On The Appeal Of The Outlaw

On The Appeal Of The Outlaw by Charles Sledge

The Japanese have their samurai, the Europeans their knights, all cultures have a mythic past of warriors that they make up much of their stories. Men who young boys grow up wanting to be like and young girls grow up wanting to be with. Despite the modern whitewashing of most of these heroes, what appeals to everyone is a few key traits that make up a mythic class of warrior. Societies need heroes to function and fortunately people are going to respond to their biological functions in regards to what they admire.

No matter what a man (and a woman even if she doesn’t admit it) is going to admire Leonidas or Jesse James more than some panty waste social justice warrior or just generally all around pussy. In America we have our outlaws. The wild west gunslinger. The kind Clint Eastwood or John Wayne would play. A man. Sometimes good and sometimes bad by societies standards but always a man. Meaning he may not be moral but he is masculine and that is what people admire (and frankly need).

There are many reasons that Americans always have and always will admire their outlaws. The outlaw represents something timeless and heroic. Something rugged and masculine. Something that resonated deep within every man’s soul. These are the reasons the outlaw and heroes of all cultures appeal to us today (as they should).

Own Man

The outlaw is in control of his destiny and his life. Throw whatever hardships you may at him, he will have control. He is his own man. He doesn’t answer to anyone except for himself. He has independence and freedom too things that all men desire. When he wakes up in the morning he doesn’t answer to another power. Whether that power be a woman, a job, or the government.

The outlaw is in control. Something that cubicle slaves of the world have forgotten what it even feels like to have. Not only control but freedom. He may not be rich (doesn’t stop women from adoring him of course) but he is free. He values freedom over comforts. He realizes that comfort can often lead to slavery so chooses a path more fitting for a man. A harder path yet a path of freedom.


The outlaw is a dangerous man. Society realizes on a primal level the appeal of a man who is capable of violence. Like I said in The Primer “A man who ain’t dangerous, ain’t much of a man”. This has held true since the inception of man and doesn’t change just because man has moved into the suburbs. Being dangerous is an essential part of being a man. It’s the only way to get respect. Men respect a man who has the capacity for violence and women are turned on by it.

Western males have become weak. They need to reclaim their masculinity. Assert their dominance and purge themselves of all weakness.¬†They need to reclaim their heritage. Stop taking so much shit and be men. Another aspect of the outlaw that appeals to people is his assertion of his will. He doesn’t take shit from anyone. Could you imagine a boss or a woman demeaning Jesse James or Bill The Kid without getting shot or at least smacked around? This because these men were men, real men. Just like the knights and the samurai and that is why they appeal so deeply across all levels of society. Because men appeal across all levels of society (even if that society says men and masculinity is evil). Remember biology trumps social delusions.


Outlaws are masculine and they make no apologies for it. They fully embrace their masculinity and everything that it entails. They don’t let others shame them for it or for anything else. They do as they will and anyone who doesn’t like it can go fuck themselves. Combine the embracing of their masculinity with a devil may care attitude and you have a potent combination.

Fear of death hampers most people in life. Everyone dies, and worrying about it will never do you any good. Heroes seem to have little fear of death instead focusing on living a life worth living. Living life to the fullest and making the most out of every moment. Whether it’s to be remembered in the history books, to stand proud before their God, or just because that’s how they are. They embrace a devil may care attitude.


Society is desperate for masculinity and men who embrace it. Men who do are remembered and honored throughout time, even centuries later. Nothing makes a larger impact than a masculine man. On society, on women, on children, on anything. Their impact echoes throughout time. Be a man who’s legacy will echo throughout time. Be like the outlaw.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • I love to hear other voices with the same heart calling all males back to their roots.

    To become a motherfucking outlaw.

    I’m beginning to see more of this type of voice permeate the manosphere and alt right. Maybe it’s my own confirmation bias but still I sense it.

    Call me selfish but I started writing first and foremost for myself. All my life I was told to follow the rules. To be a “good” guy. To be a fucking slave. It never resonated in the most pure parts within myself. I fought and fought thinking I was so bad, sol evil for doing so.

    When I threw off that yoke and started busting heads, not giving a fuck. Grabbing sluts up. Never apologizing. Everything in my life changed tremendously fast.

    Writing these things out helped to codify and inscribe laws written on the heart outward to the world. This is masculine energy.


    Living this life is something I cannot accurately explain to those who are still living “by the rules”. You think you’re so free. True freedom means danger. True freedom means YOU are the ultimate law and the final rule in your world. No one else is going to do shit for you and no one is going to fucking save you.

    If you want something, TAKE it.

    When opportunity shows itself you must IMMEDIATELY go in for the kill.

    I saw an opportunity for a threesome the other night. Two girls nearly 15 yrs younger than me LOL. They both had boyfriends.

    I took it. If you don’t like that. Go fuck yourself.

    • Yes absolutely. True freedom requires risk and danger. You may be hurt, killed, or beaten but you will have your soul and mind free. And there is so much power in that. Safety is largely an illusion. Take freedom over safety everyday.