The Power Of The Backhanded Compliment

The Power Of The Backhanded Compliment by Charles Sledge

There are many concepts of the red pill that can completely change your interactions with women once you begin to grasp them. The backhanded compliment, neg, tease, or insult is no exception to this. While this concept goes by many names I will refer to it as the backhanded compliment from here on out. Essentially a backhanded compliment is where you insult a woman as opposed to the usual kissing of her ass the vast majority of men do. Not only does this turn a woman on but it also sets her ego back to its normalized levels where it should be making her and easier woman to deal with even if she resists at first. Always remember women are begging to be put in their place.

The backhanded compliment (I want to make it clear that this isn’t a compliment in any way, shape, or form) work like magic, especially on masculinized Western women (in demeanor at least, no one wants a masculinized women in appearance) . You know the bitchy you go grrrl ones. Giving them backhanded compliments makes their panties wet like nothing else.

For example when you see a bitchy woman at the gym with a good body who you know gets constant validation from all the thirsty betas around her, when you go up to her and “insult” her (i.e. the backhanded compliment) in a teasing playful way (not a hate filled or insecure way). She will respond positively. As in her panties will moisten and you will shoot to the top of men on her radar. Which will piss off the meatheads who are jacked and strong yet worship her everyday so never will get any play.

The Backhanded Compliment

Insulting a woman from a place of confidence may be the biggest turn on for women that there ever was. Granted it needs to come from a place of confidence and not hatred or insecurity. A insult from a place of hatred and insecurity is extremely unattractive. You need to playfully tease and insult women. Meaning bust their chops. Tease them. Give them backhanded compliments. They don’t want to be worshiped. You are the prize, you are a woman’s reward for being hot.

Everyday the same guys tell women how hot and sexy they are and everyday the same women roll their eyes and their egos get boosted a little more. Women know deep down that they are not worthy of what they are getting and hate weak men who give so much validation to them and worship the very ground they walk on. Women deep down are aware of their true role to men (submissive/below) and hate when men put them on a pedestal. They lose all respect for these men and become even more inflated in their egos as time goes on.

Open With An “Insult”

A great opener is to burst a woman’s bubble. Find the hottest girl you can at the bar, the bitchiest, most full of her self looking one. Go up to her and insult her. Her mouth will drop (and later her panties). I don’t mean insult as in being men more like look at her, smile, then bust her chops. Make fun of her in some way. She’ll love it. She may respond harshly but remember if a woman is responding to you that means she is feeling something for you. Plus you are putting her in her place with you the man being above her the woman, as it should be. Even the most bitchiest pro Feminist woman knows this deep down in her heart of hearts. Which is why women respond so strongly to this.

Seriously next time you well anywhere look around at the men their all probably worshiping some woman who on the inside is about to puke. They are aware of their inherent nature to be below men and that this is their rightful place. Always remember woman was created for man. You are the prize. She is not. Tease her, make fun of her, give her backhanded compliments and she will love you for it.

For those who think this only works on low self-esteem woman your wrong. It works on all women. Remember I’m not saying eviscerate their souls and get them to commit suicide, I’m saying bust their chops. Tease and insult them. Women crave attention and validation which most men give them in vast amounts making those men obvious losers because a woman knows that only losers worship women (especially her). Ignore her and make fun of her and she will fall for you.


Remember none of this comes from a place of hatred for women. It comes from a place of understanding your inherent worth as a man and her relative worth as a woman. You’re the prize. You’re the king. She is lucky to be with you. The only person “getting lucky” when you two hook up is her. Also remember a woman’s look don’t necessarily correlate with her ego. As many men are scared to fawn over incredibly beautiful women, so go for what they see as “get able” women. Which backfires on them as they boost their egos even further and prove their a loser by worshiping a woman who isn’t hot. Of course worshiping one who is hot is not any better, but you get my point.

Remember bust her chops, don’t inflate her ego, don’t worship her, give her backhanded compliments, and make fun of her. She’ll respond by loving you for realizing her real worth and by putting her in her place. Not to mention get wetter every time you mess with her. You’ll stand apart from the thirsty beta masses and become a real man and alpha man.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

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    U recommend any movie that gives more insight to your thoughts and experiments, if any?

    • You know I haven’t really seen any with good examples if I do I’ll update this though.