A Potent One Two Punch To Sky Rocket Your Libido

A Potent One Two Punch To Sky Rocket Your Libido by Charles Sledge

A man’s sex drive is one of the most telling signs of his health in particular his hormonal health. We should be virile and manly throughout our entire lives. Not just in our twenties (and even now that is rapidly becoming an age when males have trouble with their libido). We were made to be vigorous and filled with testosterone and masculinity from puberty to the grave. So first off cast off any limiting beliefs of “Oh I’m age X and therefore can’t do Y”. For the most part they are bullshit. With hard work, determination, and knowledge you can reverse trends and defy what is in store for the “average” person. Your sex drive is very important, it’s a sign of energy, health, and vitality.

Many may think that focusing on their sex drive is vain or not nearly as important as other things. Without realizing that their sex drive is a reflection of their overall health and in particular their hormonal health. If you are suffering from a low sex drive that is a sign that something is wrong and you are not living optimally. Remember you should always live with vigor and that masculine energy coursing through your veins. Here I’m going to show you a very potent one two punch that is sure to increase your libido and imbue your life with the masculine energy that gives it so much of it’s zest.

Raising Your Testosterone

Raising your testosterone is the number one thing that you can do to increase your libido. There is a war on testosterone it has been demonized as a hormone responsible for all of societies ills as well as for anger issues. When in fact testosterone is responsible for creating society and for controlling anger instead of lashing out like a low T little girl. Likewise now that those myths have been debunked new lies sprout up about how testosterone can lead to heart attacks or that testosterone actually doesn’t increase your libido past a very small amount (laughable to anyone who has high testosterone or ever done a bottle of T). The doctors, media, and other liars of our time will do all they can to demonize and destroy this God given hormone.

From saying it’s too powerful to saying it’s not powerful at all. Testosterone and libido are directly correlated. There is no denying this. Raise your testosterone and you raise your libido. Simple as that. The more testosterone that you have the hornier you will get. Every man I know who sleeps with the most women or has the most vigorous sex life has high levels of testosterone. There is a reason that men want sex so much more than women, because of testosterone. This is why gay men can have over one thousand partners and lesbians won’t even sleep with the one they have (check Kinsey research and lesbian bed death). Because of testosterone. Getting your testosterone up is the number one thing that you can do to increase your libido. The higher your T goes the higher your libido goes.

Cut Out Porn

Testosterone is not the only thing that plays a role in your libido (though it is certainly the primary and most important thing). Dopamine also plays a role as well, including how your brain is wired and what it responds to. Porn can really screw up how your brain works and especially your dopamine. Porn can make it so that you get more turned on by a flashing light of a computer screen than by real life flesh and blood. Not to mention that porn can also lead to ED and troubles with being attracted to women in real life. The trouble with your libido could be related to porn and in particular what porn does to your dopamine.

Dopamine plays a major role in arousal and going after the things that you want (such as good looking women). When your dopamine circuitry is messed up as well as you have numbed yourself through dopamine abuse (which porn and especially porn with masturbation will do) then you’re going to have sexual issues and issues with your libido. Now I’ve seen guys with high testosterone cancel this out but nevertheless they’d be better off with just cutting out porn as well, which would increase their libido and desire for real women even more as well as get their dopamine functioning properly once again. So cut out porn to get a boost to your libido as well (it could take some time to get to normal functioning if you’ve been chronically using it for some time).

Your Libido

As with everything else things like diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and lifestyle are also going to play a big role (these things are all tied to hormonal health as well). So make sure that your hitting the gym and doing intense weight training or HIIT style cardio. No steady state T killing crap. Make sure that you’re getting good sleep and sleeping for at least eight hours in a dark room. Keep stress as low as possible the biggest way to do this is to not worry about small stuff and to stay away from the news, meditation can also help with this as well. And finally you want a lifestyle that is conducive to good health. Obviously this is very broad but you can imagine it doesn’t include boozing all night and doing drugs.

Speaking of which you want to make sure you’re staying away from alcohol. Especially drinking heavily. A lot of this stuff is common sense and the wise have known what they are talking about for ages. There is a reason strong men from the 1800s knew eating eggs and doing squats was good for your body. Something that studies are just now starting to get around their head. True knowledge doesn’t come from a test tube or nerds in lab coats. It comes from experience in the real world and seeing what works with your own eyes and the eyes of others. I see so many try to increase their libido and hormone health by reading study after study conducted on rats with inconclusive evidence that contradicts the ten other studies like it. See what works for you leave the studies for those who want to be two hundred plus years behind the times.


You were meant to live with health and vigor until the end of your days. Don’t listen to the doctors and media of today that do not have your best interest at heart or are fools. Man was made to live strong and virile until they put him in the ground. This can be possible for you barring any severe medical condition. You were meant to live with health in paricular hormonal health. This starts with getting your testosterone levels up and then getting them higher and higher as well as cutting out things like porn that can screw up your dopamine and therefore sex drive. As well as living an overall healthy lifestyle. Now get to it.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge