Might Makes Right: To The Victor Go The Spoils

Might Makes Right by Charles Sledge

We’ve likely all been taught from an early age to play fair. To watch out for others and to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. This is reinforced though schools and teachings of other kinds. We are taught that all should be given a chance. It doesn’t matter what side of the political spectrum one comes from there are some common myths that unite the average person. We’re taught to treat others with fairness and to make sure things are divided equally. The left takes these beliefs to their logical conclusion while the “right” tries to hold on to a certain level of these beliefs while not allowing them to go further (an exercise in futility if there ever was one).

We are taught that all are equal and that all should be treated equally and given some respect. These beliefs are great for fitting into mainstream Western society but they shrivel up and die when exposed to the harsh light of nature. For you see there is no such thing as equality there is only winner and loser. The winner thrives and the loser dies. Things like a win-win situation are great in business situations but they rarely exist in nature. You are either food or predator in nature. Either you are screwed or you do the screwing. There is no everyone just play nice, there is no everyone just play fair. There is only win or lose.

Division Of Spoils

Look at any resource that there is. Food, money, women, status, or anything else. None of them are divided evenly as a matter of fact I would be willing to be most break down somewhere along the Pareto principle. Meaning that twenty percent of people are getting eighty percent of the resources of any amount. Meaning twenty percent of the population makes eighty percent of the money, twenty percent of guys sleep with eighty percent of women, and so on and so forth. Twenty percent of countries probably have eighty percent of the world’s military power and so on and so forth.

There are winners and there are losers. Fairness never enters into the equation for nature is not about fairness or equality or some other nonsense dreamt up by man rather nature is about strength and survival. The strong survive and the weak perish. The strong get what they want and the weak try to survive (and often fail to do so) on the leftovers. The strong who try to share their strength with the weak and generally overwhelmed and taken down by the weak to be ripped to shreds no realizing that the most noble are above them not below them. There is an erroneous belief in our society that says the bigger of a loser someone is (less money they make, battles they win, women they bed, etc.) the better of a person they are.

The Spoils

There are no participation trophies in the real world. You either take what you want and gut anyone standing in your way or you get trampled on and destroyed. If you want the spoils then you must win no matter what. The loot, weapons, women, and whatever else don’t go to those who try hardest, who are morally best, or who worship at the altar of equality the hardest. No the spoils go to he who takes and claims it. This means you would be a fool to train for anything else other than to be the victor. Not train to be the best loser, not to train to appease others, not to train to best fit into a degenerate society. Train to win and take the spoils.

To he who has much more will be given or more accurately more will be taken. Because the one who has much has learned to take what he wants. If he has inherited it then he better learn this lesson quick or he will have all that he has taken from him sooner rather than later. My bet on sooner. And it will not go to the weak it will go to the strong. Even if it was for whatever reason given to the weak and feeble it’d be taken from them quickly. For if they knew how to acquire resources they wouldn’t be in the weak position in the first place. Do not look for fairness and do no expect any honoring of fairness that you do to be rewarded as a matter of fact expect it to be punished.

The Real World

In the real world he who gives other a leg up will be pushed off the edge once that person he helped up has surpassed him. You must undo this conditioning of fairness and equality. They are two beliefs that will get you killed and taken advantage of over and over again. Imagine if a tribe gave another tribe access to their water supply because the other tribe didn’t have good water access. How long would it be before the water supply was poisoned to wipe out the competing tribe? Or they were all killed so the water supply could be theirs completely?

Charity as we understand it is always punished (taking from the strong to give to the weak). Giving a leg up to a potential enemy is a guaranteed way to end up destroyed. Others will not honor your delusions. Let me repeat that, others will not honor your delusions. Arm someone because they are in threat of danger then don’t be surprised when they turn that around on you. Nature punishes the weak and foolish (no matter how dedicated they are to their delusions of how the world works) and rewards the strong and wise. It has always been this way and always will be this way.


To the victor go the spoils. It’s not fair and that’s because there is no such thing as fairness in nature. There is only winner and loser. Don’t get mad when nature doesn’t uphold your delusions but rather punishes you for them. Nature has it’s own law that mankind can only break itself against not change. You may believe in fairness, equality, or some other delusion but nature will show you how false your belief is. Likewise you may believe in karma or that the meek recieve the earth but enough time in reality will show you that this is not how things work.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • SnapperTrx

    Though I do agree with your post (we are told everyone should ‘get their fair shot’, but fair shots should be given to those who want to take them, not just handed out to whomever), I would say that giving a hand up to members in your own tribe can be rewarding for you, as well as those your helping. Like a good friend who’s down and needs some help getting his life together. You can’t do it for him, but if you see his is really working hard to make a change then giving him a leg up can be beneficial to both you and him, and the competition can drive both of you to do better!

    Being a lone wolf can be good up until you run into another pack. Its a good idea to have a pack of your own, but the pack is only as good as the weakest member. Members of the pack can strengthen and drive each other to be the best they can be.

    “As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”

    • Good point Snapper. With the tribe is certainly different than without.

  • Man I am starting to think that I live in the Matrix and shape reality. The past Weeks I have been constantly thinking about this and adopted a new mental model that is based on exactly this “survival of the fittest” no prisoners either you win or you lose. And now I am seeing this theme everywhere and it’s great because this is how it is, this is how the world functions, eat or be eaten. I fucking love this, it’s freeing once you get past that social conditioning, that indoctrination since it opens up doors that would’ve been locked for years or maybe forever. I recommend Nietzsche’s Philosophy as well, purge the weakness, strive to become the Ubermensch.

    • That’s awesome Titus. I’ll have to read more Nietzsche only read a little here and there.

    • Ivan

      We are experiencing the same deal..I think is always better to adapt and grow from the cold truth than to be medriocre in the happy ilusion aka comfort zone,

      “In order to live, you must be willing to die”

  • Jeremy Martinez

    I have a hard time with this. I like opening doors, and speaking kindly to people. I like trying to make people feel better. But I always viewed it like a respectful military officer. You don’t just torture the prisoners, you at least provide them with comfort.
    The world is designed to prevent a lot of upper mobility. You need ten years bullshit experience for a bullshit job. You need a consistent resume for entry level. Better have sacrificed your time to ask to slave for them. Better have a degree, so they know you are a tame little creature.
    It is a hard balance. And the world is there to make you suffer for your bread.

    • Absolutely. I’m not saying this is ideal simply how things are. Morality and such are great (when used properly) and help civilization but at the same time it’s always wise to remember the volcano of human nature that lies underneath the thin veneer of civilization.

      • Jeremy Martinez

        Be kind always, but have the self respect to deal with any disrespect as an attack.
        Because you never know who may be a great person, but you can’t suffer fools.

  • Placide Buduri

    Very true @@JeremytheBare:disqus . it’s not until I read “No more Mr. Nice Guy” by Robert Glover that I understood that we are taught to be nice which makes us weak in the process. since then it doesn’t bother me to put myself first in most situations

    @THauerBYI:disqus With civilization (T.v, Internet, phones) , most men have ignored the “survival of the fittest” mantra. In the long run most will pay the price, unless people like @c@charlessledge:disqus and those who strive for growth keep pushing and helping tha masculine world.