How To Move On After Getting Fired

How To Move On After Getting Fired by Charles Sledge

This is a weekly column by Placide Buduri who writes at Constant Growth where he talks about business, mindset, living a healthy lifestyle, and dating for men. In this article Placide talks about what to do after you get fired. Getting fired is something that we’ve all probably experienced in our lives regardless of our work ethic and professionalism. Enjoy.

If you were to get fired tomorrow, Would you sit down and feel sorry for yourself? Would you give your boss the finger and celebrate with a bottle of champagne? or would you care less? What would you do? These are the type of questions that went thru my mind before I got fired from a corporate job a few years back.

When I got fired, I was living with my parents, they were my safety net. Now that I live an independent life, getting fired would hit my conscious and my wallet differently than it did back then. So I have gathered few alternatives for you and I, in case that day ever come. For those who own a business, never look back, because corporate life is a slow death in disguise.

Getting Fired Can Be A Blessing In Disguise

Just because you just got fired, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. The right way to approach such a negative situation is to view it as a blessing in disguise. It was just another fucking corporate dead end job where you were living paycheck to paycheck. there is a saying that ‘After each storm, there is calmness’. This is time to panic less, regroup, have some time to think about what you gonna do next.

Would you rather become a corporate bitch for eternity? or would you start thinking about much better options? Or at least an option where you work less and earn more. There are always better options. You have to make time to search and take action. Otherwise, you are more likely to remain where you are. Don’t tell me you don’t have a college degree, it does not guarantee your success.

A small rule I have implemented in my personal life is the ‘Pareto law’ It’s a broad topic that would take pages to explain, so I recommend you do some digging on your end.

Rule Of Thumb: Focus on 20% of the causes to improve 80% of the results

Take Some Time Off

This is easier said than done, especially for those who have families to feed. Either way, it can be done. You probably have some savings stashed somewhere for winter days. Taking some time off could be a great way for your mind and body to reconnect. Your mind is vital to every outcome in your life, you better feed it positive thoughts. Your body is the vehicle, fuel it, maintain it and you will be unstoppable.

Most corporate employees share similar habits. You do not get enough sleep, you do not exercise enough, and your sex life is shit. Why? Because you work from 9 to 5pm.Monday to Friday. For what? Making money for a company that will make sure you never get paid overtime and does its best to keep your pay at minimum wage? Is it really worth it?

For those who don’t have children. You could take some time off to travel. Visit places that are less fortunate to witness what you really take for granted. This can be a refreshing experience. You are more likely to develop a different point of view that might help you in your journey to success.

Constant Growth

If you are not growing, you are descending in some sort. There is no point of finding the same job as the one you had after being fired. Why not go for something better, or better yet start your own business. Again, easier said than done, but we are here to grow, we are here to be distinguished from the herd. We are here to become financially independent. We are here to become the best version of ourselves. If that is not you, then stop reading, because you wasted all your time on this article.

“Success is never a specific destination; It is the direction you choose. It is a process, a never-ending journey. It is your constant progress toward your highest purpose, your vision, and the life of your dreams- In all areas.” -James A. Ray

In conclusion, Being fired from a job or going through a tough time is not necessarily a bad thing. It could be a blessing in disguise. It is how you bounce back from hardships that matter. Regroup, take some time off, and work on improving every area of your life. Replace negativity with positivity and see your life change before your eyes.

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-Charles Sledge

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