The Natural Professions Of Man

The Natural Professions Of Man by Charles Sledge

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Man when separated from his true self and what he was born to do naturally suffers. Just like if you plucked a fish out of water, it’s not going to do well no matter how much work is done on it. Man is now separated from much of the things that brought him strength and solace before. Things like other men, nature, and close familial bonds. A man would hunt with his sons, defend with his brothers, and then spend time with his children before retiring and making love to his wife. Now this natural rythm and natural way of living has been disrupted by many different things few of which are done for our benefit.

A large part of getting back in touch with your masculinity (something that more and more have never been in touch with their entire lives) in returning to primal ways. By primal I don’t mean you need to throw out your shoes and forgo all of modern technology, that would be foolish. By primal I simply mean reattuning yourself to how man has been throughout the ages. Man was not created to work in a cubicle all day and then go home to recharge so he can do it all again the next day. There is much more to life than simply existing something that deep down every man knows.

There are many different ways that man seeks to reconnect with his masculinity. The use (and abuse) of the three P’s are a prime example of this. Some guys feel that surge when they are closing a large deal or beating out a competitor. Others feel it through defeating another opponent in the ring or carving out another notch on their bedpost. Sure these things have value and represent something but I think there are even better ways one can reconnect with what it means to be a man and ignite their masculinity in a sea of adrogeny. Though obviously the three P’s whatever role they take in your life should not be neglected.

The Natural Professions Of Man

There are two natural professions of man as we would understand them. The hunter and the warrior. This may be a bit of an oversimplification but it serves as a good base from which to start. As we can see the protect portion of the three P’s of manhood deals with the warrior profession quite largely. But it extends beyond that as well. For being a warrior is something that encompasses much more than one’s performance in a ring where there are rules and regulations. Being a warrior is a way of life, as is being a hunter. I’ll discuss what this means more in a moment. I just want to point out that there is more to this than most think.

Just because you do MMA and go hunting on the weekend does not mean that you are embodying these natural professions of man to their upmost extent. Don’t get me wrong hunting is better than not hunting and fighting is better than not fighting but there is more to the picture. Like I said it’s a way of life, a mindset if you will. Not that you’re always looking to fight or see everyone and everything as prey. But I could go on forever about what it’s not, it’s best just to describe what it is.

It stems from an understanding of your nature as a man and your relation to this world. Man is born into this world that will often be against him. It is a test of his strenght to see if he can overcome what nature has thrown at him. Can he overcome the long teeth of the lion? The number of the wolves? The famine that will strike? Or even worse can he withstand his most dangerous of enemies, other men? Being a hunter and warrior are the ways through which man overcame these challenges. Like I said they are a way of life more so than a job that is done for a set period of time then goes away.

Reconnecting Through The Natural Professions

Now if you’ve never hunted and never fought the first thing I’d recommend is that you do both. Do what works for you. You might choose one fighting stlye over another. You may choose going to the range over getting into the boxing ring on a frequent basis. You may go and shoot duck or you may track down big game. The point is to get out there and see what works for you and reconnect with this deep aspect of yourself and your masculinity. If you are a male that thinks these things “wrong” or “barbaric” then you need them more than ever. You might as well say eating, drinking, and reproducing are barbaric.

If you are already doing these things then take it a step further. For example for warriors read the biographies and works of great warriors before you. Get a look into their mindset and how they view the world and every day existance. You can also find what you can about great hunters though that will be rarer. A group of men that share many the traits of great hunters are great explorers which is another rich vein to mine. You’ve no doubt been told that these groups are evil men. As far as current society goes warriors who fight for themselves or a noble cause (other than globalism) are deemed evil as well as all hunters and explorers.

Another word of advice would be to stop listening to what mainstream society has to say on anything, especially on masculinity and what is good and what isn’t. You must forge your own path using the wisdom of those who came before you and what you know is true deep down. What modern society deems wrong is often right. What modern society deems barbaric is simply natural, healthy, and masculine. Don’t let your enemy advise you on how to conduct yourself and live your life. And at this point in time society is no friend to man and masculinity.

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Charles Sledge

  • Jeremy Martinez

    I like it, man. Honestly, I have been saving every dollar for my home gym and spending more on quality food. But, as I finish those things, I’ll pick up a couple of your books. I enjoy your writing.

    • Thanks man appreciate it. And that’s great nothing like a quality home gym.

  • Reconnecting with your primal masculinity is super important.
    Killing, Brutal shameless sex where you use your partner like a toy, laying your life down to protecting your family, educating your children.

    All these things that we always did will help us to become great men again.