Learn These Three Skills…And Never Worry About Money Again

Learn These Three Skills...And Never Worry About Money Again by Charles Sledge

There is a “psychology” behind money if you will. There is a science to the getting of money believe it or not. Most people think money is some unexplained thing that responds only to “luck”. This type of thinking is the thinking of the poor man and will keep you poor if you keep believing it. There are hard and fast rules that money responds too. Just like there are with women. Some males think that women are these mysterious things that they are “lucky” to get, these are betas. It works the same way with money.

Money responds to certain things and flows in certain ways. There is a reason a top level copywriter can make millions while a poet makes a couple of pennies if he’s lucky. There are certain skills that will propel you to the top level of income earners in the world. And no they have nothing to do with being a doctor or lawyer (many who don’t even make that much). What they all have to do with is human nature and how humans respond to certain stimuli. Learning the three skills outlined here in addition to a healthy reading diet will put you ahead of ninety percent of your peers in a years’ time easily. That is if you truly dedicate yourself to them.

Skill #1 – Copywriting

I’ve written a lot about copywriting and for good reason. Put simply it is one of the most profitable skills you can learn. Knowing how to write something to entice someone to take an action is something that every single business, family, person, or organization needs and needs often. There is not a single person out there who doesn’t need to communicate something in the written word and have an action taken because of it. Copywriting is good writing. It is writing that inspires to take the action that you want.

Copywriting all dives deeper than that. Good copywriters are also experts in human nature. They understand what people respond to and why they respond to it. Someone who masters copywriting can take any product write a sales letter for it and have sales take off. It doesn’t matter whether the product is a piece of crap or not, if the copy is good people will but. Not that I recommend pimping shoddy products simply illustrating the power.

Skill #2 – Marketing

The marketing of your product or service is what determines your income one hundred times more than the quality of your service. Again not to say you should have crappy service or a crappy product, but ultimately what is going to matter is the marketing of that product or service. The best at their craft are not the most highly paid. Rather the best marketers of their craft are the most highly paid. Truth be told at some point it doesn’t really pay to become better at your particular service or improve your product. That time could be better spent in learning how to better market your product or service.

This isn’t necessarily “fair” or “right” but then again nothing in the world is fair or right. But it is reality. I used to think that it naturally followed those with the best product or most skilled at their service would make the most money but I was dead wrong. Marketing is king.┬áThis is why great marketers make so much money compared to great anything else (except salesmen and copywriters) because they have the power to bring in money, which is what this really all boils down to.

Skill #3 – Soft Skills

Soft skills can be a bit of a nebulous term meaning different things to different people and sounding vague. I define soft skills as the following salesmanship, networking, and likability. All three are incredibly important for advancement and getting people to do what you want. Those who are liked go further than those who are good. Again not fair, but true. The great thing about soft skills is the greater you are at them the more you are liked. Often learning how to build rapport with your boss is more important than actually doing a better job.

Remember fairness has absolutely nothing to do with life, the world, or the marketplace. A good salesman can convince someone of something that goes against their own best interest. Again not that I recommend this. Salesmanship is personal power and persuasion. A good salesman who is also great at networking can make his way to the top of a field while another who relentless dedicates himself to his craft stays at the bottom getting more and more worked piled up on him until he collapses.


These three skills all have to do with the attainment of money. Learn these three skills and you have learned the psychology of money. You’d be better off dropping out of school once you learned reading and writing and dedicating yourself to mastering these three skills than you would anything else. Good copywriters, marketers, and salesmen who dropped out of highschool often make more than doctors and lawyers who dedicated their limited lives to their work. A man who masters all three will command money the way a dominant man has control of women. Do whatever it takes to learn these skills, the ROI is higher than anything else (with the notable exception of reading).

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Max Panzer

    Good advice Charles. Once you’ve got the income, become a master of your money. Spend less than you earn, avoid debt and then invest the rest. Live off of one income if you have paired up with a woman, or 50 percent of your earnings if single. Get a year’s cash in the bank and then forever put the surplus in a U.S. market index fund. Once you have 25 times your yearly expenses put away you can draw 4% per year adjusted for inflation to live off of for the rest of your life. As I believe Charles would say, dominance is good.

    • Great advice Max. And yes dominance is very good haha.