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Hello and welcome to my site.

My names is Charles Sledge.

And my mission in life is masculine self-development. Specifically your masculine self-development.

Meaning my job is to show you how to live the best life possible and to help you every step of the way.

At this site we are interested in building modern renaissance men. Men who have every area of their life covered.







A man must be able to understand and handle all of these things.

I intend to provide guidance and knowledge that will give you the edge in all the areas above. An irreplaceable resource that will help you on your journey to become a modern day superman and reclaim your freedom.

I have also written books containing the best information on masculine self-development for sale on Amazon. Click here to check out my books.

Here is a breakdown of some of my most popular articles so you can get a feel for the site and my work.


A Man & His Pride (An article about the importance of having pride in yourself as a man)

The Nobleness Of Competition (An article about the importance of competition to a man’s development)

The Hierarchy Of Nature (An article about the natural hierarchy of nature and a man’s place in it)

The Top 10 Most Important Skills For A Man To Master (An article about the most important skills for your development as a man)

3 Things Real Men Never Do (An article about a few things that a real man would never do)


Imagination…The Secret To Success? (An article about the crucial role that your imagination plays in your self-development)

How To Shape Reality To Your Will (An article about using your mind to create the future that you want and shape reality to your will)

What People Mean When They Say “You Can’t” (An article about the true meaning behind why people tell you something “can’t” be done)

How To Be A One Percenter (An article in which I talk about what it really takes to be at the top one percent of your field)

How To Grow More In A Month Than Most Do In Their Lifetime (An article about a process to grow more in one month’s time than the majority will do in their entire lives)


The Unfairness Of The Sexual Marketplace & What That Means For You (An article about the harsh reality of nature and how it relates to dating and mating with the women that you want)

3 Of The Biggest Aphrodisiacs To Women (An article about 3 things that absolutely drive women wild and fill them with desire)

Always Be Willing To Walk Away (An article about why a man should never place a woman as his number one priority and should always be willing to walk away)

7 Traits That Make You Irresistible To Women (An article about certain traits that make women go crazy over you)

Can You Seduce A Woman With Eye Contact Alone? (An article answering this question and revealing deep truths about female nature)


A Cheat Sheet For Increasing Your Testosterone (An article about the best way to increase your testosterone naturally that also provides a quick checklist to follow)

A Potent One Two Punch To Sky Rocket Your Libido (An article about the keys to having a high sex drive and what to do to increase it)

70 Health & Wellness Tips (An article listing some of the best ways to get healthier and improve your wellbeing)

Drop These Two Things & Watch The Pounds Fall Off (An article about the most efficient and easiest way to lose fat and keep it off)

A Step By Step Guide To Quitting Porn (An article about getting porn out of your life for good and an effective routine to do so)


3 Principles Of Wealth Attraction (An article about the importance of getting your mind right in order to attract wealth into your life)

How To Get A 52 To 1 Advantage Over Your Competition (An article about getting a major advantage over your competition through one simple practice)

Learn These 3 Skills & Never Worry About Money Again (An article about the three most important skills to learn in order to bring in money)

How To Be Successful (An article about what it actually takes to be successful and make it in this world)

Sales…The Foundation Of The Good Life? (An article about the tie between your selling ability and your freedom and how you can’t have the latter without the former)


2 Techniques To Use To Hit At Least Twice As Hard (An article about two unique punching techniques to make sure that you’re hitting as hard as possible)

7 Traits That All True Warriors Exhibit (An article about 7 traits that all successful warriors throughout time have exhibited)

Prey, Predators, & Alpha Predators (An article about the rank of nature and what to do to make sure that you’re not an easy target)

It’s Your Duty To Become Powerful (An article about how the world will show no mercy to the weak and how it’s your duty as a man to be able to withstand anything that might come)

The Quickest Way To End A Fight (An article about the quickest and most effective way to end a fight in a non-lethal manner)



-Charles Sledge