The Oriental’s Guide To Sex, Strength, & Satisfaction by Larsen Halleck Review

The Oriental's Guide To Sex, Strength, & Satisfaction by Larsen Halleck Review by Charles Sledge

Usually I don’t do products related to a certain race or creed but I decided to do this book by Larsen Halleck one because I respect Larsen and like his work and two so I can address some things in regards to all races, especially in regards to insecurity and limiting beliefs which gets attributed to race. For those that don’t know Larsen writes for Return of Kings as well as has his own site at The Barbaric Gentleman where he writes about combat, masculinity, women, and many other topics that the average man has interest in.

Larsen is an entertaining writer using plenty of humor (without trying too hard) and speaking has he would in person. I know this sounds basic but many writers struggle with not sounding wooden, The Oriental’s Guide To Sex, Strength, & Satisfaction also has plenty of cartoons in it as well to help break up the text, which is a nice touch. For those of you who are not oriental and are wondering about this book it still has plenty of good stuff, which is sort of both Larsen’s and I’s point about good advice being good advice. Something I’ll address later.

It’s Your Own Damn Fault

Larsen starts this book off by addressing Asian men who blame (whites, media, insert other boogeyman here) on their lack of sexual (or otherwise) success and stating that it’s their own damn fault. Meaning that if they’re not getting what they want out of life then they need to stop looking at others and instead look at the mirror. A lesson that all other people should take to heart as well. If you’re not successful whether it’s with money, women, or life it’s not because you’re white, black, asian, hispanic, or otherwise, it’s because you’re a loser (luckily this can be fixed with effort).

Whether it’s a white nationalist complaining about women only going after Muslim men or a Muslim man on a college campus complaining that women only go after chad fraternity guys and quarterbacks, if you’re not getting what you want it’s your own damn fault. Each race has their own set of limiting beliefs and their own victim groups and they’re all toxic. Put simply if you’re not getting the women, money, or life that you want then you have no one to blame but yourself. This has been true since the beginning of time and it’ll be true until the end of time.

Good Advice Is Good Advice

Another point Larsen brings up is that good advice is good advice. So say you’re a loser white guy who wants to get better at life and particularly with women what should you do? Workout, learn game, read books, and dress better. Okay but what if you’re a loser black guy? Okay then you should workout, learn game, read books, and dress better. Aha but what if you’re a loser arab guy? Hmm okay workout, learn game, read books, and dress better. You see where this is going. Races like to paint themselves into corners and pretend like they’re that much different than others when it comes to success (in any area of life) but it’s nonsense.

Good advice is good advice. And the advice that’ll apply to helping a loser hispanic guy be a success and help a loser oriental guy get success are essentially the exact same thing. When I was talking with Larsen about the book prior to reading it we talked about how different races think that things are “different” or “special” for them when it’s really not. As the heading says good advice is good advice. A person of any race who workouts, invests in themself, and is constantly learning will always outpace a person of another (or the same) race who doesn’t workout, doesn’t invest in themself, and doesn’t constantly learn. It’s isn’t race that’s the deciding factor it’s hard work.

The Oriental’s Guide To Sex, Strength, & Satisfaction

Alright so now let me break down so of the best parts of the book. Larsen goes in depth in breaking down the limiting beliefs of your average oriental guy namely that they’re nerdy overachievers. He talks about the warrior heritage of oriental peoples (can be done for any race that thinks they’re soft) and how oriental men have no sexual disadvantage as to any other men. Or put another way “it’s all in your head”. Debunking limiting beliefs racial or otherwise is crucial to success.

Larsen also goes in depth into physical fitness. He covers everything from stretching, to lifting, to the basics of combat. He does a very good job of this and has pictures illustrating the stretches, lifts, and strikes. He then goes into advice on how to dress well and present yourself favorably, again something every man should do. He talks about what to wear with what, why fit matters, and matching colors basics that every man should understand.

Larsen also does an in depth discussion of grooming that many men would benefit from reading. Essentially it’s a great primer for self-development but focused on an oriental audience. Larsen even gets into how to speak properly and good body language to have. Stuff that every man would benefit from reading about and applying. Again just tailored to an oriental audience.


Overall this is just a good straightforward self-development book that any man would benefit from reading. It does a great job of breaking down limiting beliefs that oriental men have and debunking them. However this same method could be applied to any group of men caught up in limiting beliefs and making excuses for themselves based on their race. If you’re a loser it’s because you’re a loser not because of the color of your skin. Likewise if you want to change being a loser then you must invest in yourself and work on yourself.

So if you an oriental man (or just a man looking to improve his life) then get your copy of The Oriental’s Guide To Sex, Strength, & Satisfaction today.

Charles Sledge