Men’s Wardrobe Essentials (Gentlery)

Men's Wardrobe Essentials (Gentlery) by Charles Sledge

This is a guest post by Frederik Gejl of a blog dedicated to men’s style and clothing. Gentlery stays up to date on the latest in men’s fashion and style so that you can always look your best and dress to impress. In this guest post Frederik talks about some items that all men should have in their wardrobe. From the conference room to the gym Frederik has you covered. Enjoy.

Mens Wardrobe Essentials

Have you ever experienced a guy who consistently was well dressed? Maybe a guy you worked with or a guy in your class?

The good news is, this guy can be you! It’s not complicated, like so many things it’s about simplicity and boiling things down to its essentials. This article will cover how you can also become a man who is also consistently well dressed.

The most common problem is random shopping sprees and going for unique or cool pieces, often this will be a waste of your time and precious money. First of all, it’s difficult to complement a wardrobe that has some unique clothing. Also, you will often end up not using a lot of these unique/random spree pieces of clothing as much as you thought when you bought it.

You want a wardrobe which covers the essentials first when you nail the essentials you can eventually start to go for a unique look.

You want pieces of clothing that will be a foundation for your style.

You want pieces of clothing which complement other items in your wardrobe

You want to keep building on this foundation so you will have a wardrobe which you can quickly mix up and still be well dressed.

It is impossible to tell you which kind of clothes or what kind of style you will want to wear, you must make up your mind!

What we can elaborate on is colors and contrast in clothing, again this is not an exact science, but it’s something you should keep in mind before you start putting your perfect wardrobe together. If you want to dig in deep with colors, I suggest you start googling for queries like “Color Wheel”, “Monochromatic color wheel” or “Complementary colors.”

I’ll try to introduce you to three different types of contrasts you should go for. Just to give you an idea about which direction you should be going!

Low contrast in clothing is a monochromatic simple (single color or colors very similar to each other) style. We believe that this is the way you should go if you’re just starting out. It’s a very easy and handy approach to defining your new style. A good example is just a simple pair of black chinos, black shoes, and a dark navy blue t-shirt. It doesn’t have to be more difficult than this.

Remember simplicity is key!

Medium contrast approach is where you start to get a little bolder, and you can start mixing up colors more. Maybe this is a very good idea for you If you’re already a man with a lot of contrasts e.g. a white guy with very dark hair. This approach may complement you nicely.

High contrast is when you really start showing of, maybe your feeling so certain about your style now that you will mix it up with multiple necklaces, rings, various accessories, start playing with complentary colors. This is where it gets funky and different; it’s also risky – don’t start with this stuff until you nailed the basics!

To get you started with the foundation of your new wardrobe, we suggest you start looking into this.

Casual Wear

For Casual wear, you want something you feel comfortable and at ease with. Don’t overthink this and if you’re just starting out, go for something low-contrast and remember bulk buy will save you money!

Plain t-shirts

Regular Jeans

Chino pants

Polo shirts


Business Wear

For Business you want something simple and stylish, try to go for the more traditional colors like gray or dark navy. This will save you time and money when your choosing your outfit for the day. You might want to consider a tailor depending on your profession.



V-neck sweater



For accessories, you want to start out slow, we recommend you start with the watch, and if you’re feeling more comfortable with your new shiny accessories, then you can start to think about rings, necklaces or bracelets. A great place to find unique handmade accessories for men is





For shoes just go for whatever you think fits your style best and again go for the low contrast way if you’re just starting out.


Leather boots

Oxford or other dress shoes

Athletic/running shoes
For overclothes, we suggest you start with these three simple pieces.

Leather jacket

Harrington jacket or a bomber jacket

Trench coat

For Gym and fitness we recommend these essentials, if you’re training a lot you can save time and money by going for a bulk buy!

Training t-shirts or tank tops

Gym pants

Gym shorts

1-2 gym/sport shoes

Gym bag

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Charles Sledge