The Number One Key To Having Sex With A Woman

The Number One Key To Having Sex With A Woman by Charles Sledge

This is a chapter from my book How To Get Girls: The Definitive Guide. Enjoy.

It’s unfortunate but most guys struggle with women (among other things in life). Regardless of their goals the majority of men struggle. From having successful marriages to banging all the hotties they want very few males have the ideal sex life, very few males get all that they want out of life. It’s unfortunate but it’s true. However there are a select group of men who do know how to get what they want in life and with women among other things. That men that occupy that highest rung of the sexual pyramid. The twenty percent of men who get eighty percent of women or whatever the statistic is. These men understand that the number one key to having sex with lots of beautiful women has to do with having an emotional impact.

While having a successful marriage takes a lot more, having sex with beautiful women does not. Learn how to impact a woman’s emotions and you’ll never be sleeping alone (except of course when you want to). Sounds nice doesn’t it? Bringing home that hottie from the bar when you want, banging that girl in class who always wears the short shorts, or picking up that hot business woman from the conference. It all comes down to this thing and this thing is having an emotional impact. For one night stands and quick lays this is your number one goal, to have an emotional impact on a woman.

How To Make An Emotional Impact On A Woman

Making an emotional impact on a woman isn’t hard. For starters you cannot care or be afraid of her reaction, let me repeat that. Her reaction should not deter you. You need to hold your frame completely and unashamedly. You will get tested but you should know how to pass those. Don’t give in to her test. Regardless of how she reacts you must hold the frame. This is the foundation upon which having an emotional impact is made, a weak man will have trouble making an emotional impact because he will give in too quickly and therefore any attraction and intrigue created will quickly dissipate.

I’ve talked about teasing women before and related it to a balloon. Where women walk around with inflated balloons where most men come up to them and pump more air into the balloon (by lavishing praise and worship on them usually) which just bores women and turns them off. Compare that with a guy who goes up and busts her chops or tease he a little popping the balloon and getting her attention. The guy who “insults” a woman is going to have a much bigger emotional impact than the guy who gets on his knees and compliments her.

Can Be Positive Or Negative

This may surprise you but your emotional impact does not have to be positive, it can be negative and still have a strong effect. Of course you need to strive for some sort of balance as well as positive is usually preferred but even negativity is preferred over indifference. Indifference is the death of attraction there must tension and emotions involved. Negative emotions are better than no emotions by a long shot. As a matter of fact sometimes used in the right way using negative emotions can be even more beneficial than using positive emotions.

Let’s look at the backhanded compliment and why it is so effective. It causes two kinds of emotional spikes both positive and negatives. This combination of the two makes it doubly effective. It causes positive emotion by being a compliment but also negative emotions by being backhanded. For an in depth explanation of the backhanded compliment reference the article above as well as this one by Relampago Furioso. They will tell you all you need to know about effectively using the backhanded compliment.

The Number One Factor

When it comes to one night stands and quick lays having an emotional impact is the number one factor involved. Give women emotional impacts and keep them coming and you will not be going home alone. Having an emotional impact is also important in long term relationships as well it just isn’t the number one factor. No matter who you are or what your intentions are it’s important that you learn how to have an emotional impact on a woman and are not scared to do so. All you need to do is have an emotional impact and you can get laid a lot. Like all a woman has to do is look good to have sex with the guys she wants all a man has to do is have an emotional impact.

This it the number one key to having lots of one night stands with good looking women. Do this combined with keeping a few other tips in mind and presenting yourself properly and you’ll never have trouble at a bar or out on the town again. Remember getting laid is simple not complicated. It doesn’t require a lot and far too many males spend way to much time on this subject when it is easy to master. Remember women (or a woman) should never be your number one priority and never be the focus of your life. Regardless if your banging a different woman every night or with the love of your life. A woman/women is never the focus.

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-Charles Sledge


Charles Sledge

  • Mr. Tilde

    I find the advice in this article to be at odd with those in the book written by W. Anton “The Manual : What Women Want and How to Give Them”. Have you read that book ? The author said that one needs three main things namely confidence, charm and responsibilty to be successful with women. In charm section, the author mentioned that you have to genuinely appreciate and give compliments to a woman in order to be charming. I think that would work on women who have low self esteem regarding their beauty, not the ones that you’ve mentioned here. But W.Anton didn’t specify this. In fact he assumed that such charming technique would also work on women with huge ego. He also stated that the reason why hot women seem to have ego and put on a bitch sheild is because they are usually approached by unattractive males. But Anton advices that a man should appreciate and compliment a woman in order to be charming. That’s the same shit beta orbiters do. He also mentioned that you shouldn’t be aloof to a woman you’re attracted to, that would cause her to instantly lose whatever the attraction she has for you. This doesn’t seem to make any sense since the author is no blue pilled man. That makes it harder for me to take contradictory advices seriously.

    • Hey Mr. Tilde, yes I have it’s a great book. That’s a good question. Now first off there is more than one way to seduce women or have the relationship you want with them. Both work. As for the beta orbiter thing I think it comes down to frame. Meaning when a strong man gives a woman a compliment because it’s how he genuinely feels then a woman will in general appreciate and respond positively to it. However when a weak man gives a woman a compliment because he feels like he is of lower value than her and thinks it will lead to sleeping with her it comes off as weird and insincere because well it is. So it has more to do with who the man is than what he says if that makes sense.

      • Mr. Tilde

        Hey Charles, I’m reading another book written by Mark Manson, named “Models”. It’s somewhat similar to that W Anton books that I’ve mentioned, i.e it emphasize on developing confidence, charm and responsibility. Only difference is that it’s mostly focus on the quality of relationship and women men can attract.

        However after reading some few chapters of Mark Manson’s book, it feels like for me, I’m reading a dating manuel for attracting men with boobs and vaginas ( i.e masculine females with feminist leaning ). You see, Mark says that you need to develop an interesting lifestyle ( expanding your “demographics” as he calls it ) in order to attract women who shares same interest, values, intellect, passion, hobbies and ambition as me. So that you get a quality woman who you can really enjoy your time with. This may look like a solid advice for a man looking for a relationship with a woman. However, to me this seems like a terrible advice.

        I’m a guy with a passion for math, art and cooking. I have a very strong opinion regarding politics ( I’m somewhat at the centre right ), religion ( I’m an agnostic atheist ), cultures ( I despise decadent culture), philosophy and I deeply value masculinity and femininity, and believe that the complementary traditional roles is what men and women should follow in order to have a well satisfied relationship and a healthy family. I have an above average intellect than most of the folks around me, and I clearly know what’s actually being going around the world. I have a good friend circle, and right now I’m studying a course that I really enjoy.

        But the thing is, if I attract the women who shares same hobbies and interest, I would most likely attract unattractive women of feminist mentality, with no respect for femininity and family. Because I’m from a traditional country, and women who do share my interest, hobbies and intellect, tend to have a strong atheistic, liberal, feminist leaning with a hatred for femininity and family, who tend to focus more on career, coupled with some form of personality disorder. I’m speaking this from the context of my country.
        In fact, I remembered an incidence from my high school days, where some of my buddies wanted to hook me up with a girl, just because she had a same intellect and curiosity level as mine. But I was completely off by her the moment I met her, because she had a psychotic behavior and a very insecure attitude of showing her superiority, even though she showed some interest in me. Today, she an LGBT lesbian activist and a lawyer. Glad I’m not friends with her.

        Also, I personally believe that I would have an unsatisfied relationship, if I attract women based on my shared interest and hobbies. It’s ridiculiously hard to get a woman in India, who’s passionate about science, art and cooking, with a high intellect as mine, who happens to be an atheist and has ambitions, yet doesn’t buy into feminist nonsense, and has a great respect for family, marriage, and traditional gender roles.

        Furthermore, unlike Anton, Mark didn’t even explain about the complementary aspect of masculinity and femininity. He never emphasized on how a masculine man can attract a feminine woman. Otherwise, his book is good.

        • Yeah Mark misses the point on a few things. I think he meant develop hobbies and such to expand your life instead of playing video games and watching porn all day like the average man. Agreed I don’t want a woman who shares my hobbies because that’d be weird. I hear guys say they want a woman who drinks beer and likes football or whatever and I tell them it sounds like they want a dude not a girl lol. Develop your life for yourself not to share the same interests as women. Go with Anton over Mark though there is certainly some good insights in that book.

          • Mr. Tilde

            There’s no doubt that Mark’s book has some of the greatest advices on how to make yourselves attractive to women. But, he completely avoided the aspect of complementary masculine and feminine aspect in a human relationship.

            I’ve further got some information on Mark Manson. He seems to be the guy who believes in that “egalitarian” BS. And he seems to be oblivious on how and why men are horrible at dating and having relationship with women, not once did he made a critical analysis of feminism, unlike Anton who clearly understood how feminism has caused a friction between the genders.

            Some of his dating advice are quite terrible. I’m striving to be a masculine guy, and I’m mostly attracted to feminine women. If I attract women from my “demography” ( as Mark stated ) I would end up with a woman that I’d not be happy to be with. Even though she and I share the similar interest and hobbies, and even if we end up having sex, chances are, it won’t take much time for the relationship to sour. I mean you end up with a person who’s basically a mirror reflection of you. I desire that the women that I’d date share the same beliefs and values regarding life goals and relationship. But never the same interest.
            The problem is such feminine women are really hard to come by and their numbers are shrinking.

  • Oc.Va.

    The article is good, but in my opinion what the manosphere in general misses is how much of hard work is required to success in today’s sexual market. Lots and lots of time -and money as well. I am talking about clothing, endless social media chatter, hanging out, quite probably a car, trips, etc. If you stop to think about it all it is quite something.

    By and large, I agree with many manospherian talking points: the importance of being masculine, improve yourself, positive attitude, self-discipline, and so on. Understanding how men and women differ in their pursuits (visual vs. behavior) is also essential.

    However, from my own experience, to expect things to just “happen” is a mistake. You have to work for it, and I suspect that’s where guys like me fail. We are not shy, not socially awkward at all, but we are not going to waste time and money putting a perfect front for a chick. We pursue intellectual interests that without being weird are usually not interesting at all for women, such as history, politics, economics, etc. (not just the news but more on a philosophical level). We are logical, we like things that work and can be understood, and don’t enjoy vague activities such as “hanging out” in which
    really nothing gets done.

    I just wanted to share this because when reading manosphere sites I find a lot of focus on shyness, difficulty to approach… but from my own experience I suspect many times that might not be the case.

    By the way, nice site. Very slick design.

    • Thanks Oc, Agree no matter what a man needs to have interests outside of sleeping with women or just women in general.