Why You Need To Bury Yourself In Your Self Improvement Immediately

Why You Need To Bury Yourself In Your Self Improvement Immediately by Charles Sledge

The key to getting out of just about any problem in your life is to bury yourself in your self-improvement. You want to develop yourself to the point that you get new problems. Meaning that you have outgrown your old problems and now are confronting new ones. You’ve whipped up on the amateur circuit and now are going pro. Most people never dedicate themselves to their self-improvement and get whipped around by life because of it. Growth is the only way forward, you need to be prepared for what comes down the road.

Life is going to throw you many challenges and you need to be prepared for them. It’s not a matter if you’ll ever step in the ring it’s a matter of when. Not dedicating yourself to your self-improvement is like a man who has a fight coming up yet does nothing to prepare for it. He takes not interest in learning how to fight, where to hit someone, or getting on a work regime. He just sits back and then is clobbered when the time comes. And the thing about life is, is that it keeps putting you in the same ring until you win.

Conquer Your Problems

Burying yourself in your self-improvement is the way to conquer your problems and live the life of freedom we all desire. Self-improvement is not a choice for men. The world will either conquer us or we will conquer it. There is no go between no safe spaces to crawl into. We are standing stark naked at the front lines and must conduct ourselves as such. Winter is coming, barbarians are coming, however you want to put it life is a battle for man so he must prepare for combat.

Wealth, combat, women man will be challenged by them all. Weakness in any area will be exploited and used against him. A fort is useless if one of the walls is left completely open. The same can be said of your life. Neglect one area and it will be your undoing. How many rich men have been destroyed because they didn’t understand women or how many guys who thought they were “alpha” or whatever got beat down and seriously injured or killed. Granted in our society physical violence isn’t as much of a threat as it has traditionally been but nevertheless one encounter with the wrong person can change it all.

The Proper Response To Pressure

In life whenever you feel the pressure coming on you know that life has started throwing punches your way. What you need to do to come out a winner is to develop yourself so what was once seemingly insurmountable pressure now doesn’t even register. You have grown, evolved, and became more than what you were. You have transformed yourself through sheer will, knowledge, and action. You have become more than what you were and this is what life is all about.

You must improve until the grave. This is the burden of man to be in constant fight. At first this sounds daunting and hopeless. However you eventually learn to love the fight. Seriously once you get knocked around a couple times and learn how to fight back then the challenge invigorates you instead of crushes you. However you cannot make the fatal mistake of hoping it ends because it doesn’t. You must rise up against it.  There is no hide, only fight or die.

At The End

When all is said and done you will be able to hold your head with pride. Others around you were crushed and defeated but you stayed true until the very end. You did not kneel, you did not submit, you did not lose. You fought with the best of them and ran your race as a man should. However this all comes from your self-development. If this is something you have neglected you need to get on it right away. Just because you’ve been fine up until this point doesn’t mean you will be down the road.

There is no time to waste. You need to grow and grow fast. We were given little to no preparation for life. Our parents, schools, society, and government have all failed us and left us for the wolves. Some purposely some because they didn’t know any better. But it doesn’t matter because a large part of being a man is taking responsibility for our lives. It is up to us, we cannot rely on others.


You must invest in yourself. It is the best investment that you will ever make and the only investment that all successful people in any field share. The wolves are coming but if you turn yourself from a sheep into a lion it’s not really going to matter much when they do come, is it? But then you must develop even more from that point on. Man was created to chase after perfection with the world as his testing ground. Fight the good fight and you’ll turn out alright.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Johnny Grube

    I was forced at an early age to become a man. Had a
    kid at 17 father left ,wasn’ t around. Didn’t finish

    All I ever read was muscle and fitness or Ironman.

    So when I started to fail I had no one to guide me, so I was
    forced to learn and study on my own, for the sake of my 4
    kids. So I attacked all books on many subjects and now have a massive home library. Reading saved my life!

    The funny thing is, when I go into any book store and go to the
    self help section, I’m the only guy there. I’m the only guy that
    needs help. Everyone else is buying fiction, the way they live
    their life, in a delusion.

    No fat people are ever in the diet and fitness area only thin people. People will NOT help themselves, they think living fat sloppy and stupid are okay!

    • Great comment Johnny. While my story differs from yours learning too saved my life. I learned early on that I was to either become strong or perish, that no one was going to save me.

      A harsh lesson but also the greatest.

  • Mr. Tilde

    It’s been quite a while since I came here.

    Anyway, I really like this article because it hits close to home for me. We men have been disappointed by our parents and our society. Still that doesn’t give us an excuse to complain. We are the makers of our destiny. It’s our responsibility to face whatever problems we are facing in life. Neither society nor parents are help you deal with your problems, at worst following their guidance or advice will make your problems even worse.

    This is especially true when it comes to women and relationships. The last thing that you wanna do to sort out your women related problem, is to ask your society or parents their advice on this matter.
    And I’ll say that I’m facing such problem right now. I’ve mentioned about a girl who had shown an interest in me, who later turned cold turkey towards me. Well, 6 months back, I started talking to her. While having those conversations with her, I noticed that her body language screamed “Get the hell away from me”. I’m well aware of the fact that most women are reserved and it’s the guy who should break the ice.

    I do that a lot with other girls, and most of them are very pleasant to talk to. I don’t have any expectation that any conversations with some beautiful girls would lead to a romance. But that one girl is a very special case. She hardly maintains eye contact while I was chatting with her, keeps her conversations short, and especially she gives off an aura of coldness and unfriendliness.
    I felt quite disrespected for the first time when I started talking with her. So I decided to keep as little contact with her as possible. And what do you know, she went back being even more distant and cold towards me. Whenever I’m nearby her, she behaves as if I’m a total stranger.

    And then I said to myself “fuck this, I don’t wanna waste my time with you”. But here’s where the real problem began. I started to develop an uneasy feeling when I stopped talking with her. This uneasy feeling amplifies even more whenever I see her being happy and going on with her life. I’m having a hard time controlling my disturbing emotions. I try to convince myself “Look you’re not in love with her. Theirs nothing special about her besides her pretty face and figure. And she’s an apathetic woman who won’t even give a damn if you die tomorrow.” Despite this, those emotions still come on the surface.
    I know avoiding her won’t make my problems go away. And I know discussing this with my friends and parents will be futile.
    Only one thing left to do is to focus on investing in myself. But how can I do that if those emotions resurface.

    • While it’s hard to give a complete answer as everyone’s personality is different. I would suggest when those emotions surface that you find something to channel them into.

      This is going to differ from person to person.

      So for example some people when negative emotions surface they hit the gym and work them out. Others write them out. Me I do something that I know will increase my development so I’ll grow to an even stronger level.

      Writing in a journal, weightlifting, fighting, going on walks in nature (if possible), and things of that nature generally work. If it persists then you want to look at what the root cause of the emotions are.

      Here are two articles that can help with that.



      They should at least help to identify what your next steps need to be.

      Let me know if you have any other questions and if that helps answer your problem.