Lay Claim To The Earth

Lay Claim To The Earth by Charles Sledge

As men we have a unique place in creation. We were created to mirror the power of the creator, something not given to any other facet of creation. Not the animals, not nature, and not women. We were uniquely given that. We were created to be lord over creation. A gift that we have tossed aside. We had traded in our crowns for chains. We have given up the throne to a poisonous system and mindset. We have let the darkness shut out the light and now the world suffers for it.

But there is a resurgence. There is a faint light in the darkness. Masculinity though opposed on all fronts by government, society, religion, and more has not faded and there is still a small flicker that has the capacity to become so much more. One man with his balls and soul intact can turn away one hundred that have lost theirs and in are in chains to their overlords. Samson with the jawbone of a donkey killed a thousand men. As the great American Andrew Jackson once said “One man with courage makes a majority”. One man with the will of iron will crush thousands if not millions with wills of paper.

However even with the great birthright that comes with being a man it means nothing if we do not embrace it. Our birthright is useless if we toss it aside or do nothing with it. The crown is there if we are willing to take it, the earth is ours if we would but reach out and take it. You were born to be a king. To be a king you must not back down, you must not apologize. You must go forth and conquer as you born to do. Reclaim the land from all that has corrupted it. You are man, you have been given power. However you must use it.

A Man Goes After What He Wants

A man goes directly after what he wants. He doesn’t ask permission, he doesn’t wait for the go ahead, he simply goes. He does not wait around for anyone or anything. He sees, he goes, he conquers. That is man. He sees a job he wants he goes for it, a woman he wants he goes after it. He doesn’t sit around and hope for the best, a man takes action. Action is part of being a man. While women and children can survive passively, a man cannot. A man must be a man of action, there is not other kind.

A man listens to his own heart and goes his own way. He forges his own path outside the boundaries of others. He goes by his own code and is respected and sometimes feared for it. He doesn’t bow to social pressure but only by what comes from within. He cannot be guilted or shamed for what he wants as the opinions of others mean nothing to him. A man operates outside the constrains of society, its the only way to keep his manhood and therefore soul intact. This doesn’t mean he is necessarily a wander or loner, he can still live and operate in society without being controlled by it. He is in the world but not of it.

A Man Takes What He Wants

Like I said above a man does not ask for permission. He is his own permission. He is his own force of action. He doesn’t need anything outside himself. The laws of his society while he understand them do not confine him. He does not become a slave to the social contract that society would force upon him. He doesn’t follow the rules lain out for him but forged his own code that he lives by. When a man sees something that he wants he takes it.

No second thoughts, no doubts. He sees what it is he wants, he takes it, and destroys anything that is foolish enough to get in his way. He takes what he wants without apology or remorse. If others don’t like it too damn bad that isn’t his problem. A man understands that to get what you want out of this life and world that you must take it. Nothing is going to be given to you. You the man must go after it. You as a man are the active force and everything else in the world the passive.

A Man Claims What Is His

A man understands that he is at the top of the food chain. He understands the concept of ownership. He is not afraid to assert that ownership either. He does not let others walk over him or push him around. He takes a firm stand and any who try to move him will fail. The only thing that can move him is his own heart and soul. His compass upon which he leans for his direction in life. A man has the will to fight. When someone disputes his claim he asserts it even harder.

He does not let others take that which is his and he will do what is necessary to prove that point. You cannot take something from a man that he doesn’t want taken without a fight. He lays claim to that he wants. He doesn’t care what others think or say about it. Because it is his own heart, soul, and will that he is following and asserting not the heart, soul, and will of another or others. A man follows his own path and stakes his claim on the earth and all that is in it.


You should recognize a common theme here. Being impervious to the will of others while asserting one’s will. Again

Being impervious to the will of others while unapolgetically asserting one’s own will.

Weak men, women, and governments/religions will call this evil and selfish. They call it this because it takes away the power they have over men and puts it back where it belongs. Into the hands of the man himself. Men are used as slaves for women and those who control society. They are also the only thing that can bring the whole thing down. Like Samson brought the temple down upon the philistines. Don’t let them chain you down, don’t let them cut your hair in the first place. Be free and true to yourself as a man and die with you masculinity intact and your soul still fully alive. So that when you pass into the next world you can do so with a smile on your face and pride in your heart.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • It’s amazing the freedom a man gains by refusing to feel guilty for things out of his control. As a young college kid, I was troubled by the notions of white/male/American guilt. I was told I should feel guilty for things I had no control over. I wrestled with these feelings throughout college as my emotional and logical sides duked it out. My emotions were that of doubt, guilt, and confusion while my logic always came back with the same question: “Why should I feel guilty?” As I became more red pill, I dismissed the accusations that I was guilty of anything and I have never felt freer.
    Men, do not apologize for being born a male.
    Do not be ashamed for the color of your skin.
    Do not accept blame for your nationality.
    Be above these trivial matters and strive for greater things.

    • Damn straight Unabashed, guilt is just another method of control and to divorce men from their innate power.

  • The image of a long haired, barbaric man violently collapsing two central pillars of this unholy edifice even though it kills him is a very powerful one.

    We need men like this who would bring this beast down at all costs, even to their doom.

    Let us resurrect heroism again. Let us put bravery,courage and the unrestrained will to win back in its rightful place. At the fucking pinnacle of manhood.

    Cowardice, hesitation and second guessing thrown in the fucking garbage where it belongs along with every single weak ass bitch male in this world. We don’t have room for that and we will wrap our hands around the cowards throats and squeeze till every last bitch made gasp of air is choked out of them for good as we spit on the pathetic carcass of the weak.

    • Agree 100%

      • H8TheWayLifeIs

        one fictional character that is awesome, a badass, is Conan the Barbarian, or Kull the Conqueror, Robert E. Howard characters

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    this man passed away a few months ago, back in May this year, not sure if you have heard of him or not, if you haven’t, i’m sure you would agree with a lot of what he says, his name was Gary Brodsky, he made a lot of videos about the loss of masculinity in society and says that guys are not real men anymore, he makes a lot of videos that bash the state of current society.

    • I’ve heard about and seen some books on Amazon about him but thought he was some cheesy PUA (because of the books being out of print and the covers) but will have to check him out, sounds like I must have misjudged him.

      • H8TheWayLifeIs

        yup, his YouTube videos are still up, i remember he said something very funny on Facebook on his status, he said: “WOMEN WAKE UP YAWNING.


        • Lol

          • H8TheWayLifeIs

            did you ever watch any of the late Gary Brodsky’s videos on YouTube? if so, what do you think of him?

          • Yeah I watched some on them, some good stuff in there.