The Pink Doughnut Phenomenon by JD McGuigan Review

The Pink Doughnut Phenomenon by JD McGuigan Review by Charles Sledge

I first heard about JD McGuigan from an interview he had with Kris Cantu. After looking him up I saw he had written for the Good Men Project (almost made me not buy the book) but then saw he had written for Return Of Kings more recently with some on point stuff. His book was only 99 cents so I decided to check it out. The Pink Doughnut Phenomenon discusses an important topic namely how the job market has changed and how trying to follow the American “dream” in today’s day and age will get you killed. A very important topic. He also talks about the emasculating influence of the modern corporate environment as well.

After seeing these two topics I was told and purchased The Pink Doughnut Phenomenon. One thing about the book before we go on is that it’s has a very poor cover. JD if you ever get around to reading this e-mail me and I’ll show you were to get a professionally done cover for 10$. The cover is the most imporant part of the book and having a bad one will keep people from getting to the great knowledge inside. Alright now let’s discuss the book.

The American Dream Scam

JD starts out talking about the fallacy that is the American dream. He talks about the education system killing the spirit of men and making up things like ADHD to proscribe medications to boys who are expressing their testosterone. This then continues into college where you spend 4 years of your life to get in lots of debt to get an entry level job where you can get shat on for the rest of your life. Add in political correctness and a bias against men and you can see how this dream is more of a nightmare than anything.

Also JD talks about taking responsbility as a millennial while at the same time understand that generations prior have had a huge hand in what is transpiring. He also talks about why so many believe in the American dream still, at one point it worked. As a matter of fact it probably worked for our parents but following the same path will not work for us. That combined with someone rationalizing spending his life working a job he hated and wanting others to have to do the same thing. Overall the point is the American dream is dead and there are better alternatives that one much understand to survive in the modern marketplace.

The Middle Class

JD next talks about the middle class and the foolishness of holding onto many beliefs that our parents held. For example hard work doesn’t always pay off, smart work sure as hell does but hard work in the corporate environment (especially when taking up others slack) just ensures you’ll continue to be the whipping boy. Hard work has a place but it’s with being combined with smart work. Middle class people pride themselves on their work ethic even if it’s just taking tolls 40 hours a week. That may be honorable but it’s not enough.

JD talks about the main difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich are producers and the poor consumers. And that today the middle class is largely used to support the rich and the poor. Meaning that getting into or staying in the middle class means you’re staying in the firing line. I agree with this 100% in today’s world you need to be at the top or taking advantage of the bottom.

An Unholy Alliance

JD next talks about the alliance between corporations and feminism. JD points out that this is likely because women make up 70-80% of all consumer spending something I’ve written about before.¬†Corporations are going to pander to whoever fills their pockets and in America it’s women. Also both can only exist and thrive by exploiting beta males. Beta males working their tales off for a faceless corporation that hates them to have their wives spend it all is a prime example of this. JD goes into the nitty gritty details of this making this chapter a great read. Me and JD agree that corporate America is no place for men. As a man you have to be aware of the threat against you and not fall into traps such as the American dream. All of these forces combining together to forge the perfect beta male to be exploited is what JD calls the pink doughnut phenomenon.

The Pink Doughnut Phenomenon

JD starts out this chapter by talking about how the more white collar your job is the more potential it has to be emasculating. I agree with him to a degree. If you’re middle mangement type than hell yeah but if you’re CEO then white collar is anything but emasculating. However overall the corporate machine is designed to crush your masculinity and your spirit. Now for the source of the pink doughnut phenomenon. JD talks about all the inane pointless B.S. meetings that come with being in a corporation they would often have crap foods like doughnuts and such instead of vegetables and meat.

JD noticed that essentially this was part of the process of killing a man’s soul and turning him into the perfect beta male. The perfect foods to make him fat and complacent, right where they want him. After all you want dumb, fat, “happy” (read numb), complacent beta males to work for your corporation. Alpha males make for shitty employees as well could wake up something in the beta males, making the slaves aware of their chains and that there was another option. The best way to survive a corporate environment is do the bare minimum, stay out of sight, and avoid gossip like the plague says JD. Also always work of breaking free on the side. A corporation will destroy you and screw you over. Financial independence is no longer optional for men (something else I’ve written about before).


Though this book is short it’s packed with amusing stories and good points. We’ve been conditioned since we were born to be cogs in a machine. The entire purpose of modern corporations, schooling, and just about all of Western society is designed to rob us of both our balls and our souls as men. But this isn’t mean to complain but rather to point out a problem that has a solution. JD talks about how to break free of the matrix while also making a great case of why it’s so important to do so.¬† In JD’s words a man’s ultimate power is “The ability to walk away is your ultimate trump card to which there is no counter” and this applies to much more than just corporate slavery.

Don’t neccesarily agree with JD’s top down solutions for this or that this is because of “capitalism” and especially don’t think comparing the American economy to Brazils or another countries especially European ones which have plenty of problems of their own is that accurate. The solution is going to be through you achieving financial independece not by a politician saving you. But very minor disagreements aside this is a overall great book that’s definetly worth a read. The pitfalls of the corporate world are pointed out and solutions proposed which I’m all about.

So if you’re looking to understand the American corporate system better and how to get out of it get your copy of The Pink Doughnut Phenomenon by JD McGuigan today.

Charles Sledge

  • Johnny Grube

    Great article, ordered the book.

    • Thanks, you’ll like it. I’m reading Unscripted by MJ DeMarco at the moment and it has a similar message (just in different terms) might do a review on it as well.

  • Johnny Grube

    Good article, just read the book. Yeah the cover could have been a pink doughnut. I see it everyday visiting these co ed environments, weak men with no life in them.

    When I worked for UPS they would have daily meetings, and hang slogans like “Don’t dig your grave with a fork and spoon” right
    above two boxes of doughnuts!

    • Haha sad thing is they probably didn’t notice the irony. It’s torture, lasted about a year in a co-ed environment before deciding I rather dig ditches. Had a rough start but eventually found my feet.

      Like you said it drains a man. Incredibly feminine environment, lack of sun and physical labor, constantly have to watch your step for fear of HR coming down on you, sounds like a level of hell more than anything.

      • Johnny Grube

        Couple things I disagree with. It seems young guys keep pushing no marriage or kids, and it’s one reason society is in a decline.

        He talks 4 weeks vacation, 4 day, 30 hour work weeks etc. I have never worked a regular 40 hour a week job, many more hours, most people who have a lot of time abuse it with addictions, booze, entertainment, drugs, shopping, tv etc.

        Do you know of a rich man or well off man that worked 30 hours a week? Who can survive on 30 hours a week?

        I do what I do because I’m cool with it, I make a good living, but still have other projects, figure a couple more years I’ll step away.

        My environment has always been all men, I like the work, the ball busting, no political bullshit just the way it should be.

        • Agree about marriage. It’s a risk and you have to watch your ass and vet like crazy but I also don’t think it’s never a good option.

          And for sure 40 a week is for starters especially for those that want to break free. Liking what you helps with putting the time neccesary in to get anywhere.

          Same here had more fun working “shit” jobs like mowing lawns, painting, and moving with men then I did working in an air conditioned office with mostly women or even in a split environment with much higher pay.

  • Jak

    I agree with the whole work smarter, not harder principle but that begs the question as to what ways can you work smarter in a white collar setting? I’ve done what I can on my end to make my job as easy as possible, so what’s the next step (besides side hustling and eventually quitting my soul sucking cubicle existence)?

    • That’s a good question. It depends on the office environment to a large extent. I would say networking and soft skills are the ticket. Making your boss and those above him/her love you. How To Win Friends & Influence Peple type stuff.

      It’s been awhile since I’ve been in a white collar setting but I remember one time talking to someone who was on the board of where I was working. Made them laugh (had no idea who they were so talked freely) and from that point on he would always make a point to come say hi to me and make a note of me.

      Even told my boss he was very impressed with me and how I conducted myself. Who knows where that would have went had I stayed at that job. But all I know is people higher up liking you will always work to your advantage.

      • Jak

        Yeah, that’s an area I’m weak at. I’m a pretty introverted individual so conversing with my higher ups is a bit of a daunting task.

        • Ah got ya. I was always considered “introverted” as well. Truth is most people just annoy the shit out of me.

          Treated it as a game to be learned and played. Not something can do 24/7 but to the point where I can call on it when I need it.

          Honestly most of it came from studying marketing/copywriting and just applying what works in print to real life. Was almost scary how well it worked.

          • Jak

            Can you elaborate on that last point about utilizing marketing/copywriting? What principles specifically?

          • Yeah sure. Essentially sales. Translating things like focusing on benefits, grabbing attention, making sure to be tuned into WIIFM, and always agreeing except doing it in the spoken word instead of the written.

            So sales essentially, think I made that more complicated then it needed to be lol.