You Must Travel Through The Abyss Before You Can Soar To New Heights

You Must Travel Through The Abyss Before You Can Soar To New Heights by Charles Sledge

Once we all lived in a happy little bubble or at least the vast majority of us did. The world was a good place, the government was for us, people were in general good, and the future was bright. I mean how could it not. Isn’t that what our preachers, teachers, governors, and family all said. And they were the adults surely they knew best? At some point we were all fat and happy. We thought the everything was just great and that everything was going to be fine. We were ignorant of the reality of the world.

Women for the most part go their whole lives like this and many males do as well. Men however cannot live in these pleasant bubbles. Men must address the world, they are the only ones capable of it. However the process of going from ignorant boy to strong man is no easy process. It is one filled with pain and dashed hopes. Many never make it through and are stuck in a mid way point. An eternal adolescence that they will never emerge from. But back to our beginnings. We were fat and happy.

Peace Shattered

Then at some point everything was shattered. At some point the wolf of reality came in and tore us to bits. We were defenseless for we never knew we needed to build defenses after all everyone said everything was going just fine. Generally this happens to males who follow all the rules and then are completely destroyed for their “good behavior“. The wife screws the “asshole/misogynist” neighbor, the boss fires us after ten years of loyal service, our kids are taken away from us because the government says so. Suddenly our world is turned upside down.

We realize now that we’ve been told a lie. That the model upon which we had built our entire life was not solid rock but rather shifting sands and was rapidly crumbling underneath us. And we are swept away in the collapse. It’s easy to knock someone out who isn’t prepared for the punch. Our heart and soul was run through mercilessly. The world laughed as we were left in the gutter to bleed out. This is reality.

The Abyss

We were tossed down into the abyss and left for dead. We realized the false gods we relied on for what they were and are. We realized the dark truths about the world. The red pill was exposed to us. Anger was generally the first reaction. Everything was essentially a lie. Why would we have been lied too and by so many? We realized that ultimately you cannot trust anyone outside yourself and the world does not give a shit about you. The darkness swept in and generally extinguished any light within us.

However this is where the men separated themselves. They stood up and dusted themselves off and faced the darkness directly. They ventured out into determined not to sit and be defeated. They may have been lied to and set up and crushed but they would not be defeated. They knew they still had a destiny to claim and a life to live. They took responsibility and fought. They did not let the darkness cripple them. Unlike their eternal adolescent counterparts who will forever remain in bitterness and hatred crippling themselves.

The Conquering Of The Abyss

These few blessed chosen men who ventured forth eventually conquer the abyss and in doing so realize their absolute power. They faced the darkness and marched out victorious. Changed from boys into men. They had the scars to prove their journey. Now they rise past their counterparts who remained boys and into the light. However now they face the world with a sense of confidence and strength. They are no longer the prey but rather the apex predators. The predators that gave them their wounds now fear them.

These are the ones who will slay the dragons of our time, these are the ones that will reforge the world in their image and the image of their creator. Who will drive the evils back. Perhaps this sounds a bit dramatic. If it does then you have probably lived a sheltered womanly life and can afford to think in such a way. However for the others out there who resonated with what is written here then realize this. The world is your oyster and you are more powerful than anything that can face you.


After conquering the abyss it is time to ascend. Ascend past where you were before and into undreamed of heights. The stark reality of the world hardened you into a man instead of crushing you into an adolescence. You came out the other side of the fire refined steel. You are victorious and will share in great glory when all is said and done. You have become a man and that is the highest calling that the creator made. To be a man fully and completely.

You have gone into the black hole and come out stronger and wiser for it. You faced the devil and came away changed yet victorious. You know the times ahead will be tough but you also know you will meet whatever may come for you are a man. You are part of an elite fraternity, understand this and never forget it.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge