Your Only Goal When Going Out Should Be To Have A Good Time

You're Only Goal When Going Out Should Be To Have A Good Time by Charles Sledge

What is the number one thing that guys focus on when going out? If we’re being honest the vast majority of the time it is to meet women. Coming in second place would be to get drunk to forget about their crappy life for awhile. For most guys both are goals of their weekends. While the not having a life you love is addressed other places here I am going to address the problems with going solely for the purpose of meeting women and how that can actually backfire on you.

Even if your goal when going out is to meet a woman that should not be the focus of your night. Your focus should be on yourself (as always). Your focus should be on having a good time either by yourself or with friends. You should be having fun and enjoying your night out. You shouldn’t have to get plastered to enjoy it a few drinks and a good vibe should do the trick. Not only does getting plastered prevent you from getting laid but it is also a sign that something is wrong with your life if it is needed. Not saying can’t knock back a few simply saying if the only way you have a good time is by getting really drunk something is wrong.

Focus On Yourself

When you go out your focus should be having a good time. More specifically that you have a good time. It doesn’t matter if your friends are down or the people around you are down, it’s about you. It’s not about entertaining women or doing this or that, it’s about you having a good time. You should cultivate a good vibe, listen to upbeat music and think good positive thoughts. Here is a great run through before heading out to do this. You should be in a happy fun loving state of mind before heading out. You should think I’m going to have fun when I go out no matter what. Tonight is going to be a good time.

You want to be the life of the party, the guy that has the good vibes and is focused on having a good time. The guy who has a great attitude and isn’t going to be caught up in stupid petty bullshit. Your there to have a good time. Someone is in a pissy mood you ignore them you don’t get sucked into other peoples reality rather you suck other people into your own reality. And that reality when out is one of having a good time and having fun. Ignore people who want to go against this whether with glares or fights. It isn’t worth it, don’t let miserable people bring you down to their level.

Attract Don’t Pursue

When you act in such a way you are going to attract women to you. Learning to attract women instead of running around after them is a very important thing to learn. Instead of being the guy who women brush off you’ll be the one that they flock too. Attract don’t pursue. Be the fun loving good time guy and your vibe will bring the women too you. Of course you must back this up with being confident and masculine but you already know that. Having fun also allows you to express yourself more freely and allows social interactions to flow.

Women want to be part of the alpha guys fun. Remember when you were a kid and you made a club that the other boys joined. Then the girls all wanted to get it because it was the happening spot. Be like that again, except this time you’ll want to let the girls in on your reality. Treat the world as your personal play place. Remember your reality is what you make it. So have the best one possible, make every night an adventure and women will fight to be a part of it. Combine this with being a masculine man and you’ll have no competition. So go out talk to everyone, have fun, smile, and focus on you having a good time.


Many people when out act angry or stick to themselves in a corner. Your going to do the opposite of that. Say hi to all the women in the room, flirt with the bartender, amuse yourself. The world is your personal playpen and you are its king. Remember the fort from when you were a child. The club is now your fort and you are its king. Act accordingly. Do what you want, have fun, and have an adventure. Trust me women can innately sense a man who has a purpose, even if that purpose is simply to have a good time.

Have a good time, smile, be social, and focus on amusing yourself. It’s not hard as a matter of fact its what you used to do before social conditioning had a chance to make its mark. Don’t be controlled by the world around you, rather control it, or at least your reality which is all that matters to you anyways. There is always a good time to be had. There is always some fun waiting around the corner. Have an adventure and have fun, the women will follow.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge