Why Men Are The Ones To Blame For Societies Ills (Path Of Spartans)

Why Men Are The One To Blame For Societies Ills (Path Of Spartans) by Charles Sledge

This is a guest post from Taylor Benson, owner of The Path Of Spartans. Taylor is an Englishman who writes about the importance of strength and discipline in a man’s life and how those two virtues can lead a man to achieving greatness and freedom. You can follow his shenanigans on Instagram and twitter. In this article Taylor writes about an important topic. Why men are to blame for all of societies ills. That sounds controversial and like something the mainstream will say but it’s something I’ve talked about before and is the truth. For anything to improve men need to drop the victim mindset and reclaim their balls, everything stems from the strength of men. Enjoy.

It seems like a dramatic and over the top statement to make but that does not make it incorrect. It is not that a woman can do no wrong but as we shall see later it is that men have given her permission to do wrong.

Feminists complain about something called the Patriarchy and they describe it as oppressive. I don’t think it is ‘oppressive’ enough, looking around at our current society and the state of man. The middle eastern version of patriarchy is overly oppressive and i have no kind feelings towards it, the west could be doing so much better.

To give you an idea of what societal ills i am referring to, here are a few:

  • Mass third world immigration

  • Accepting pornography

  • Low birth rates amongst whites

  • Feminism (creating a class of nuisance women)

  • Nihilism

  • Being ashamed of our heritage

  • Shunning masculinity in favour of a watered down, metrosexual version

To be clear this article isn’t about going on a rant or playing a victim. Instead it is to identify the problems, find out how they came to be and then realise that a simple mental switch is all that is needed to start turning individuals into patriarchs.

Here are 5 ways that make men guilty (but don’t beat yourself up about it) for the crumbling dystopian west:

1. Neglecting free speech

When Galileo stated that the Earth is not the centre of the solar system but  it is the sun, he was thrown in jail. He committed heresy. He opposed the establishment with his (correct) views and was punished for speaking freely.

We have the same problem in the 21st century only it manifests itself differently. If you were to speak the truth on subjects such as race and integration, the compatibility of Islam and the west or the biological differences between men and women you would be deemed a modern day heretic.

True freedom of speech is a danger to the ruling elites whatever century it is but men must be adamant about speaking freely. They can’t arrest everybody. It is only because men have begun to fear the consequences of speaking freely that freedom of speech is taking such a beating.

The more men who speak the truth, the quicker a problem can be solved and the less damage that problem can cause.

2. Hen pecking

Throughout the ages women have always had a voice but it is only for the past 100 years that it has been their own.

The more opinionated and unagreeable women of the past could get their views out through their husbands. The man naturally wanting to please his wife might be convinced to vote a certain way, use a particular business or behave in a certain manner.

To persuade her husband the wife could withhold sex or offer better sex, she may have taunted or sweet talked him and the more devious may have used outright blackmail.

Weak men have always existed but currently we have masses of thirsty beta western men who will do anything to gain the approval of a woman. Woman may be ‘empowered’ but supplicating men are a powerful tool.

‘Pussy power’ only exists because men allow it to exist. As Charles Sledge often says “Biology trumps ideology every time”. Women would still want male company even if we were all racist, homophobic, transphobic, you name it bigots.

3. Epicureanism and hedonism

The pursuit of pleasure, luxury and comfort has created a generation of men with their heads buried in the sand. They are so distracted by social media validation, worshipping sports teams and putting Instagram models and pornstars on pedestals that they are ignorant to the carnage going on around them.

It is easier to chase instant gratification than it is to come to terms with the state of society and more importantly the state of your own life. Men have bought into this idea and only they are capable of changing it.

4. Shunning the virtues of strength and discipline

Civilizations are created by strong and disciplined men. A civilization is proof of the victory of order over chaos and it takes strength and discipline to uphold one.

The increased use of technology and decreased levels of testosterone have stripped away many aspects of masculinity, most notably these 2 virtues. Manual labor and hardships once created a breed of humble and hormonally balanced men. Modernity has created a breed of entitled high estrogen males that want to be called men without merit or on the other hand they don’t believe in ‘traditional gender pronouns’

Men throughout human history have always had to display strength and discipline if they wanted to succeed. The men of the Paleolithic had to hunt big game with spears and arrows. The farmers of the Neolithic had to hand plow huge fields to feed their families. Men on the northern coasts of Britain had to attempt to fight off Viking invasions. Medieval sailors spent 2 to 3 months on very exposed wooden ships to cross the Atlantic and claim something for themselves. I could go on and on but the point is clear, the majority of men are content with minimal physical exertion and they see strength as optional when it is integral.

5. Not laying down an all powerful patriarchy

I am not hinting at a form of Sharia law for the west as that domineering system has no roots in European civilization. While a crumbling version of patriarchy is still prevalent in the western world, it clearly isn’t enough.

Western patriarchy is about both sides giving respect to each other whilst having men in the positions of power. It is about dominant men but not domineering men. The 3 things i would blame for the decline of western patriarchy are:

  1. Hen pecking as talked about in point 2.

  2. High estrogen levels and low testosterone levels in men.

  3. The acceptance of anti-traditionalist ideals.

And here is how to reverse those very things:

  1. Lead in the relationship. In any interaction somebody has to lead whether that be a 1 minute conversation with a stranger or walking your dog, someone is in charge. History and biology offer strong evidence to support male leadership in society, the military and in sexual relationships.

  2. Man made environmental pollutants are largely to blame here but men in general are not taking their hormonal balance seriously enough, but i am sure on sites like this it is well considered. Weight lifting, eliminating as much soy and leached plastics from your diet as possible and living like a man are some of the best ways to stabilize your testosterone levels.

  3. Call it cultural marxism or call it whatever you like but ultimately it was western men who allowed these anti-traditionalist ideals to take root by not refusing them in the first place. The ‘baby boomer’ generation in particular has been the most welcoming of degeneracy but every consecutive generation has blame to accept. The undoing can start right now by welcoming strength and discipline into your life.


As a collective mass we need to acknowledge that we (western men) are are the ones that can flip the switch and make our societies healthy and strong. If every man were to become masculine overnight, there would be a cultural revolution tomorrow.

Fairy tales aside, we as individuals can still implement these changes in our own lives and lead by example. If western civilization is destined to go down the drain then knowing where it all went wrong may prevent the next civilization that we build from doing the same.

Enjoyed the post? Wish to write one of your own? Check out the form here and let me know. I’m always looking to promote good sites to my readers.

Charles Sledge

  • Cynthelestia

    I read a few of your articles and there are some things that I disagree with. The “Women Are Like Children” article was shockingly disgusting and I was expecting better as I found out about your website while sifting through anti-porn books to add to my public collection of book recommendations (http://lokiox.wixsite.com/cynthelestium/blank-17). Toxic masculinity is highly destructive towards our society, especially towards girls and women and heavily oppresses them to the point where many of their ambitious dreams are shattered.

    I don’t know if you’re aware of this but it was patriarchy that gave birth to prostitution…after that, both gave birth to porn. It’s extremely important for anti-porn activists to have adequate knowledge on all aspects of the harmful effects including feminist class analysis, which I think you would benefit a lot from especially if you’re tackling against the harmful effects of pornography…and especially if you want to improve society which includes protecting women and children.

    —Passionate anti-porn activist and radical feminist leading an anti-porn alliance

  • Old Goat

    Excellent article. More from this author please.

    • Big fan of Taylors. Certainly a rising star. If you like this article be sure to check out his site. And Taylor be happy to publish your work whenever you want.

      • Thanks for the kind words both. It is good to find like minds even if we are all hundreds or even thousands of miles apart.

  • Johnny Grube

    Just been checking out his articles, good stuff!