The Many Positive Effects Of Having High Levels Of Testosterone

The Many Positive Effects Of Having High Levels Of Testosterone by Charles Sledge

Testosterone is perhaps the most important hormone when it comes to a man’s enjoyment of life and his masculinity. This hormone is responsible for the vast majority of what makes a man a man. Guys who go from having low levels of testosterone to having high levels of testosterone feel like completely new men. They feel completely reborn and one hundred times the man that they used to be. Testosterone is the elixer of life and that’s not exaggeration. The more testosterone that a man has the better off that he’ll be, plain and simple. Here I’m going to expand on some of the many benefits of increasing your testosterone.

These benefits extend from how masculine you feel, to the bedroom, to work, to play, to intelligence, to earning potential, to quality of life, to just about everything else. The more you increase your testosterone the better off you are in pretty much every facet of your life. Men with high testosterone do and accomplish more. After all it’s the elixer of life. I’m not going to be able to cover everything here as an entire book could be written about the positive effects of having high testosterone but I’m going to hit on some key points that are guaranteed to have an impact on your life. Alright let’s get started.

Increased Sex Drive

And that’s putting it lightly. Testosterone is the number one determinant in how horny a human being is. The higher the testosterone the higher the sex drive. Believe it or not but in my experience many males trouble with women doesn’t stem from not having “game” (though that can be a factor) but rather from not having a high enough sex drive. This stems from having low testosterone as well as their dopamine being screwed up by watching and masturbating to porn so much. Combine the two and you have the perfect storm of screwed up sexuality and sexual desire.

When you have high testosterone you are always on the lookout for sex. This isn’t a uncontrollable lust like you’d have for something that messed with your dopamine (such as drugs and porn) but rather something that is much healthier feeling and under your control. Higher testosterone is also a cause of harder and bigger erections which is certainly a bonus. Not only will you want sex more but you will be prepared for it more. A guy with high testosterone is ready to go all the time. Having higher testosterone also helps you last longer in the bedroom. So higher sex drive, better sex, and overall better feelings.

Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

Trying to get someone to grow muslces without having high testosterone levels is like trying to plant a flower in the desert. It’s going to be hard work for mediocre gains. Likewise having high testosterone is like placing that same flower in the Garden of Eden mixed with super grow. It’s going to grow like crazy. Instead of working even harder at the gym (with less and less to show for it) your lack of gains (or loss) might be from having low levels of testosterone. If you’re having trouble gaining muscle (and you’re working out, eating right, and sleeping well) then it’s most likely because you have low levels of testosterone.

Testosterone makes losing fat and gaining muslce a whole lot easier. Like I said it’s like the difference between planting a flower in the desert and planting a flower in the Garden of Eden. It’s a night and day difference. This is one of the primary reasons why as a man ages a certain amount it gets harder and harder to lose fat and put on muscle. How many guys work twice as hard as they did when they were in their twenties yet have far less to show for it? Get your testosterone levels right and you don’t have to worry about that nearly as much. Testosterone will do wonders for your body composition.

Energy & Mind

The mainstream media would like you to believe (among other things) that testosterone is evil and will turn you into an angry maniac when the fact of the matter is testosterone is going to do the opposite. Testosterone improves your mood and increases your feelings of well being. Not to mention that testosterone also increases the clarity of thought and how sharp your mind is. Here’s how I would describe it. Have you ever been dead tired and dehydrated and sat down to work on something. Say write an article, chapter, or report? Your mind is scrambled and it’s hard to get coherent thoughts together.

So you get some sleep and drink lots of water. Then the ideas and what you want just flow out of you and onto the paper. That’s the difference between your mind with low testosterone and high testosterone. Testosterone is also correlated with energy. Meaning the more testosterone you have the more energy that you are going to have. And I’m not talking about hyper jittery energy like you get from caffeine and stimulants but rather a strong controlled energy. A healthy energy (sort of like the difference between dopamine high seeking horniness and testosterone horniness, one’s unhealthy and feels bad the other is healthy and feels good). Again another reason why younger males tend to have higher energy levels than older males.


These are just some of the many benefits of having healthy testosterone levels. And chances are if you are a male living in the Western world you are suffering from lower levels of testosterone than you should and therefore are missing out on all these great benefits as well as feeling like more of a man and having a higher quality of life. Want to get laid more then get your testosterone up. Want to look better then get your testosterone up. Want to feel better and thinker better then get your testosterone up. Want to feel like more of a man? Well you know what to do. Testosterone is the elixer of life and it’s always in your best interest to maximize it.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • SnapperTrx

    Good lord. Part of the problem is societies demonization of testosterone and ‘maleness’ of any kind. My wife and I were watching a show that depicted the customs department finding someone trying to smuggle testosterone into the country illegally, so the confiscated it. I made a sarcastic remark about how we “couldn’t have THAT” and my wife said something about testosterone “making you all crazy”. Crazy? Hardly! It’s what makes men MEN! She certainly doesn’t think The Rock has too much T. Women and weak men have no clue as to what T does for them, and the only education they are getting on it is “it’s bad”, “it makes men violent”, “it can cause you to have early heart attack”. Bull! As soon as I can get to it I’m going to have my doctor boost my T (I’m a 42 year old man) because I’m tired of being tired and tired of not being able to concentrate and create. Crazy….geez.

    • Haha very true. They say they hate T but then jump at it when it’s in front of them. Also yes most are very confused about what T is and what is does, there is a war on T in the media and it’s been demonized for very long (as well as diets that raise T). And that’s awesome, you’ll feel great.

  • Johnny Grube

    We move from active young men to inactive old men
    are weakened by society and by sitting in cubicles all day with no real make interaction, women surround them,
    they eat sugar and drink soda out of the vending machines, they smoke and have weak conversations,
    they avoid all confrontation. All this causes a man
    to lose his ability to be a man!

    I am a 49 yr old man with 4 grown kids and 6 grandkids and I train every day, eat clean, and earn my living with manual labor and everyday I feel and act like a man, and have none of the effects of low T.

    One thing, as we age if you think the workouts you
    do when you are young is enough when you are older
    you are in for a surprise!

    As far as men losing their sex drive when they
    are older, it might be also because their wives
    have gotten grossly overweight and they are
    no longer attractive.

    As we age we need to be MORE active not less!

    Great article.

    • Thanks Johnny all your points are spot on. And yes many men lose their sex drives because their wives lose their figure and one must stay active throughout life for maximum health.

  • Maple Moose

    I have 650 ng/dl levels of test which is not bad.

    If I have too much “fear” to approach girls and am overall passive in nature, would increasing T levels help with this.?

    • Yeah for sure. Could also be a mental thing as well. Might want to start small chatting up girls and work from there doing more and more things while build up T levels at same time. Sort of like exposure therapy combined with increasing one’s T. Attack the problem from both angles.