You Need To Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands

You Need To Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands by Charles Sledge

Something that I’ve noticed with many people is that they allow for the care of important facets of their life to be outsourced to others. Here’s what I mean by this. Instead of taking matters into their own hands people would rather not have to put in the hard work and allow others to simply tell them what to do and they’ll turn out alright. Of course this rarely if ever works and even when it does only in very specific situations. We’ve been conditioned to just let “experts” think for us and to keep walking the path we’re walking as long as it’s approved by certain experts.

We are never to question the advice nor the intentions of these experts. We are to keep walking in a straight line veering neither left nor right. You can see this in fields such as finance when instead of learning to invest or learning how to produce income one will simply throw their money to a person or entity with “expert” status and then hope for the best. Then when they lose their money (which the experts will blame on outside circumstances) the person simply throws up their hands and curses fate. Likewise when one follows what the government and doctors say to do for health and end up cancer ridden and hating life they curse fate. When in reality it boils down to them not taking matters into their own hands.

If You Want Something Done Right…

Then you have to take matters into your own hands. Sure at some point and for certain things this isn’t practical but for the things that matter most to you and have the biggest impact on your life (such as your health) this is non-negotiable. Sure listen to the experts and combine that with knowledge you gain on your own and what you can observe with your own eyes. Let’s be honest people are eager to throw their responsibilities onto experts for a variety of reasons the chief one being laziness. Why go through all of the trouble of researching and learning about health when instead I can just sit back and then blame any problem on genetics and let the doctors worry about it. And any nagging doubt you have can be thrown off by the declaration “Well their experts”.

And as we’ve been told “experts are never wrong”. Society does much to condition us to not make use of our critical thinking skills and the sharpening of our mind. But that’s a topic for another time. The point is if you want optimal health it isn’t going to come from a doctor’s orders (or from the pills they proscribe you) and it certainly isn’t going to come from some¬†bureaucratic hall. It’s going to come from your own mind, research, and hard work. This is something that you have to take into your own hands and cannot leave to chance (including experts). You have to learn things for yourself to make sure that what you are hearing and being told is the whole story (it rarely is) and so that you can then make the best decisions.

Only You Have Your Best Interests At Heart

While there are plenty of good hearted well intentioned doctors out there (less so with governments) just because someone is good intentioned doesn’t mean they have the right information or your best interest at heart. For example if there was a choice between a pill that might make you better and it netted the doctor a couple of grand compared with a lengthy natural process that could heal your body completely the doctor is going to go with the pill every single last time. Even if it’s side effects require you to take other pills or slowly kill you. It is after all about profit. This is usually where people start bitching about a particular medical system but it’s every medical system.

Everything is about profit. Instead of bitching (and abdicating responsibility for your health) you should realize that and once you understand that you’ll find that many recommendations are more for someone’s bottom line and own interests then they are for you own. This isn’t to say to mistrust doctors or anything of that matter this is to say that you have to use your own mind and think about things. If anything you work with your doctors and try to understand and learn the reasons behind things. Instead of blindly accepting everything that comes down the tube. This would also apply to your banker, trainer, and whatever else.

Everyone Makes Mistakes

Which is generally not a bad thing, except for when it comes to you and one you rely on. No one wants to be a cautionary tale or that story about “Yeah once he died we found out that the method we were using didn’t work and now we’ve changed things completely” that’s great for the living, not so great for you. Obviously the results aren’t always going to be as drastic as life or death. Sometimes you’ll lose your retirement or a couple of grand, other times all you’ll lose is time (you most valuable resource). Regardless you’ll never regret doing you own research and thinking your own thoughts. And when a mistake is yours and yours alone you can own it and move on. When you put your fate in the hands of others you’re going to get screwed even if they have good intentions.

That’s because your fate was meant to be in your own hands. Yeah this takes hard work and yes this takes time. And it all starts with taking responsibility for yourself and your actions and where you are in life. Anything that’s important to you your health, finances, life quality, and whatever else take responsibility for it. There are some things that shouldn’t be outsourced (if you want good results). Even though it’s unpopular you have to roll up your sleeves and get to work yourself. Old fashioned sure but it sure as hell works and it’ll give you what you want or as close as is possible. Stop outsourcing the important things because of laziness or because you think it’s easy and take responsibility for the things that matter most to you and have the biggest impact on your life.

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-Charles Sledge


Charles Sledge

  • Johnny Grube

    Doctors want you in medication. Pharmaceutical companies
    and government are one. Just like eating loads of carbs and
    sugar making everyone fat and diabetic, how do we know this
    wasn’t a big plan? And by the way I don’t have a doctor, but if I
    ever need one he will not be fat!

    • Yeah a fat doctor is a no go. And it’s hard not to think it’s a plan when everything fits together so perfectly lol.