How To Never Go Home Alone

How To Never Go Home Alone by Charles Sledge

Let’s get something straight the vast majority of women are easy are really good for one thing (if that). Sure not all but the vast majority and as men the type of women we are most going to be dealing with is the majority. Males have been tricked into thinking that they are powerless especially when it comes to women. Males have been told legends of the “pussy power” and how women hold the keys to sex and men the keys to commitment. Bullshit, bullshit, and more bullshit.

Look I’m not saying hot chicks don’t have power in society I’m saying you as a man have more power than some broad could ever imagine. You are the king. You hold the keys to your destiny and all that is in it. Banging women, no matter club girls, college girls, business women, or whatever is easy. Getting laid is easy when you are a man. Here I am going to show you the simple steps to ensuring you never go home alone so you not want to. Of course this is predicated on your being a man and not some weak ass PUA bitch.

Be Bold

The first step to ensuring you always have a constant supply of women wanting nothing more than to service you is to be bold. You can’t dance around your masculine desires, you have to embrace them. It’s weak to say “Hey who lies more men or women” when what you really want to do is bang the girls brains out. Be bold and have some balls. If you think she’s hot tell her she’s hot and what you want to do with her. Remember to be calibrated but still have balls.

Look her in the eye and project and express your masculine desire completely to her. Don’t hold back like a little bitch. Be a man. If you want to bend her over and have her scream your name don’t be coy about it. Be honest and upfront with your intentions, don’t hold back. That’s what creepy guys do they hold back their intentions and pretend to be something their not, which ironically is why they always end up with their hand at the end of the night. Be bold.

Be Forward

Cut to the chase. Your a man and she’s a woman, it’s pretty obvious what you want to do. Don’t waffle around, take the lead. Women want to be taken by strong men. Men who are honest and open with their desires and do not hide behind “game” or pretend to not have them. Don’t make small talk that doesn’t lead anywhere and will only end up boring her. Express your desires to her honestly.

This may not be politically correct but it is true. Women long for submission and for a man who can bring out that submission in them. A masculine man can do just about anything he wants with a woman and she’ll love it. That’s why one guy can game a girl for an hour and it led no where and another pretty much walk up and say “Bathroom five minutes” and it be a done deal. Being forward is a key part of this.

Be Aggressive

Being aggressive is a key trait of masculinity. The man is the aggressor. A male who waits on a woman to make the move is never going to get anything. Women want to be taken by strong men. They want strong men to have their way with them. They want aggressive masculine men who will tell them to shut up and command them to obey. This is why so many women have rape fantasies, well that and narcissism.

As a matter of fact women would rather be raped by real men than forced to deal with weak males. You have to be dominant, you have to be bold, you have to be forward, and you have to be aggressive. This is the truth. You are the dominant man she wants to be taken by. That she fantasized about be taken by. That she masturbates to being taken by. Women are yours to claim. You have to approach all women like you already own them. That is the mindset you must adapt if you want to bang through the sluts of the Western world.


You must take women and go forth as you own them all. You must lay claim to them as you would the earth. Of course this all must be done with being socially calibrated and respecting the laws of the land and I am not responsible for what you do with this information, simple stating the truth (there’s my disclaimer). Women will do anything for a dominant man who isn’t afraid to claim them as his own. Always keep in mind the truth about women and relationships. Women want to be taken and ravished by bold, forward, and aggressive men. Be a man and the whole PUA nonsense will be seen for the joke it is.

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-Charles Sledge



Charles Sledge