Might Makes Right: A Declaration Of War

Might Makes Right by Charles Sledge

This is a declaration of war. A declaration of war against all of the evils of the modern world. All of the evils that has plagued mankind since the beginning. The great and most insidious of all these evils being weakness. This is a declaration of war against the greatest evil weakness and those who promote and rationalize it destroying all that is good and noble in this world. We must stand and fight against this. For it is strong men and strong men alone that stand against evil in this world. It is only by strong men that anything good prevails anything noble is attained.

We have been misled in every direction forgetting the eternal truths that have kept mankind strong for millennium. We have lost our connection to the All-Father, we have lost our connection with our brothers, and we have lost our connection with our own heart and soul. The Great Babylon can only grow when there are not enough strong men to fight against it. The health of the world is decided by strong men and by strong men alone. If things are to get better it will not be from politicians (who are a weak and cowardly lot), it will not be by rationalizing any new degeneracy hoping that by doing so the Great Babylon will give us some agency, nor will it be by anything other then men claiming their rightful place as leaders of nature and kings of creation.

Our Enemy

Our enemy is weakness. Weakness in ourselves and weakness in others. Above all else are enemies are weak males that allow for the Great Babylon to spread unchecked. Some do this for monetary or influential gain, some do this in hopes women will give them sex, and others do it simply because they are weak spineless cowards. They sell out their brothers, their kind, and themselves all in hopes of temporary gain. Weasels that prosper when the lions have slumbered for too long. Weasels that do all in their power to ensure that a lions never realizes it’s strength and that lions never realize their rightful place as king.

Without weak males degeneracy would be stopped. Without weak males our lands would not be so easily invaded. Without weak males women would know their place. Without weak males degeneracy and evil has nowhere to take root. Everywhere it goes it is given the sword. Without weak males evil and degeneracy wither away and die. The strong man takes his place as king of creation. As stewards of all that was given to him in the beginning. A strong man is the pinnacle of creation, only a little lower than the angels.

First Master Yourself

However before we can ascend to that we must master ourselves. We must voluntarily place ourselves in the hottest of fires so that we will come out the strongest of steel. We must be harder on ourselves than anyone else could possibly ever be on us. It is only then that we earn the right the be lords of creation. Through the fire burning away any and all weakness that we have in. While man cannot be perfect he has been given a unique gift, he has been given a choice. To ascend or to fall. Let me explain.

Unlike most of creation which is preset man has been given a choice where he ends up. A man has been given the choice to either rise to a little below the angels or become the most despicable of creation (as in the example of the weak male selling our his kin for gain). If you want to make a difference and claim your birthright as a king of creation then you must go through the process of being worthy of the title your bear and your ancestors. This starts with mastering yourself.

Then Call Out Others

Once you have mastered yourself and built yourself to an appreciable level then it is time to turn towards others and the world around you. To call out weakness and degeneracy for the evils that they are. To speak the truth in a world of lies. To be a light shining in the darkness. To be an example of what a man can and should be. The stand above the swarming masses and point the way. To crush those stand against us and are against us. To stop accepting, normalizing, and bending over for that which should not be accepted.

To take a stand, dig in, and fight…and win. Whenever I see the state of the world I am always reminded of the quote by Edmund Burke “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. Well evil is triumphing and it is because of the weakness of the modern male. Instead of being shamed or destroyed for his weakness he is glorified for it. Strong men and masculinity are what the health of a society, a world is predicated on. Strength and masculinity is goodness. Weakness and degeneracy evil.


This is a call to all men who want to make the most out of their lives and remake the world in their image. The image of strength and honor. This is a call to a war of the greatest of all evils and the one from which all evils stem, the evil of weakness. Strong men are the highest of creation and weak males the lowest. All good stems from strong men and all evil from weakness. Might truly makes right and in more way then one. To achieve this status one must undergo a transformation of their body, mind, and ultimately spirit.

Purge weakness from the body through physical training, purge weakness from the mind through reading, and purge weakness of the spirit through living to become the strongest man that you can possibly be. This will require the destruction of falsities that keep so many males bound in chains. It will require ascension to a higher level of living. This is something that happens on a deep spiritual level. It’s something that happens at your core and changes you forever. And it all starts with the realization that might makes right.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

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