Why You Should Have At Least One Business Geared Towards Women

Why You Should Have At Least One Business Geared Towards Women by Charles Sledge

If you want to truly master something and get what you want from then you will have to study it for some period of time. Business is no exception. If one wants to be successful at business then one must not only make a study of how to set up a business, but also marketing, copywriting, sales, networking, online functions, and above all else human nature. In my study of these fields there was something I kept coming across that I couldn’t understand. After reading about entrepreneur after entrepreneur who started up a blog threw up some product and then was making six figures a few short years (yes years, which is doing very well) later.

I couldn’t figure it out. I followed what everyone else was doing (including those I know who started their own businesses) and yet they seemed to be having a disproportionate amount of success. Some of these categories were in some pretty frivoulous things as well. I realized that picking masculine self-improvement would be a hard row to hoe but did it because it’s a passion of mine and rewarding. Then I was talking with a frind/mentor of mine who is ahead of me in business. And he stated something very profound “Look men don’t buy things unless they need it, women buy things just to buy things. Most of those other people you’re talking about went into business in a niche for women. A life changing program for men is going to make less money than a hair care set for women.” I’m paraphrasing but that’s the gist.

So I decided to do some more research and came to some surprising conclusions. I knew women were easier to sell to than men as well as in today’s emasculated culture held the purse strings (even if the man’s still the bread winner) yet didn’t realize the extent of this. I’m not saying this to complain I love what I’m doing but now have expanded to take advantage of other things as well. After reading this article you’ll see why it’s wise to have at least one of your online (or offline) businesses geared towards women.

Who Controls The Purse?

There was a time when whenever selling something to a women you’d have to generally come back after she had her husband’s approval and had talked it over with him. That was a bad time for salesman looking to make a quick buck as more than just one person had to give approval and husbands were in general a lot harder than wives. Nowadays things have changed drastically women not only control most of the purchasing power of a household but they spend at rates that far out pace men. For example women drive anywhere from 75-85% of consumer spending depending on what statistics you look at and control around 80% of household spending. Think about that. That means a majority of both men and women’s spending is going towards the woman whether it’s a wife, girlfriend, or just female friends.

To not take advantage of this market is just ridiculous. You could bust your ass working to help men or sell things to men to improve their lives and you’d be raking in pennies compares to the same market share and work when marketing to women. You’ll have to fight a guy to buy something for 20$ that might improve or even save his life. Meanwhile you can sell a woman on some 400$ trendy item because you said it’s “organic” or some other buzz word and she’d happily buy. And the thing is in modern Western countries women are only going to have more and more spending power. And that’s not all.

3 More Reasons To Market To Women

This is a list that was sent out by Wall Street Playboys (someone I highly recommend you follow as well purchase their new book Efficiency) that really stood out to me and made perfect sense. They talked about why one should sell to women and gave 3 great reasons. First off they buy a lot. And I’d say a lot is an understatement. Let’s take the midpoint and say women make up 80% of consumer spending that’s four times that amount that men spend. So potentially for every sale you make to a man you could have made a sale to four women (and women are easier to sell). Reason number 2 women are much more emotional than men.

Selling is about emotion and women are heavily influenced and swayed by their emotions. Women are far far far easier to sell than men. While a man will think about a purchase a woman will give in to the emotion of the moment. Not that men aren’t swayed by emotion as well but the rate is way higher for women. And third they have access to money that isn’t theirs. Between divorce raping, gold digging, and just being a woman, women have access to many resources they had to do nothing to get and therefore don’t value. Making them part with those resources is far easier than someone who has had to work for their resources.


Sure there are exceptions to this, some women are going to be harder to sell than some men. But if you try to live your life going by the exception you’re a fool and will never have much success. What is stated in this article is fact, how you use these facts is up to you. No matter what you should start a business that is ethically run and that gives value to people. Just remember it’s going to be much easier to sell women on the value of your product or service than it is to men. So no matter who you are and what you do I’d suggest that you have at least one business or one leg of your business dedicated to the female market. And remember this is all just going to grow more and more in the West, might as well rake it in while you can.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Good article – I have for many years thought of opening up a store that caters to women – if I ever do decide to put up a brick and mortar business, that is the direction I will take and I have made the suggestion to family members to go in that direction.

    I am related to a man that once sold women’s dresses from the back of a truck and I would see the women of the neighborhood come out like crazed chickens to get their new dresses that were sold at a discount of what they were going to be at the store (the store that would be selling them the following week) – it was a sight to behold and it always stuck with me (this was the mid seventies) – this man once said that he always wanted to open a women’s clothing store but he never did because his father had said it was a queer business to get into for a man… when I was in my early twenties I had a part time job at a women’s retail store (the late eighties) – the owner was bringing in cheap Chinese knock offs and clothes that he bought by the pound from other retailers they had left over and did not sell or from close out stuff… this store was making a killing – he got his product so cheap that we were having sales every week-end to make room for the new stuff… and everything moved, even the cheap hand bags and plastic jewelry and knock off watches… it was truly amazing the traffic that went through that store – we didn’t really do any selling just restocking!

    There is and always will be money to be made off women – from make up and accessories to clothing and vanity goods and services… it’s a no-brainer.

    also think of catering to toddlers and infants.

    • Ha that’s crazy. Wonder if retail is still like that or if the internet killed it all off. I know any downtown area I go to there always seems to be a plethora of botique clothing stores which apparently have outrageous prices yet still manage to stay in business.

      I think this is an undertapped “niche” especially for guys with red pill knowledge could really be put to use to make some serious money.

  • Роман Миловидов

    Good article. Women are the bigger half of buyers. They are doing more shopings, driven by their emotions, not sence. Beautifull dressing, jewelry etc…

    • Thanks, absolutely only thing I figured is competition is probably more fierce for getting female buyers.

  • Good article charles. Women are flat out consumers. I barely buy shit – mostly stuff to support my hobbies and books. Most of my money is saved or spent traveling. I don’t represent all men, but men are more likely to spend like this than women.

    Women, on the other hand, have to buy every god damn thing under the sun; whether it’s clothes, shoes, purses, iPhones, and anything else that’s trendy in the moment.

    Glad to see you monetizing your site better as well. Let me know how it works for you.

    • Thanks yeah after our conversation really dived into all sorts of things. Same here some books and neccesities and most guys I know are the same women on the other hand are a different story.