women want and love sex (especially from masculine men) but their sex drive works very differently. Now women can get turned on much quicker than is commonly believed as well as they want sex much more than is commonly believed. Remember women care about their reputations so pretend like they’re not easy when 99% of them are. Keep their reputation in tact and they’ll be the sex freaks they’ve always wanted to be.

Slow Cooker

Women get turned on more like a slow cooker. It takes some time and slowly cranks up. Slow being a relative term compared to male’s sexuality. A woman can go from just meeting you to screwing you in under twenty minutes under certain circumstances. Again slow is a relative term but an important difference to keep in mind. Women like being seduced. They like the interplay and being desired. They enjoy the process where the male generally only cares about the end result. Women enjoy the sexual tension that gets developed and then it’s ultimate climax in rough sex.

As a man though you must stoke this fire until it rages. You must build it up. Don’t get me wrong always be forward, aggressive, and unapologetic about your desires. But understand that a woman takes a little longer to get going. It doesn’t take as long as the mainstream would have one believe and romance has nothing to do with it. It has to do with being a man and seducing her. Constantly stoke the fire until it rages as hot as it can and then screw her brains out like she’s wanted all night.


Seduction is an event for men and a process for women. Although it can be a very quick process. Just like there is a process to selling someone there is to seduction. Of course a skilled salesman can move someone through the process almost instantaneously nevertheless the process is still there and in play. Likewise a masculine man can have a woman turned up within a couple of minutes. Just remember be a little bit patient women take longer to get turned on, keep seducing her and everyone will end up with a happy ending. And remember this is all started by you the man showing interest.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Mr. Tilde

    I have a question here. Can a personality affect a man’s success with seduction ? I’m an INTJ, one of the worst introverted personalities when it comes to forming relationship with women. Personally, I have some trouble seducing women. It doesn’t help you when you know the fact that the famous people that shares your personality are sexual losers ( like Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla and Mark Cuckerberg ).

    • Only if he lets it. There are plenty of extroverts who can’t get their dick wet to save their lives. Remember Henry Ford’s quote “Whether you think you or think you can’t, you’re right”.