Masculine Power

Masculine Power by Charles Sledge

The duel forces of feminism and the MRA type movements have convinced men that they are powerless helpless victims against overwhelming forces. This is done to essentially neuter men, one does it with no bones about hurting men and the other does it through the guise of “helping” men. Telling someone they are powerless and weak and that’s the way it is does in no way help men.

Men are more powerful than they could ever imagine. We are more powerful than we could ever imagine. We are not weak as society and others would have us believe. Other than God himself man is the most powerful force that there is. It is man who created civilization and all great works. It is man who has shaped the earth around him who has harnessed the forces of nature to do his will and improve his life. This power resides in both you and me as well. The same power the resided in the heroes of old resides in us.

The Power Of Creation

Man has the power of creation. To create new life, to create great works, to create and build things. Man has the power to mold his world to how he sees fit. When you look back through history all civilizations, inventions, and further developments have been made by men. Men have shaped the course of the earth. When you look around you all that was built was built by the hands of man. The ideas you think were crafted by the minds of men. The very earth around you was shaped by men.

Single men have changed the course of history for better or for worse. Whether Hitler, Genghis Khan, or Napoleon when one man harnesses his innate power he can nearly conquer the world. It doesn’t matter the society he is in or the so called limits that are placed upon him. If a man harnesses his power he can rise above it all. This isn’t easy it is the innate power of man.

The Power Of Destruction

Man has the power of destruction. He can raze cities and destroy nations if he sets his mind to it. This power can be used for gain or for ill. It can be used to destroy things that are evil or it can be used to squash out what is good. But it is a power than man yields. A man can create life and build nations but he can also take life and destroy nations. Most foolishly think that this power is not good but it is, it is needed. You must know how to fight.

A man must cultivate the power to destroy those who would do him harm, no matter who they may be. We live in a fierce and unforgiving world. One where if a man doesn’t cultivate this power to destroy everything he cares about and loves (even if it is only himself) can and will be taken from him and destroyed by men who did cultivate this power. Men have this capacity for fighting and destruction that must be developed. This masculine power.

Over Others

Man is the dominant force. Whatever situation he goes into he is dominant. Whether it is with woman, children, or beast man is seen as the head when he is functioning properly. Man is dominant and has power over creation. A man knows he is dominant and exercises this power. This power like all others can be used for a variety of purposes but it is a power. When a man wants to be he is seen as the authority.

An example of this is when a strong dominant man walks into a room of career women, they automatically defer to him even if they rank above him in the hierarchy. I have seen this myself women who are far above me as far as business is concerned yet defer to me because of my innate power as a man. See this article for another example of this. When a man truly embraces his masculine power the world opens up before him.

Masculine Power

If you are a man you are more powerful than you can imagine. You must embrace your masculine power and fulfill your role as a man in this world. That is the only way to live a life worth living and fixing any wrongs you wish to fix. Society is created and molded by men which is why those in power fear men so, men are the only thing that can throw a wrench into the matrix. Men are the only hope that this world has. Man was created to be a little lower than the angels and the crown jewel of creation.

He has believed lies that tells him he is below women or that he is powerless when the opposite is true. Man is the head of creation. Created to rule, to create, and to destroy when needed. What has been set in stone since the beginning of time cannot be torn apart from a gang of elites of the past one hundred years. It is masculine power and masculine power alone that can bring order, balance, and healing to the world. When you were born a male you were given one of the highest honors.

Do not waste that honor.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

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    masculinity is developed, or meant to be grown in a guy, while for women, femininity is something they are just naturally born with