Might Makes Right: The Nine Noble Virtues

Might Makes Right by Charles Sledge

The are many variations of the nine noble virtues. The one that I like best is the one lain out by the Asatru folk assembly and that I think best represents the meaning of the nine noble virtues. The nine noble virtues are true virtues (meaning virtues of God and nature, not man) that when one follows brings success and honor to their life. They are a code and a way of life. Put simply they are nine eternal truths written down and codified for all to know for all time. They do not coddle or love weakness and perversion like false religions but rather celebrate the noble things of this world such as strength and honor.

This is not to say that are heartless for they still make room for bonds with kin and close friends. Though there is no universalism poison in them. While these are associated with Asatru all strong, true, and noble men have understood them throughout the ages. For a great man knows truth and wisdom when he sees it. This are applicable to all strong true men of all times. For truth is truth and wisdom is wisdom regardless of anything. These nine noble virtues are a much better replacement for the slave morality that pervades so much religion (both old and new) and that the modern world spews out from it poisonous depths. Now here are the nine noble virtues.

Noble Virtue I – Strength Is Better Than Weakness

Truer worlds have never been spoken. Of all the virtues none rank higher than strength for it is strength that all else stems from. No matter what day or age the strong prosper and survive why the weak can only do what the strong allow them to do. No matter what you want from this world or what you want from life you are going to need strength to accomplish it. It is strength that will carry you through. Weakness must be eliminated for it will get you killed. We have a cult of death in the modern world that tells you that weakness is good and that is is noble but it is nothing but a lie told to you by those who wish to take advantage of you and destroy you.

Strength is always better than weakness. Strength is the ultimate virtue and weakness the ultimate vice. Everything else stems from these two things. To achieve power, greatness, and renown one must be above all else strong. For it is strength that decides battles and who are the winners of life. To the strong go the spoils the only thing that goes unto the weak is death, destruction, and woe. The only ones that pity the weak are those that are using them for their own ends. The cowards who instead of gaining ground through strength do so through subterfuge and manipulation of the inferior to use against the superior. Strength is superior, cultivate strength.

Noble Virtue II – Courage Is Better Than Cowardice

Courage is one of the most noble of virtues. For it is courage that is strength in action. It is courage that gets things done and conquers enemies both great and small. Without courage a man is useless for he cannot accomplish anything of worth. He will be plagued by fear and indecision, even if he does have strength it will be useless if he does not have the courage to use that strength to enforce his will upon creation and take what he wills from this earth as man was designed to do. Courage is the fire that burns in a man’s soul bringing him to right action. It’s courage that can change destinies and change the tides of battles. It’s courage that shines in the midst of great struggle and will see the courageous one through.

Strength and courage when combined make one even stronger, fitter (in the Darwinian sense), and superior as a man. Courage causes action. Courage is what masters fear most from their slaves. When one has courage they will not back down and they will not accept the unacceptable. Which is fearsome to those that would rule over you against your best interest. Courage rids us of the evils of compromise and keeps us true to our hearts and our souls. The courageous man has the world as his grasp all he has to do is reach out and take it, and being courageous ensures that he does.

Noble Virtue III – Joy Is Better Than Guilt

There is only one kind of good guilt and that is guilt brought upon us from violating our or our tribes code of honor. It’s the same with shame. To be shamed by a honorable brother for failing yourself and the tribe is rightful and just and teaches greatly. But guilt and shame are also great tools of the devil to bind down strong men and ensure that they never resist against him. Guilt and shame are tools of the Great Babylon to ensure that it can pillage and destroy undetured. Guilt and shame are of the slave morality and the slave code of ethics which is loathsome to the strong free man. Joy is truly better than guilt.

The evil ones of this earth would have you feel guilty for being victorious over an inferior one. They would have you feel guilty for being strong, being free, and being happy. They would have you feel guilty over not sufficiently groveling and worshiping before their feet. For guilt is a way to control the masses and keep them in slavery. But as a free man you have no time for their slave morality that would keep you forever bound in chains of your own making. To be free and joyful is good. To delight in conquering, winning, and expanding is good. The only guilt that you should ever feel should be from violating your own standards and going against your own honor.

Noble Virtue IV – Honor Is Better Than Dishonor

There was a time when many men declared “death before dishonor” and meant it often going to their deaths before they would abandon their own honor. However now males do not even put dishonor before inconvenience. The weak do not see the merits of honor because they are weak and inferior. The strong and superior see the merits of honor and uphold their honor against all else. Death, pain, destruction, and anything else before all of these things a man holds his honor. Material gain is little compared to loss of honor. One means very little in the ultimate scheme of things while another means everything in the ultimate scheme.

What profit is it for a man to gain everything but lose his own honor and soul? If he loses that which makes him him and what makes him honorable then he’d be better off dead. Honor is sacred and must be guarded as such. To let breaches against ones honor go unchecked declares one weak and fit for the wolves before all of the world. Hold your honor dear to you and realize the eternal truth that honor is better than dishonor no matter what the perceived “gain” from dishonor is. It is never worth it. Honor is a true and noble virtue that all men should seek to raise and cultivate to a very high level.

Noble Virtue V – Freedom Is Better Than Slavery

Now here we have a true virtue of God and nature that goes against everything the modern Babylon believes. For truly freedom is greater than slavery no matter what the slave masters tell you. Freedom even with the threat of death every day is one hundred times better than sleeping in a warm bed yet still a slave. Freedom is always better than slavery. Though there be pains, risks, and threats that come with freedom it is all worth it. For one who pursues after safety will never get it. But one who pursues after freedom will get it. Freedom over slavery (or what it’s commonly called “safety”).

A man was made to be free, free to experience all that the world has to thrown against him. Free to live and free to die. Free to be his own make who makes his own decisions. Freedom is something that the Great Babylon will try to take from you at every turn. At first it will say that it’s for your own good when you don’t fall for that it will change it’s tune to one of trading with you. Give us your freedom and we’ll give you all these wonderful things. When you refuse that it may try to do so through force. But you being strong shall always remain free. A free life filled with discomfort and risk is always better than a life of slavery with some semblance of “comfort”. Choose freedom over comfort and thereby choose freedom over slavery.

Noble Virtue VI – Kinship Is Better Than Alienation

There is no such thing as the brotherhood of man. There is only a brotherhood of brothers. Declaring yourself one with all of man is foolish and naive. For when one does so they have no true brotherhood declaring yourself brother to all man means nothing. You are still an atomized tribe-less individual ripe for plundering and destruction. No the only ones that you are brother to are those that are within the honor group, family, or tribe. Everyone else is an outsider. When we declare allegiance to all not only do we mark ourselves for destruction but we also declare allegiance to none. We become atomized individuals men without country, home, or kin. We become alienated.

Brotherhood is needed. While we should as be as strong as we possibly can be on our owns we still need brothers and a tribe at the end of the day. Even Beowulf had his warriors, Achilles his Myrmidons, and Leonidas his noble three hundred. And all of these men came from tribes that new who they were and were kin with one another. You need kin and kinship. It is a requirement of a man’s soul. To have brothers, even if he gets separated from them to know that they and their name are out there. It gives you great strength. Alienated, atomized, soulless individuals are ripe for being led to the slaughter and what the Great Babylon would have us all become. Fight against this and embrace kinship.

Noble Virtue VII – Realism Is Better Than Dogmatism

Part of being a wise man is knowing when to break away from the rules and dogmatism. For to use your own eyes combined with your own mind is true wisdom. To see things as they are and not as they are supposed to be. Dogma was created as set rules for certain things. Some dogmas are simply created to make slaves out of men and make them easy and docile like sheep to be controlled. Other dogmas are to create strength in their adherents and cultivate nobleness and goodness in all who follow it. Regardless though dogma should always give way to reality and what actually is.

We live in a chaotic world that is hard to pin down and requires one to be flexible. Not in what is right and wrong but rather in how to respond to a problem and the right actions to take. In battle things are chaotic and sometimes doing something not according to dogma or by the book is required. A wise man knows when this time is and does not hesitate to take the right action according to reality. For at the end of the day that is what it is all about living in accordance with reality as best as possible. The great laws and words of men are those that closest match the unwritten laws and unspoken words of God and nature. The close man gets to these unchanging things the better off that he is.

Noble Virtue VIII – Vigor Is Better Than Lifelessness

Vigor is better than lifelessness. It is better to be strong and in struggle than to be listless and lifeless. It is better to live life fully animated and with energy than to live life sitting back and allowing things to simply happen to you life. To live is a verb it is an action. Not something that is passive. You must cultivate your vigor so that you may have your hardiness even into your later years as well as have it to the greatest amounts in your current age. You must take this matter into your own hands and make sure your health is not something that you neglect. The ancients knew the importance of vigor and living a life filled with it. There is something unnatural and harmful about a life without it.

To cultivate vigor one must also cultivate their testosterone for that is the source of much vigor. The ancients knew this though they used different words. Testosterone will do much more than increase your vigor as a matter of fact it will help increase all of the true and noble virtues. Your vigor is your life force it’s not good when this is drained and a sign that something is wrong. Even if the priests and doctors of the Great Babylon tell you that this is normal and nothing to be worried about do not listen to them. They will lead you to lifelessness and eventually destruction. Keep and cultivate your vigor at every turn. Remember it is your life blood and therefore very important.

Noble Virtue IX – Ancestry Is Better Than Rootlessness

If you live in the Great Babylon then there’s a good chance that you have been disconnected from your roots, perhaps it is declared an evil to be connected to your roots. This should never stop you for there is great power and wonder in reconnecting with your ancestral blood line and roots. Can you trace your blood line do you know from which stock that you spring? Do you know the story of your people? If not then you must learn and learn well. Not only the history but the culture and the myths of your people. They all contain great power especially in the fight against the Great Babylon. Some would declare ancestry is pointless for it is the great deeds of others and not you. They are pitiful fools completely corrupted by the Great Babylon.

Ancestry is strength the deeds of your ancestors echo in you for your bear their blood and likeness. Just like the deeds of God echo in man his finest creation. Beware the toxic worthless fools that would steer you away from your blood line and ancestry. The deeds and souls of your ancestors are in you. You are their connection to the present time and world as your children will be as well. Bring honor to them and do great deeds that will echo in your offspring forever more. The rootless are tossed around and ripped up by the lightest of breezes but those that roots run deep and are thick and strong cannot be moved even by gale force winds. Know your ancestry and your blood. Never forsake or forget them.


These are the true virtues. The nine noble virtues of God and nature. Follow these are you will become greater than ever before. The ancients had better understanding of these virtues than we. It is these virtues that can be the undoing on the Great Babylon and all the evil and destruction that is has wrought. Even without that the noble virtues will better your life and be a guide to you until your final days. Learn them and then teach them to both your brothers and your sons. Virtue is not just something that is preached to slaves by their master for true virtue is of the strong and of the free. Follow the nine noble virtues and you will understand this.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Jeremy Martinez

    As an Odinist, I admit bias, but I love the reference. Modern Nordic culture is an embarrassment, but gotta love the masculine base to build on.
    Truth be told, we don’t know how much is made up. But that is the joy of being a man. We can build our gods in our ideal image.
    Men should be ingrained with these virtues from birth. But, it seems they will have to beaten into them as adults.

    • Agreed 100% this rules here are a great foundation upon which strong manhood can be built, strong civilizations as well. And as you said the earlier the better.