Why You Must Protect Your Mind For Freedom & Success In Life

Why You Must Protect Your Mind For A Fulfilling Life by Charles Sledge

If you are engaged in combat with a man it pays to know where to strike him for greatest effect. If it’s a bar fight striking his jaw or solar plexus with a strong punch will do the trick. If it’s a life or death fight gouging the eyes and slamming into the neck with extended fingers may do the trick. In combat you are taught the vulnerble parts of the human body so that you can do damage to it. The back of the head, the temple, the eyes, the front and sides of the neck, the groin. The human body has many sensitive areas that can be destroyed.

For example extended your fingers and jamming them into a man’s arm won’t do much other than maybe make him laugh. However when it’s done to the suprasternal notch and suddenly he’s on the ground gasping for air. Same move but drastically different effects depending on where the blow lands. However there is an area of the human body that is far more vulnerable than any of these and taking care of this area if much more effective than any blow ever devised by man. That area is your mind. Battles are won and lost in the mind before anything else.

They Want Your Mind

Maybe that sounds a bit overly dramatic but it’s the truth. Whether it’s governments, society at large, school systems, religious institutes, or marketers they all want a part of your mind so that they can further their own causes. This isn’t a bad thing in and of itself. For example I certainly hope my work gets into your mind and I’m going for a part of your mind. Of course this is so that you can have the life that you want and be the best that you can be. Others may have less benevolent purposes. Society has placed limiting beliefs on man since the beginning for fear of him breaking the mold and breaking the chains that hold him.

Whether that’s realizing that he is the one with the power, avoiding the 9-5 trap and becoming a entrepreneur who loves his life, or breaking free of the mold that society has for being a huband, father, and man. Freedom is dangerous, it upsets the cart and gets the people thinking. So the best thing to do is worm into a man’s mind starting at an early age, instill it with so many limiting beliefs that he’ll never get very far, and that way he’ll always play by the rules that are set for him even if they take advantage of him or are not in his best interest.

Guard Your Mind

The first step to breaking free and living life on your own terms is guarding your mind. You need to be very cautious of what you let into your mind. From the news, to music, to social media feeds, to friends, to family, and many others. What you put into your mind has a very profound effect on you and your wellbeing. If it’s constantly being filled with negative talk and limiting beliefs you are effectively crippling yourself and your development. Never let those who don’t have your best interest at heart have any space in your most vulnerable area, your mind.

The best thing to do is stay away from mainstream programming as much as possible. This covers everything from mainstream music (whether pop, rap, country, or whatever else), to mainstream movies, to mainstream news, and social media. They are not herding the masses into greater development. These things while entertaining are not for your benefit. As they say the poison goes down sweet. This doesn’t mean you have to become a hermit (and a matter of fact running away doens’t solve much) rather it means you have to become aware of what’s going into your mind. What you allow to take root and grow there.

Steps To Protect Your Mind

I’m going to lay out some things that I do to protect my mind and guard against negative limiting beliefs. First off I don’t watch any news. The news is garbage and poison designed to brainwash and divide the masses. I’ll follow an account or two for some things but even then it seems everything is just finding the most ourageous thing possible so everyone will be outraged (and then repeating that ad naseum). The second is I don’t listen to current music. I’ll listen to some things from the 80’s but it’s mostly classical, meditation, or ancient Germanic/Celtic/Nordic music. There are some exceptions of course but overall I avoid modern music and it’s message.

The next is I watch very little TV. I’ll watch a football game here and there but it’s getting to be less and less enjoyable especially with the direction the sports networks are going. And then a show every now and then. My reading consists of mostly non-fiction books with some notable fiction exceptions (the majority written some time ago) and then spend some time every day both in nature and the gym (usually listening to my Germanic/Celtic/Nordic music).


I don’t mean to make this sound like a paranoid the man’s gonna get you (this is simply how society and power always had and always will work). It’s the nature of the world. Your mind is capable of so many powerful things if it’s not bogged down by negative thinking, limited beliefs, and faulty programming. Unplug from the programming and you’ll be free. And you’ll realize your capable of much more than you expected, this isn’t feel good nonsense it’s facts and it’s the truth. Protect your mind because so much of your life stems from it. Cultivate healthy programming and you’ll have a healthy life.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Have you got any suggestions regarding the Germanic/Celtic/Nordic music?

    • Generally listen to compilations through YouTube so couldn’t give you many groups. Wardruna is one that pops up a lot and that I like.