Over Mothered & Under Fathered

Over Mothered & Under Fathered by Charles Sledge

If there was one phrase I could use to describe the average boy growing up in this time it would be “Over mothered and under fathered”. Of course even over mothered may be a stretch as what it means to be a mother is lost of many women. As things change in society one of the biggest impacts has been the loss of fathers. I know many men who while not perfect have been denied access to their children because of a vengeful ex wife. Sometimes they were denied because of the smallest of offenses made to look large in court, other times because the ex was sleeping with the judge, and others times because well as we all know men are bad and it’s be better for the children to stay with their mothers.

This assault on fatherhood is no coincidence, it has been plan and orchestrated. After all the number one thing that you can do to shatter society into a million fractured pieces and weaken the people is to take away fathers. This leads to a generation of “lost boys” as they’re called in the manosphere. Boys that are adrift, angry, confused, and ripe for the manipulation and if needed destruction of. Boys that frankly very rarely stand a fighting chance against everything this world is going to throw at them.

The Anger Of The Lost Boy

I have been fortunate in many ways. I was lucky to come from a strong family with masculine men would provided me with a role model and balanced out the feminine influences in my life. However I know plenty of males who did not have this. All they had was either a smothering overbearing or distant mother. These males usually have a lot of anger and feel disconnected from themselves, they are disconnected from their own masculinity and often taught to hate their own masculinity. Either from their mothers harping on how evil men are (usually in reference to his father) or society reinforcing that message each and every day.

They feel a sense of lost and disconnect and therefore feel anger. Yet they hate the thing (their own masculinity) that would fill that void in their soul. They run further and further away from the very thing that would heal them. Many of them end up confused social justice warriors or commit suicide. Without a father to guide them and connect them with their masculinity they feel lost and hate the solution. It would be like having a disease but being told since you were born that they very thing that would cure you was the most evil and despicable thing in the world. And I’m not exaggerating here.

Emotional Incest

Another reason these boys have so much anger is at their mothers. I wrote before about the plight of overbearing mothers and how this has such a huge impact on a young boy’s psyche. Without father to keep a wife in check and a woman who does not have a man will instead use her son as a surrogate husband minus the physical intimacy part (and even then that boundary is crossed more often than the average person would believe). They make their sons their own emotional tampons and make their sons dependent on them. They commit what psychologists call “emotional incest”.

They often get jealous of their sons interacting with women and will do anything to keep their source of attention and emotional tampon use their own. They see their sons as a tool to be used for their own emotional validation. And of course what the mother needs (a stable man) she is taught to hate as well. Another case of the diseased being taught to hate the cure. This emotional incest leaves a mark on a boys soul the same way that physical incest would.

The Best Chance A Kid Has

The number one determinant of where a child will end up (aside from his own will and determination) is having a strong father. The attack on fathers is an attack the fabric of society, and the attackers know this. So much of the problems we see stem from boys being over “mothered” and under fathered. The lost boys can only heal by reconnecting with their masculinity. I bring this topic up because it’s the root of so many other issues we face in society. If a boy has a strong father to guide him a majority of the ill we see in society would vanish overnight.

Which is exactly why fathers will be fought against or made to be weak and mothers will be seen as angelic and beyond reproach. Mothers play an important role in a childs life, don’t get me wrong. But it’s the strong father that makes the difference and is the most important role a child can have. Strong fathers create strong men and strong men create good societies and happy people.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge