Modified Monk Mode

Modified Monk Mode by Charles Sledge

Sometimes a man needs to be alone with his thoughts. As great a resource as the internet is, it is not without it’s drawbacks. Without the resources I have found on the internet regarding making money, relating to women, and being a man I don’t know where I would be at this point in my. Not as far as I am that’s for sure. Yet with all the great things about the internet and the resources it provides when you are over stimulated with it, the sheer amount of information can drown out your own thoughts. Enter modified monk mode.

When you are a producer of content intended to benefit the lives of others having quality and original content is very important. There are a sea of talking heads out there who all claim that they have the answer. The only way to distinguish yourself from them (in addition to giving value) is by being yourself. We all have a unique voice and a unique makeup. There is no one that is truly like us. This is an asset. No one can be you and you cannot be anyone else.


Despite all the great advice offered on the internet (though amid a pile of garbage) sometimes the best thing you can do to deliver original content and share your unique view and voice is by unplugging from it all. Don’t read any other sites for a month’s time. Focus on your own unique voice without being drown out by others (even though they may also have good advice). Once the other voices have quieted down you can forge your own unique path. You can actually discover things on your own and bring that to others.

You will have a unique voice and you will stand out. Your content will be original and not just a rehash of what others have thought or said. Now obviously there is nothing on this earth that hasn’t been said or thought of at some point but you will be bringing your own unique view and voice to it, which is going to distinguish you from the pack. Your are going to be bringing original content to your readers.

Modified Monk Mode

I only has a cursory knowledge of traditional monk mode and what it entails. Here is a post that goes into much more detail. In modified monk mode you are going to put cutting out all websites, including those that offer you value and are in your niche. This is not meant to be a permanent thing rather something that is done temporarily. You are going to set up social media so that whatever needs to happen automatically happens. For example tweeting each new post and if you don’t want to do that then it might be best to just not use social media for awhile.

Your focus (at least for information) is going to be your own experience and books. Real weight in your hand books. Reading a post on the internet is not the same as reading a book at all. The difference in quality and time put in is tremendous. Though this may not apply to e-books. Reading cannot be replaced. During monk mood get a fat stack of books that you can go through and then apply. While experience has its limitations when combined with reading books you have a formula for potentially explosive growth.

Be A Leader, Not A Follower

You have to be a leader, you have to be yourself. You can’t follow what others no matter how successful are doing and expect to make it. You have to have a unique voice. Everyone tells you to look at who is successful and to copy them. I get what they are saying, you should look at the principles of their success. I have a entire series about the principles of blogging success called blog yourself rich. But how most interpret this is to copy those who are successful. They push the same books, the same products, the same well everything. It’s good to look up to people but you need to be you. You were put on this earth to be you not someone else.

Don’t copy others.┬áThere is a ton of great information out there but there is a point when you get overloaded and crowd out your own unique thoughts. Too much stimulation is going to mean no progress for you. Sometimes it’s best to disconnect from it all and be with your thoughts. The internet is a doubled edged sword. It can do as much damage as it can good, and I’m talking about the good information not just the crap. Sometimes staying away from blogs and sticking with experience and books is your best bet.


I would encourage you to try modified monk mode for a preset period of time. A week, a month, three months, your choice. Your life will be better for it. And you content will improve dramatically. Be your own man in a world of copycats and wannabes. Walk your own path and go your own way. Don’t be afraid to disagree with what the majority of people, bloggers, whatever think, say, or do. Who knows you might never go back.

A man is independent. As much value as I have found on the internet I have also seen it’s potential to rob you of original thought if you let it. You have to be wary. Social media is the worst for this. Unplugging can be a very liberating experience. Sometimes it’s best to just use the internet to update your blog, buy books, and check essential emails (if that).

Try modified monk mode and report your experience below, trust me Ill still be here when you get back.

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-Charles Sledge


Charles Sledge

  • Scarto argento

    Yes sometimes I have that feeling like even though I’ve read such great content from different manosphere blogs , it goes in one ear and out the other , or i did not fully retain the information . Yes I agree with this monk mode thing ! And reading actual books more often. I think it’s a good idea to take a break from some of these blogs , and it’s cool that you admit that Charles .but it won’t be easy for your blog is one that I have to check daily . Thanks for spreading the truth . Laters scart !