Might Makes Right: The Wheel Of Nature

Might Makes Right by Charles Sledge

Man stands before a force much greater and more powerful than himself. The wheel of nature. The wheel of nature cares nothing for the delusions of man. It cares nothing for his religion, his ideology, or anything else that has poisoned his mind. The wheel of nature simply is. Like the laws that govern the universe one can only break themselves against the wheel of nature they’ll never break the wheel itself. The wheel is what causes forward progress. Progress of species, planets, and entire universes. Great empires, hordes of mankind, and even entire species have been grounded up by the wheel of nature to make room for a better and brighter future.

You can either be grounded up by the wheel or you can harness it’s power and fight with it not against it. The wheel grinds up all inferior to make room for superior. The law of nature is progress at any cost. Survival of the fittes, fight or die, soar or be cast to the way side. That is life, that is nature, and that is the world that we live in. All falsehoods such as the brotherhood of man and equality get grounded up by the harsh reality of the wheel of nature. Sure they can exist for some time but all falsehoods are eventually rooted out and destroyed, often in the most brutal of ways. The wheel of nature rewards the strong and grinds up the weak to make room for even stronger.

Noble Warriors

There is only one class of man that the wheel of nature has always rewarded and always will and that is the warrior. The man who stands against those who opposes him, the man who will fight to the death, the man who stands weapon in hand against all. Nature and God smiles on this man. This type of man is the pinnacle of man. The noble warrior who through his strength of arm and wisdom of mind forges himself into the greatest that he can possible be. Who claims victory over enemies stronger and greater than him. That is the man the wheel of nature seeks to make more of, that is the kind of man that makes God smile. That is the only kind of man that last under the wheel of nature.

Politicians, usurers, false prophets, celebrities, the slobbering masses, and all other degenerates eventually are destroyed by either sword, fire, or their own foolishness. Yet it is the noble warrior that emerges from the day of wolves with a smile of his face and vigor in his bones. For nature will only be mocked for so long before it will bring down its vengance ten fold. The noble warrior is the agent of nature, true goodness, and God. The highest calling for a man is to join this rank of noble men. They have been heroes and they have been kings but what makes them different and above all is that they are warriors. The only kind that God finds pleasure in.

Conquer Or Serve

You will either conquer or you will be conquered there is no third option. You will either fight or be eaten. You will either kill or enslave or you will be enslaved. The highest calling of a man is to conquer to forge his will on the earth and all within it. The eternal law of nature always has been and always will be “woe to the conquered”. Always. Man can seek to delay this by foolish notions of charity and support trying to keep unfit species and specimens alive and well. But God and nature will not be mocked and this kind of man will meet his end for trying to stop to wheel of nature and the ascension of the world. Nature will have it’s progress regardless of the delusions of man.

We live in an unnatural age, a degenerate age. Where weakness and degeneracy are praised and made into a religion. Whereas strength and nobleness are called evils and hated. We’ve had times like this before and until the complete ascension we’ll have times like this again. The cowards use the weak and feeble to put down and control the strong. However at the end of the day God, nature, and the strong have their day and break free from their chains enraged at the low levels that the coward has used to keep him in bonds. The day of the strong man always comes, it can only be delayed but never denied.

Constant Refinement

Man has always sought to conquer, grow, and expand. To put sword to the unfit and take what was unrightfully theirs. For the only right one has is what his strenght will get him everything else is error. No man is created equal and no man has a right to anything (other than what his strength can win him). Life is constant battle. You must constantly kill or be killed. You must constantly conquer or be conquered. The weak see this as a burden and run to the cowards who will tell them sweet lies so they do not have to face the reality that they are unfit to meet. However the strong do not see this way of life as a burden. They see it for what it truly is.

A great and glorious ride. Many will fall and many will die. But that is not what matters. What matters is those who strived and made their mark on history, on nature, and brought honor to their creator through their conquest and strength of will. The strong man who rises above and conquers all is the most noblest of man. Certainly more noble than the fool throwing money to the degenerates so that they may prolong their degeneracy. Nature seeks to exterminate the weak and lift up the strong so all may benefit. The best thing for the world is the growth of strength and the elimination of weakness.


This world is a battlefield. God and nature seek to find who will be the best and most worthy. Strength is the only thing that matters. Cultivate it and God and nature will reward you. Seek anything else and they will punish you mercilessly. The fit continue on and expand the unfit turn into dust so that better things may come along. Go forth and conquer. This is the only instruction that God and nature has given you. That is the only measure by which you will be judged. Not how many delusions you harbored but what you won by the strength of your arm.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • “For the only right one has is what his strength will get him everything else is error. ” If your readers understand this then they will become kings.